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15 Jun 20

Hundreds of Arab men (many armed with AK-47s) have set up road blocks in the #French city of #Dijon & shoot warning shots to keep Chechen gangs away

SWAT teams are preparing to take back control of the city after 3 days of ethnic clashes between Arabs & Chechens
Do I need to mention that French mainstream media is trying to sweep this story under the rug?

Do I need to mention that scenes like this COULD NEVER BE SEEN IN POLAND?

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15 Jun 20
Hundreds of Chechens from all across France have arrived in the city of #Dijon and are now patrolling its streets by car and on foot, armed with bats and machetes

They are in town to get revenge on North African gangs

Must be fun for French people living there
The last 2 days have looked like this for normal residents of Dijon
What do you think are the chances that this story will be given air time on CNN?
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24 May 20
This video will make you understand what's at stake in 🇧🇷

The Supreme Court (STF) wants to impeach Pres. #Bolsonaro

In response, Brazilian patriots took their cars & visited the STF today.

Bolsonaro says he's the Commander-in-Chief of the Army & won't back down🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Video Sources: @AllineSapore (1st video) & @emb_resistencia (2nd video)

Make sure to follow both.
Good sources on Brazil
And naturally, respect to Olavo de Carvalho for good commentary as always. #Sonho
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4 May 20
Europe faces the worst health crisis since 1918 &worst economic crisis (just starting) since 1929

Buu our globalist leaders send us more migrants?

Vid of 392 migrants cheering y-day as buses arrive to take them from Greek asylum centers to the mainland (& to the rest of Europe)
Video Credit @stavroforos_ (well worth to follow if you are interested in the issue of mass-immigration to Greece & Turkey's neo-ottomanist project in the Mediterranean)
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29 Apr 20
Alexandre de #Moraes, a judge on the Supreme Court, has blocked Pres. #Bolsonaro’s pick to run the federal police, Alexandre #Ramagem (Head of Brazilian Intelligence Agency), who was supposed to take office today

From what I understand, he had no right to do so
The pattern is clear...

They to the same thing in Poland and in the European Court of Justice (EU). Once conservatives win elections, the #DeepState uses its allies in among the judicial activists who claim that they are "impartial judges". They then grab power who isn't theirs!
The situation if similar in Poland where the Supreme Court is dominated by postcommunists and communists who have controlled the Supreme Court since 1989.

Conservative forces could be about to, for the first time ever, take over the Polish Supreme Court within the next 2 weeks!
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5 Apr 20
In case you don't know how much of a joke Sweden is, here is a story.

Pic was taken by the police at a place where a jogging woman was wrestled to the ground, had her jaw dislocated & was penetrated with fingers by a man who has now been sentenced to 10 months prison (out in 7)
The court argued it couldn't be proved that the man tried to rape her, so he was only sentenced for sexual assault.

Normally, it would have carried a 2 year sentence but the court argued it should be less as he told her that was willing to stay with her & wait for an ambulance
Full article in case anyone wants sources or to use google translate…
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28 Feb 20

1st migrants allowed to cross #Syria-#Turkey border after Turkey tonight decided to play the migrant wild-card against EU, announcing it will allow free passage for all migrants who head for #Europe

This after an Assad airstrike killed 29 Turkish soldiers in #Idlib
900 000 Syrians (many of them supporters and fighters of anti-Assad Islamist militant groups like Al-Nusra/Al-Qaida in Syria) are fleeing the steady advance of Assad forces in Idlib.

Turkey will now help them reach Europe...

Source for the disbelievers…
As if Europe didn't have enough problems with the #Coronavirus...

It now looks like the summer of 2020 could make the European Migration Crisis of 2015 look like peanuts in comparison.

3-4 million migrants could come on boats to Europe from Turkey over the next 6-7 months.
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2 Feb 20
Today is the 76th anniversary of the assassination of Franz #Kutschera, the sadistic SS & Police Leader in German-occupied Warsaw

Polish Underground State sentenced him to death & he was executed by 12 Poles

In reprisal,Germans killed 300 random Poles in a public mass execution
This move was recorded in 1958, just 14 years after the assassination when the wounds from the war were still fresh.

The Poles lost 4 of their men killed in the shoot-out with the Gestapo and SS (the assassination took place just in front of their HQ) while 4 Germans were killed
#Poland is full of brave women willing to sacrifice their lives for the nation

This is 15 y old Elzbieta #Dziebowska. At that age she participated in 5 assassinations of high-ranking German Nazis, including SS chief #Kutschera.

