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1 Feb
1. OAN News breaks UkraineGate wide open working with @RudyGiuliani to expose the corruption. They interview the key players. Watch:
@DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @BillOReilly @foxandfriends @COsweda @drawandstrike @Techno_Fog @almostjingo @seanhannity

2. Yovanovitch's role is exposed with Ukr officials saying:
Yovanovitch's embassy was colloquially dubbed the Clinton campaign
headquarters with many even receiving invites to a big Hillary Clinton victory
party planned at Yovanovitch's house.
3. Yuri Lutsenko sat for an interview and explains how Yovanovitch told him to close the Burmisa case and how the List of "Do Not Prosecute" names she wanted, arose.
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13 Dec 19
1. The latest AZ poll that show President Trump leading all the Dems, has some interesting findings. It is a small poll of only 628 likely voters from 3 AZ counties and it is skewed to the GOP 39 to 34 percent. But...
@realDonaldTrump @GOPChairwoman…
2. When asked who they intend to vote for party wise, an equal number sided with both parties, 278 each. The 214 calling themselves Dem voters gained 64 while the 245 GOP voters gained only 33 of the independents. Looks bad for the GOP, But wait...
@GOPLeader @drawandstrike
3. Not one of the Dem candidates gets all 278 votes from those who said they would vote for a democrat. Biden comes the closest at 277.
The President gets not only all the 278 @GOP voters but additional votes against each of the other candidates, totaling from 285 to 295 votes.
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24 Nov 19
1. Here's the doc dump from last night that's suppose to destroy Giuliani, Pompeo, & majorly hurt Trump for firing Yovanovitch.
So how long did Rudy & Pompeo talk? It was a total of 8 mins. These guys were plotting to take over the world alright.…
2. What about the charge of Rudy attacking the former Amb. Yovanovitch. Actually the docs say nothing about @RudyGiuliani attacking her but instead mention the Ukrainian Prosecutor General as her attacker. 6 former US Ambassadors sent a letter to David Hale the current Under...
3. Sec. of State for Political affairs, who testified this week.
Later SOS Pompeo was also sent a letter that specifically mentioned "the outrageous efforts by Ukrainian Officials" & "certain political actors within Ukraine" who were critical of Yovanovitch.
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6 Nov 19
Jeff Sessions 'I'm not out of the fight yet!'
Sessions to announce run for his old Ala Senate seat. Great news for the people of Ala! Yes the DOJ rules tied his hands as AG, but look at what he did accomplish....…
He is who initiated the crackdown to withhold funds from sanctuary cities, which the courts just recently upheld as legal if they don't help federal crime fighting authorities.…
Sessions ended the practice of the Fed Gov. paying left wing orgs out of settlements in court cases, which BO's administration had set up.…
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3 Nov 19
1. Latest Fox News poll, what everyone needs to know: Once again the poll over samples Dems, polling 49% Dems to only 41% GOP & only 11% Indies. In reality the US voting Demographic has held fairly stable over the last decade or so....…
2. Polls have shown for years that the voting public is made up of close to, 30% for both the Dems and the GOP and 40% for those considering themselves Independents. Why did Fox News @foxandfriends use such an obviously skewed poll? @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @marklevinshow
3. More importantly why are Fox hosts like @MariaBartiromo only pointing out that part of the poll making the President look bad? @realDonaldTrump
It does contain good news for him as well. More people feel the voters should decide whether or not the President stays in office.
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29 Oct 19
Nancy caves & will hold a vote on the impeachment inquiry. Now we'll see if the Dem Reps in the 30 red districts will keep their words to their voters & back the President or if they're just more Dem liars.
Dems from districts won by Trump. In 2018 they promised to work with the President. How will they hold vote on the impeachment inquiry?
Why did voters in red districts vote for these Dem Reps, because they said they'd work with the President. Are they liars or will they vote down impeachment?
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24 Oct 19
1. Mr. President @realDonaldTrump, here is a survey the American people should be shown. It's not as skewed as some, though still the Dems are favored & Indies not fully represented.…
2. Not one single group sees Schiff in a favorable light. Only 41% of Dems back @RepAdamSchiff His lies and cheating are catching up to him. His overall favor-ability is only 25%
3. Now for Nancy whose overall favor-ability is at 40%. She only has a favorable rating of over 50% with 7 groups and an unfavorable rating with 13 of them. Even women see her as bad 47 to 39%. Her highest scores are only 70/69% with blacks and liberals.
