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Dinesydd Cymru. Citizen of Wales. Gwladwriaethydd Cymraeg. Welsh Statist. Hunanbenderfyniaeth i Gymru. Self-determination for Wales.
12 Jan
It is a great ill that befalls the Left when it frames the UK as some progressive institution. This is pure dogma. It is clear that so many of the British Left are content to merely occupy the structures of power rather than dismatle the cause of inequality.

The Tories represent two clear strands; Capital and Social Conservativism. They also represent a political tradition that stretches back through the centuries when the UK was forged on the basis of class hegemony of capital and imperial expansion.

While the empire may be gone and we be no colony there exists a structure which has clear parallels. That is the core-periphery econo-political model that describes the centralized British State. I believe this👇can be scaled to the British State

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9 Jan
Thread 👇

I've been pro #indyWales for more than 30 years. I've always favoured progressive liberal policies. Over the years I've come to see how class & entrenched priviledge forged the UK as a political entity and continues to perpetuate inequality day in, day out.

2. I should be a natural Labour man. But I'm not. I first voted in 1997. I voted @Plaid_Cymru and have done ever since. Why? Because Labour kept telling me my being Welsh didn't matter. Being British was better. Voting Labour was supposed to be THE bulwark against Toryism.

But I saw Labour people hostile to my language, who called me backward because I thought it mattered. I saw Kinnock drag the history of my people through the mud. I saw Blair abandoning Labour principles I actually thought worthy and sell out to American Neo-Cons.

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22 Oct 20
1. For those wondering about this whole "England subsidises Wales" rubbish doing the rounds recently ... a thread👇
2. There is a deficit attributed between government spending and revenues in Wales.

It's not Wales' deficit. It's an estimate for the internal accounting of the UK state. It's the deficit of UK state spending and revenue attributed to Wales.…
3. I repeat, it is not our deficit. How can it be? We don't have significant borrowing powers. We don't have significant powers over taxation. The Welsh Government budget is decided via the Barnett formula according to England's spending plans.
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18 May 20
1/ The Right is far more at ease with it's conception of the Nation State than the Left. Their narrative seems to go almost unchallenged. "Patriotism not Nationalism." They have a bunch of people convinced that flag waving support for a state isn't nationalism. Labour included.
2/ Well, here's 3 very different definitions of the word:

a) Devotion, especially excessive or undiscriminating devotion, to the interests or culture of a particular nation-state.
b) The belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals.

c) The belief that a particular cultural or ethnic group constitutes a distinct people deserving of political self-determination.
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8 May 20
1/ Thought.

Wales' economy lacks linkages and requires development policies/spending.

It's treated as a component of a developed economy.

Consequence 1: low capital expenditure leads to lower productivity & limits potential for new growth.
2/ Consequence 2: Low productivity limits competitiveness so limits inward flow of money locking Wales in a vicious circle.

Conclusion 1. Wales is locked in a suboptimal economic/constitutional arrangement in which the currency is too strong relative to its economic performance
3/ Conclusion 2: Inability to adjust capital expenditure restricts the creation of new linkages in the economy that leads to growth.

Conclusion 3: Scale comparison and electoral calculus makes the Welsh economy a low priority for the UK government.
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3 May 20
Been mulling over some moderate reasons against #IndyWales.

In the end they just boil down to one of two options

1. Preference
2. Indy Anxiety

Because I'm really struggling to understand how anyone can defend a state running a 35% deficit with v poor socio-economic outcomes.
Too poor.

Both Labour and Conservative governments favour an economic and constitutional model that's responsible for Wales' current performance. If we are poor isn't it time to change the model?
England subsidises Wales.

The UK state has allowed Wales' economy to lose ground with roUK to the point of running a £13.7Bn govt spending deficit. Don't blame Wales. Blame the governments, the political parties whose policies failed Wales. A prosperous Wales is good for England
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