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What we are doing to kids is not #TraumaInformed & constitutes #ToxicStress aka Allostatic Overload. We are traumatizing & gaslighting kids on a grand scale.
7 Apr
I was the top poster on ACESConnection if anyone on the site who wasn’t being paid. I started the Michigan ACEs Group. I went business to business and social service meeting to meeting for years. It’s a Trojan horse.
I started this group and it’s a Trojan horse. acesconnection.com/g/northern-mic…
And so is this. The people want to do good but they don’t know the basics of brain development and they aren’t questioning the CV policies - which are all devastating. I’m a Master trainer from this. miace.org
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7 Apr
Forcing this onto kids is:

Brainwashing aka Psychological Torture.

It’s forcing the kids to tell you 2+2 = 5.

The reason you don’t see this is because you’ve been groomed.
This is also called Gaslighting.

The people who are forcing this are doing everything they can to break adult-child bonds. Gaslighting will cause children to mistrust parents and teachers. It will be unconscious but no child trusts a parent who did not protect her.
I really want to beg every parent - don’t go along w/this.

Only psychopaths force this onto children. This is not done by any educational system or government that values humans.

This is humiliation, dehumanization and it should never be done to kids.
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6 Apr
And we have people like the Bow Tie wearing “PH” “doctor” at UNC promoting just this.

Does this make any sense to you?

Do you believe that a “Public Health” that promotes anything like this actually knows anything about health?
This is the kind of guy that says your health depends on getting an experimental injection and staying in your bedroom for the rest of your life. Do you think this guy really knows anything about health? I don’t think so.
If I’ve ever seen a Clown pretending to be a doctor, it was this guy. Does anyone think this guy cares about what happens to kids or to your mother or grandmother? Why don’t they ever talk about the China Study and the benefits of a Whole Foods Plant Based diet?
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5 Apr
Masking produces chronic stress which shortens telomere contributing to accelerated aging. Kids are supposed to be learning how to regulate the stress response through supportive relationships so they have a double whammy w/masks. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
They don’t have a supportive relationships available when adults freak out & act like humans are infectious disease agents to be avoided. This is massively stressful to kids. Those people who keep saying masks don’t harm anyone are Quacks who don’t understand child development.
Or they just don’t care.
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