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13 Oct 19
1. Here's the current list of Reps who have signed onto Andy Biggs' @RepAndyBiggsAZ motion to have Lyin' Adam Schiff censured. Names are from Bigg's own page. If your Rep is not listed, contact them & let them know to join the motion. #ResignSchiff #ImpeachSchiff
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10 Oct 19
The recent Fox poll was heavily skewed to get the 51% results they wanted. As can be seen the Independent voters have been a majority of the voters for some time, making up some 40% while both the Dems & GOP each hold onto some 30% of the voting public, but if we check into...
the demographics of the Fox @foxandfriends poll we find that only 12% of those polled were Indies while 8% more Dems were polled than GOPs.
As shown by the previous graph right now Dems are only 2 pts ahead of the GOP voting block, and those Indies...…
they decided to nearly leave out of their poll by only including 12% of them, they voted for President Trump over the Crooked One by over 10 pts in 2016.
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29 Sep 19
1. This is why @AdamSchiff should be forced to resign. His lies from his opening statement are even being parroted by @foxandfriends anchor @edhenry. Trump never asks for "dirt" he asked Ukraine to "look into" charges against Biden, which leaves the door open for exoneration.
2. Here is his exact statement in the transcript. The President calls the charges "talk' not dirt. He never asked the Ukrainians to find anything in particular, just to look into the charges which are backed up by Biden himself on tape. #QuidProJoe incriminated himself. @edhenry
3. No where during the call was military or monetary aid being withheld, mentioned by President Trump. The President even suggested that Ukraine should ask other countries for support & said he had already mentioned that with Germany. So he was trying ...…
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23 Sep 19
1. Claims made by Climate Change Crisis freaks are easy to prove wrong with a little digging into the actual facts. That's the real crime here, that our children aren't being taught to think objectively, to question the dog pile dogma they're being fed. Let's look at some facts.
2. First fossil fuels, hydrocarbons which according to the fear mongers, will fill our atmosphere with CO2 cooking the planet. The pseudo science claim is that the carbon in oil, gas & coal, has been locked below ground & not affecting our atmosphere for 100's of millions of
3. years & that man is causing climate change by digging up & releasing that carbon. Ever heard of the La Brea tar pits? Found in Los Angeles, they are an area where crude oil seeps out of the ground naturally & has been doing so for 10's of thousands of years. Natural oil seeps
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10 Sep 19
1. Ok when I read the first story tonight about Baltimore police finding a "van" as they called it, filled with 1000 gals of gas, it hinted at a possible terrorist attack to me, but when a 2nd vehicle was found with 660 gals, I had to do some checking.…
2. Turns out the addresses where the vehicles were found, are some 18 miles apart, so we are talking about two different vehicles packed with a major explosive just a few days before a major GOP meeting to be attended by the President, takes place in the area.
3. The proximity of the first "van" with 1000 gals of gas to the GOP meeting venue is shown on this map. They are only 6 minutes apart. By the way 1000 gals weighs over 4 tons so the van had to be a large truck, a 5 ton truck in fact.
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7 Sep 19
1. The Dem candidates would have us believe that we (mankind) are entirely responsible for the ultimate (within 11 years) demise of our planet because of our use of petroleum products & natural gas (NG). What is the real truth about these totally natural...
2. substances & just how is using them suppose to destroy our planet. To begin with, oil & NG are 100% natural but like castor beans & snake venom, they are toxic. They're nothing new to the environment though with 100's of tons being released naturally..,
3. in some areas on a daily basis. In fact more oil & methane simply seep out of the earth's surface on a daily basis than are being used by American consumers during that same time period. From a single seepage area off Calif. some 80 to 800 million...…
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3 Sep 19
1. Gen Mattis frustrates PBS's Judy Woodruff by sticking to the high road. He won't second guess the President's strategies/policies or play politics, he feels the President is trustworthy of handling the Nuclear codes & will not call him unfit to lead.…
2. He said essentially the same thing on @foxandfriends this morning. His relationship with @realDonaldTrump was not a tense one, he was open with him & feels the President is a forthright man.