She later fought in #WarsawUprising (died in 2006)
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21 Jan 20
Senhorita @nilmoretto Diz que o Stalinismo não era tão ruim quanto o Nazismo porque os assassinatos em massa não eram tão bem organizados

Ela também diz que a 🇵🇱 é cheia de neonazistas

Eu dei a ela uma pequena lição de história, direto do antigo Gueto de Varsóvia

@nilmoretto Obrigado pela tradução @RafGlau (make sure to follow him if you don't already...and control that you still follow him because twitter is playing tricks sometimes)
@nilmoretto @RafGlau Also a big thank you to @DerMeisterCaio and @DonaReginaa who also subtitled the video into Portuguese.

Make sure to follow them too if you aren't already
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20 Jan 20
I'm tired of all these communist apologists like @nilmoretto spreading lies about young conservative Poles, calling us "neonazis".

We all had grandparents who were killed, imprisoned or tortured by the real nazis.

My grandfather's brother was killed in Auschwitz for example
@nilmoretto She is also spreading #FakeNews about Poland.

Mr. @BolsonaroSP, I heard that Ms. Joice Hasselman leads a Fake News commission in Brazil (CPMI).

Could they talk to Miss. Moretto?

Or are they to busy with investigating conservatives like @allantercalivre?
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18 Jan 20
Polish Senate (controlled by the liberal & socialist oppos.)invited EU representat. to a debate on the judicial reform

EU decided Poland's #NationalConservative gov. isn't allowed to conduct an anticommunist judicial reform modelled on other EU states

Pres. Duda has had enough!
What’s the conflict about? The Senate invited the #VeniceCommission (a body of #CouncilOfEurope, not EU, which advises on constitutional matters) to give their opinion.European Commission has asked the #EuropeanCourtOfJustice to freeze the Polish reform until it reaches a verdict
The #VeniceCommission is not an EU body but does have influence on EU decisions. What did it say about the Polish reform? “Yes, countries in Western EU have politically appointed judges but Eastern EU states don’t because they are weaker democracies & musnt change their system”
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18 Jan 20
In my previous post I wrote about the 420 "Asians" (9,2% of all male "Asians" in Roth.) who groomed & sexually abused 1500 young 🇬🇧 girls in #Rotherham.

This vid from Pakistan answers many questions

These are the young men our "elite" allows into our countries by the millions🤔
Our cultures are so different. These jokes and the type of behavior was cringe in Europe even back in the 1880s...
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29 Dec 19
Despite a string of Islamist terror attacks in the UK, the police still refuse to acknowledge the UK is attacked by militant Islamists

Islamism is a political ideology which ballooned in the muslim world in reaction to the abolition of the Caliphate in 1924

More history below⬇️
1928 = Hassan al-Banna founds the Muslim Brotherhood

1950s = The chief ideologue of MB, Sayyid Qutb's, more militant Islamism gets exported to Saudi Arabia (Nasser threw them out) where it cross-pollinates with Saudi Wahhabism.
1979 = Grand Mosque Seizure in Mecca, House of Al-Saud agrees to use oil money to spread Wahhabism around the world in exchange for internal stability (appeasement toward Islamist)

1979 = Afghan War creates international Jihadism

1979 = Rev. in Iran shows theocracy is possible
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4 Oct 19
This video is currently going viral in Europe.

It shows a man executing a citizen's arrest on a man from Afghanistan who had earlier punched a 60 year old man and threatened to stab other passengers on a London train.

"Look at me! I'm strong"

I'll post sources in the comments
"When against the wall, he started saying 'I'll kill you, I'm from Afghanistan, I'll kill you, I'll stab you'. I was on the phone to 999 and saying 'we need urgent help"

"Following a search, the man arrested on suspicion of carrying a knife and theft "…
"No one could blame him and it did the carriage a favour. That's why everyone was laughing. He was hauled out at Upminster. Eventful journey"
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30 Aug 19
Mainstream media isn't covering it but the #MigrationCrisis has started in #Greece again.

Yesterday, 13 boats with 600 migrants arrived in a span of just 30 minutes to the Greek island #Lesvos from #Turkey

They are almost all from Afghanistan

Turkish coastguard let's them pass
Yesterday's mass landing is the largest since the Migration Crisis of 2015

And it isn't just a case of yesterday & Lesvos.

The number of new arrivals at the five largest Greek islands has skyrocket in July & August.

Migrants camps are overcrowded & the government is paralyzed
It isn't all.

