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Husband and Father. Afghanistan Infantry Vet. I love the woods and hate commies, it is a good mix. #PPC #AMC #VoteNewBlueON
14 Oct
It is official now. I will be unemployed and unemployable as of nov 15th. I am not allowed to speak about my job because it is sensitive. But since I no longer have a job, I no longer care. I am a bomb technician working as a private contractor cleaning up
sites that are polluted with unexploded ordnance. I love my job and I thought that because the work is so important to public safety I might be able to get around the vax requirements somehow. I was obviously naiive about this as were others. Our government obviously thinks that
C19 is a bigger threat than explosive devices. They should talk to those of us who have seen what explosives do to human bodies. These childlike people who dictate what we should and should not do would do well to learn from history and the law of unintended consequences.
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