Note, this doesn't exactly jive with what the ...…
3. MSM wants us to believe. They cherry picked partial quotes from his new book "Call Sign Chaos" making it look like a tell all scathing review of his time in the Admin. In his Fox interview, Mattis shoots that idea down, saying his book doesn't reference his time in the admin.
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22 Aug 19
1. Let's look at the real #RacismExposed If we do a search using a fairly non biased search engine on the history of racism in the US, the name of one political party will come up time and time again. The Democrats are chained to the sad bloody history they created.
2. Every answer to every question listed in our search, links the Dems to slavery here in the US. They set up a southern economy based on slavery, fought a bloody war to keep their slaves, & voted repeated against any law allowing equality in any form. #RacismExposed
3. The Union President during the War, Abraham Lincoln, was vilified, ridiculed, and smeared by the Democrats. (Sound familiar). Lincoln was the founder of the Republican party, a party founded on the fight against slavery, a party of racism exposed.…
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12 Aug 19
1. While I'm not discounting the possibility of anything, I have to say I find it highly unlikely Espstein is alive, and I think the possibility of it having been suicide is rapidly becoming just as unlikely. Here's my take on that.

2. First let's consider the different ways to commit suicide while locked up in a jail cell. The most obvious manner would be by hanging. Forget that he shouldn't have had any of the tools needed to hang himself, & say he was able to do so. On finding his body, the evidence of
3. his hanging would be clear & yet all official statements released so far say he was found dead without suicide or hanging mentioned. You can't hide the fact that you hung yourself & why would you want to.
Next method would be electrocution though I seriously believe that
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7 Aug 19
1. Red Flag laws are coming whether we like it or not. What we have to ensure is that their use as a weapon against gun owners is severely limited. Any law signed by the President @realDonaldTrump should foremost protect our rights to bear arms. @GOP…
2. Our Constitution is clear on that point. Our right to bear arms shall not be infringed. We can all agree however that there are individuals who should never be allowed to own or operate a firearm because of the danger they may represent to themself or others. The challenge is
3. defining & identifying these individuals and that is where the creation of any law allowing confiscation, has to be carefully crafted so as to protect the rights of the accused as much as possible. In my opinion the accuser using a red flag law, should stand to lose as
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3 Aug 19
1. So what really happened? According to @Acosta the protesters courageously supported illegal immigrants only to be accosted by Trump supporters, but in reality he left out some important facts. First people are warned not to bring homemade signs to...
2. the rallies, so the protesters broke the rules which the organizers holding the rally has a right to set. 2nd in a clear lie of omission, Acosta leaves out the fact they had a sign that said "F*** ICE" in Spanish that was actually taken from them.
3. Why would @CNN's video cut away right as that sign is held up?
To those arguing "freedom of speech", does that mean CNN must allow "CNN Sucks" signs to be displayed on all its sets and videoed news articles? The protesters had an area outside for voicing their arguments.
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31 Jul 19
1. How many rats would you have to see to consider an area infested? How about 20+ in only 12 mins in one alley. This was Baltimore in 2012. I bet the same trash can still be found in the same alley today. @RepCummings was told...

2. about it by the President @realDonaldTrump & others over a week ago. Still no word from Elijah about any cleanup or solving the problem, just name calling & claiming he's the victim. He sits in his $600k+ home & ignores the plight of Baltimore citizens.
3. The rat & poverty problems of Baltimore aren't new. 3 yrs ago subway workers protested about rats infesting their work areas. Cummings has been the Rep for his West Baltimore district for 24 yrs & done nothing about it. #WheresTheMoneyCummings
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17 Jul 19
1. For the voters in CA district 43, let's look at your current Rep Maxine Waters, specifically into the once voted the most corrupt member of Congress lady's finances. Maxine's biggest donors are Political Action Committees run by Insurance companies and…
2. the finance/credit unions. Note no individuals associated with these PACs donated to Maxine, just the PACs themselves. Maxine is being kept afloat by the very companies she's now charged with keeping an eye on as the chair of the House Financial Services committee. #Bribes
3. Maxine is the #1 recipient of cash from the financial/credit sector, receiving over $146,000 so far in just this yr alone. Should members of Congress be getting cash from companies whose industry they oversee as committee heads? What will these companies do to stay on her good
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