Yesterday, another 122 migrants arrived by boat in 2 other locations too

The islands of #Lesvos, #Chios, #Samos, #leros & #Kos host 24,000 migrants.

The government will hold a crisis meeting today.

The EU will try quota system again...…
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26 Aug 19
Just got a phone call from my family in my hometown Malmö, Sweden. A woman was shot dead a few hours ago on our street. She, a man &her baby were walking home when 2 hooded shooters ran up. Our neighbor filmed 1 shooter. My family wants to leave Malmö. Told them to move to Poland
"Witnesses say several masked attackers fired 8-10 shots.

One witness said the woman had been CARRYING A BABY at the time she was hit by a bullet

The man she was with went into shock, screaming that the child "needed its mother"

Link for disbelievers…
My hometown Malmö (320 000 inhab.) has the highest murder rate in Sweden (3,4 out of 100 000 inhab.) and the 4th highest in Europe after Pristina (Kosovo) Tallinn (Estonia) & Riga (Latvia).

Malmö has the highest rate of gang murders in Europe though.…
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20 Aug 19
An army of illegal African street vendors disrupt traffic at the Ronda Litoral close to the famous #Barceloneta beach in #Barcelona

If you would've shown a resident of Barcelona this vid back in the year 2000 & said "this will be your city in 2019" he would've never believed you
It's worth noting the transformation of #Barcelona has accelerated since the far-left activist #AdaColau (green T-shirt) was elected Mayor in 2015

She's also pushing hard for Matteo #Salvini to let NGO vessels into #Italy & occasionally lets some of the ships dock in Barcelona🙄
Exactly how progressive is #AdaColau?

Progressive enough to hire the feminist pornograpic activist (yes, she conducts her activism through a method called "post-pornography") #AguedaBanon (from Podemos) as Barcelona's Press Secretary

Here's a pic of her pissing in the street🤪
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12 Jul 19
Today, hundreds of Africans stormed &now occupy one of the most sacred places in #France

The #Panthéon church houses graves of national heroes (Voltaire, Hugo, Zola &Curie)

The group calls itself #GiletsNoir (Black Vests) & demands papers for all undocumented/illegal migrants🤔
"We occupy the pantheon because there are 200,000 empty homes in Paris and we sleep under the interchanges of the ring road” -Black Vest organization on twitter, justifying storming the church
"We are undocumented, voiceless, faceless for the French Republic. We come to the graves of your great men to denounce your profanations, those of the memories of our comrades, our fathers & mothers, our brothers & sisters in the Mediterranean &the streets of Paris"
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28 Jun 19
Update about the recent double murder in the gang war (9 killed)between 2 Somali gangs in Sweden I wrote about y-day

"Franky" = right in pic = leader of "Shottaz"
"Gucci" = left in pic is the one laying dead in pic 2

Photo was taken by the murderers(reflection with AK47 on car)
The trend of taking pics of your murder victim after killing them was started by the gangs around 3 years ago.

The picsare later released by the murderers to circulate on SnapChat & Instagram

Sometimes, they are sent to friends & family of the victims

Reminds me about Mexico
The gang war between the 2 Somali gangs "Shottaz" & " The Death Patrol" started 4 years ago. Both gangs are from infamous #NoGoZone Rinkeby in Stockholm

Death Patrol supporters launched fireworks all night in Rinkeby to celebrate the murders

That's how u show who runs the area
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16 Jun 19
I have google translated the best article on the #ShowDoPavão #PeacockShow scandal I have seen so far into English.

For you who don't speak Portuguese, you can find it in the comments…

Thanks for info @birobiorhaueh @cassionevesc @SPD_33 @jeffs_araujo35
Glenn #Greenwald has personal interest in collapsing the government of Jair #Bolsonaro and Sergio #Moro.
Looks like #Greenwald has made some serious mistakes which allowed the #ShowDoPavão group to trace his actions. And they promise more info to come😎😎
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26 May 19
Every time I'm back in my hometown Malmö Sweden, ppl ask me how much of a #NoGoZone it really is.

This new vid gives an example

A man in a ski mask looking out from the car's sunroof with an AK47. They were hunting for enemies & later that day 2 men sitting in a car were shot🤔
It's not very visible in this video but the police confirms that their cameras also caught the incident and their video clearly shows that they were riding around with an AK47 with an laser sight (quite rare even for Malmö).

People are commenting that it looks like a warzone
Newspaper article about the incident from the main local newspaper in Malmö for those who want proof that this really happened…
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