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7 Aug
No wonder Dem Senators were fighting tooth & nail against Trump’s nomination of USAGM CEO Michael Pack !
Chinese, Iranian employees vetting at U.S. broadcasters risking national security -…
‘Critics of US govt broadcast services have frequently complained that security was lax, allowing foreign intelligence services to plant agents inside the Vouce of America & other oulets.’
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7 Aug
WeChat’s parent firm Tencent also invested $300M in Reddit, does this mean Tencent will be forced to sell its Reddit share? 🤣

Trump bans Chinese apps TikTok, WeChat as threat to national security -…
WeChat is much bigger deal than TikTok -

If Trump also bans WeChat’s parent firm Tencent, then basically half of Chinazi tech firms will be shut out of thé US!

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4 Aug
Over $10B USAID fund had been laundered thru Privat Bank !!
April 3, 2020
PrivatBank brings new US$5.5 Billion fraud & money laundering claims in Cyprus against its former owners Igor Kolomoisky, Gennadiy Bogolyubov & others -…
June 16, 2020
Ukraine’s Top Court Riles In Favor Of Government In PrivatBank Case -

US-based corporate investigative firm Kroll & attorneys at AlixPartners found a hole of at least $5.5B in the bank’s balance sheet.…
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1 Aug
Samsung Electronics to halt production at its last computer factory in China-

Companies are rethinking their production & supply chains.…
Chinazi city turns into ghost town after Samsung shifts operation to India & Vietnam -

With no new manufacture in site to take up the huge space left by Samsung factory, over 60% of the nearby businesses have already been closed, with more to follow.…
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30 Jul
China, China, China!!

How much has your wife been paid by the Chinazis?!

Feb 2020
Rep. Jamie Raskin & Rep. Judy Chu Launch Investigation Into NIH & FBI Probes of Chinazi Scientists-…
Rep. Raskin’s wife Sarah Bloom Raskin, Obama’s Deputy Secretary of Treasury who unmasked @GenFlynn is a Rubinstein Fellow at Duke University.

She works closely with the Global Financial Markets Center at Duke Law School & Rethinking Régulation program & Duke’s Kenan Institute.
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29 Jul
Huawei’s surprising ties to the Brookings Institution -

In Oct 2017, Brookings publishes a report :“Benefits and Best Practices of Safe City Innovation”, praising the Kenyan capital Nairobi & China’s Lijiang for implementing Huawei’s new tech in policing…
Between Jul 2016 & Jun 2018, Huawei gave at least $300,000 to Brookings, via its US-based subsidiary FutureWei Technologies, Inc.

Before that, Huawei also gave Brookings between $100K to $249K from Jul 2012 to Jun 2013.
The person who wrote the Safe Cities report is Darrell M.West, Brookings Vice President & founding director of its Center for Technology Innovation.

West joined Brookings in 2008, spoke af a Huawei conference in 2012, met Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei In 2013.
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25 Jul
Biological attack?

Mystery Seeds Possibly From China Are Being Mailed to Virginia Residents – NBC4 Washington…
‘Done Plant Them!’ - Mysterious Seed Packets From China Sent to People In Utah, Washington And Virginia -…
F**king Chinazis!!

Unsolicited, unidentified seed packets’vd been mailed to dozens of Americans in 6 STATES - Washington, Virginia, Utah, Kansas, Louisiana, & Arizona -

Officials warned the seeds could be INVASIVE, INTRODUCE DISEASE to LOCAL PLANTS!…
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24 Jul
Singaporean National Jun Wei Yeo Pleads Guilty to Acting in the United States as an Illegal Agent of Chinazi Intelligence -

I don’t trust this Obama/Awan Judge Tanya Chutkan, she had let Chinazi spy off the hook…
This is B.S.

Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan is as corrupt & bias against America as the other O Judge Amy Berman Jackson -

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22 Jul
I called this weeks ago :

The Chinazis have been providing financial support & training to the BLM & Antifa-

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22 Jul
“Using a diplomatic facility to shelter someone charged with a federal crime could cause serious tension between the US & China, especially as the US is seeking to crack down on Chinazi espionage & research theft.”
Jul 23, 2020
“Researchers” Charged With Visa Fraud After Lying About Their Work For Chinazi People’s Liberation Army -

3 of These Spies Have Been Arrested, China’s San Francisco Consulate Harboring The 4Th From Justice.…
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22 Jul
Founder of Never-Trump Super PAC Arrested in $60M Bribery Scheme - 😂

Matthew Borges, a lobbyists, allegedly conspired with the R Speaker of the Ohio House to secure a $1.6B taxpayer bailout for Ohio-based FirstEnergy Solutions.…
Last month, Borges joined with Anthony Scaramucci in launching Right Side PAC, a Super PAC formed with the intention of identifying GOP voters who backed Trump in 2016 but might be open to voting for Beijing Biden in November.
Never Trumper Matt Borges had also been involved in a 2004 bribery scandal when he was working with then Ohio Treasurer Joe Deters, now Hamilton County Prosecutor over funneling contributions to Deter’s campaign & plasma guilty to a misdemeanor charge.
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21 Jul
Jul 21, 2020
Two Chinese Hackers Working with the Ministry of State Security Charged with Global Computer Intrusion Campaign Targeting Intellectual Property and Confidential Business Information, Including China Virus Research -…
Victims of the Chinazi hacks including 100s of companies, governments, NGOs, individual dissidents, clergy, democratic & human rights activist in the US & worldwide.

The defendants Li Xiaoyu & Dong Jiazhi, acted for the benefit of Chinazi MSS, & for their personal gains.
The Ministry of State Security (MSS) is a Intelligence, Security & secret police agency of China, responsible for counter-Intelligence, foreign intelligence & political security.

It’s one of the most secretive intelligence orgs in the world. Image
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21 Jul
China vs. the whole world!
India increases tech surveillance on Ladakh LAC with Israeli Heron drones -

Alone with the ITBP, specialized forces, trained over the past decades to fight on the northern front, have now been pushed up to the frontier.…
India-China Tensions: Allied Help India Muscle Up For A Histole Chinazi Neighbor -

• France promise to deliver additional Rafale jets equipped with the world’s best long-range air-to-air missiles to India.…
• Israel- India’s key defense supplier- is expected to deliver a much-needed, yet-to-be-named Air Defense System that will déployés along the border.

• United States - Precision artillery rounds will be sent. Thé US has already been helping out with vital intel & sat images.
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20 Jul
Gunman Opened Fire On Home Of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas, Killing Son And Injuring Husband -

Salas is the judge on the case against Deutsche Bank in regards to Jeffrey Epstein.…
The Deutsche Bank investors are suing the bank & CEO, alleging the bank made false claims about its policies against money laundering.

They also claim the bank failed to monitor high-risk clients including Epstein, & the shareholders lost money cuz the bank’s dealing with him.
Aug 2019
Deutsche Bank reaches $16M settlement over SEC lawsuit alleging it preferentially hired relatives of Russian & Chinazi officials -…
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19 Jul
I can name a ton of ChiComs who have companies & properties in thé US.
BYD Motors, where @GavinNewsom ordered $1B worth of crappy medical masks from, its founder is a ChiCom & a member of the United Front Work Group.

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18 Jul
Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘husband’ Scott Borgerson, a member of Council on Foreign Relations, boasted about dating ‘high profile woman' but refused to say who she was…
Maxwell’s ‘husband’ Scott Borgerson, founder of CargoMetrics, is a former Coast Guard officer, he commanded a 82’ coastal patrol boat conducting search & rescue & law enforcement missions in the Gulf of Mexico.

Does this remind you of something? 😉…
“What he (Ghislaine’s husband) wanted above all was a repeal of the Jones Act, a collection of 100-year-old laws that mandate that ships sailing from one US port to another had to be..American owned, built, and operated.”

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16 Jul
Twitter Blocks Tweets On China Human Rights Abuses Story As AG Barr Decries Silicon Valley 'Collaboration' With CCP -…
The Chinazi Government Is Taking Draconian Measures - IUDs, Sterilization & Abortion - To Kill 100s of 1,000s of Babies - To Slash Birth Rates Among Uighurs And Other Minorities As Part Of A Sweeping Campaign To Curb Its Muslim Population -…
The Chinazis r committing the genocide of the century!

Birth rates in the mostly Uighur regions of Hotan & Kashgar in Occupied East Turkistan plunged by more than 60% from 2015 to 2018.

China map if people in these regions were allowed to vote.
⬇️ Image
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16 Jul
Chinazi TikTok Fined In South Korea For Collecting Data Of Children Under 14 Without Parental Consent -

The whole world needs to ban all Chinazi apps.…
Trump Campaign Urges Supporters To Back TikTok Ban in Online Ads -

“TikTok has been caught red-handed by monitoring what is on your phone’s clipboard.”

“Sign thé pétition now to ban TikTok.”…
Chinazi TikTok Under Scrutiny in Australia Over Potential Foreign Interference, Data Privacy Concerns - 🤪…
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16 Jul
Department of Justice Seeks Recovery of Approximately $3.5 Million in Corruption Proceeds Linked to Ex-President of The Gambia | OPA | Department of Justice…
Gambian Ex-President ‘Stole Almost $1 Billion Before Fleeing Country’ -

Jammeh & his associates have looted :

$71M from the Central Bank of Gambia.

82% of revenues from state telecoms operators.

Withdrawers from revenues of 10% levy on fish catches.…
Obama helped his Gambian Dictator BFF:

Mar 2015
A prominent dissident was just charged in the US for plotting to over throw one of Africa’s most oppressive govts-

Black Lives in Africa didn’t matter to Obama.…
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15 Jul
Is China's new J-31 stealth multi-role fighter an F-35 rip-off?

China has long history of copying & stealing designs used for F-35.

J-31 jets r manufactured by Shenyang Aircraft Corp, a subsidiary of Hunter Biden-tied, state-owned AVIC.…
Virtually all photos & rendering of the J-3- revealed a striking resemblance to the US F-35.

Congressional report specifically cites a Defense Science Board finding that Chinazi cyberattacks resulted in the theft.
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14 Jul
Trump signed bill to impose sanctions on Chinazi officials, businesses & banks that help China restrict Hong Kong’s autonomy -

The bill would end preferential treatment to HK.…
Australian Senator Wants At Least 100 Chinese Diplomats Kicked Out, Arguing The Number Of Chinazi Representatives Must Be Radically Reduced on National Security Grounds -…
“Chinese intel activities in AU’ve expanded massively over the past 2 decades..while there’s been ..cyber espionage. China’s clandestine efforts cont. to rely heavily on traditional human intel ops, much of it under under the diplomat & consular activity.”…
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