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22 Oct
Worst landslide defeat since Nixon trounced McGovern in 1972.
I respect the process and the will of the people. I ran a bad campaign.
I can't figure out why my message didn't resonate. Was it my advocacy of moderate neoliberalism, my Biden vote, my praising Barack Obama, or my anti-populism?
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21 Oct
"Neoliberalism is a complete failure"
I mean unless you care about poverty, literacy, life expectancy, and freedom.
Oh, but neoliberalism really is a catastrophe to social conservatism, you say. Think again!
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18 Oct
What in the f***? Is this supposed to be serious?
I mean hate on Whitmer all you want, but this is batshit even for the fever swamps.
No one even noticed the RESPECT license plate.

Translated: (R)adically (E)nergize (S)ocialist (P)olitics (E)veryday with (C)ritical (T)heory.

This s**t is right in front of your faces, how are you not seeing it?
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17 Oct
I see a lot of out-of-touch elite conservatives dunking on Biden for this comment. This is why you lose. Whitmer actually remains popular in Michigan.

Perhaps the conservative intelligentsia should get off Twitter and check in with average people from time to time.
Prediction: This gets ratioed.
Most recent October 6 poll. In a state such as Michigan, possessing a +10 favorability rating is very solid. It's actually increased since she was elected.
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17 Oct
A move toward localism needs to occur at a smaller scale than the state. The urban/rural divide exists within states and this is one of the fundamental polarizing forces in the United States.
Basically, rural Americans who are skeptical of cultural and demographic diversity and possess traditional cultural values find themselves at odds with a Party that increasingly caters to woke white and minority interests.
One partial solution is for the woke to recognize that they are engaged in an imperialistic project and are attempting the forced conversionβ€”via academia, HR departments, prestige media, etc.β€”of millions of people who want nothing to do with their project.
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16 Oct
This is how Democrats win: Talk about popular policies that hardworking Midwesterners care about such as healthcare and Medicaid expansion.
@xavierbonilla87 Watch me get bombed in the replies πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Don’t like the elite condescension toward working-class Michiganders who overwhelmingly voted for Whitmer and have supported her policies. Maybe try to be a less sanctimonious toward good every day people?
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16 Oct
It's great to have a serious, erudite, and articulate President who can defend and justify his policies to voters.
My anti-Trump takes are always crowd pleasers with my followers. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
I'll say this, Trump is extremely entertaining to watch whereas Biden is unwatchable. And Biden is also clearly on the decline cognitively. It is disturbing to witness.
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15 Oct
Weird how the state run BBC is much better than our for profit media. Image
I’m being a bit cheeky here, but the BBC is certainly not that much worse and it’s less polarizing.
So, it turns out institutional norms and values really matter.
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15 Oct
What are your favorite ugly cars?

A few of my favorites: The Vanguard Citicar Image
The Pinto Cruising Wagon Image
The AMC Gremlin Image
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13 Oct
Thomas Cole's epic "The Course of Empire" 1833-1836.

These paintings hit close to home these days.

1. Savage State
2. The Arcadian State
3. The Consummation of Empire
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12 Oct
Watching a wizened and weathered Noam Chomsky realize, at the age of 91, that woke liberals are absolutely batshit crazy has been one of my great intellectual pleasures of 2020.
See this and also his discussion about the Harper’s letter on intellectual freedom and cancel culture.
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12 Oct
GOAT. It's not even debatable anymore. Image
4 championships and 10 NBA finals. Unreal. 10.2 career playoff box plus/minus and an absurd 33.1 VORP.

Let the hate begin! Image
All the cope that LeBron haters are inhaling is delightful. Dude has absolutely conquered the league over the last seventeen seasons. He's still playing prime LBJ basketball.

Deal with it.
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11 Oct
The Great American films overwhelming affirm social conservatism. This is because there are deep truths about love, sacrifice, honor, loyalty, and family that social conservatism gets right. Even the classic slashers are filled with conservative themes. Image
Halloween: A film about the reality of existential evil and the inability of man to fathom or understand such evil. Dr. Loomis is a tragic character precisely because he realizes this truth while the milquetoast liberal adults of Haddonfield deny that such evil is a possibility.
Laurie Strode, played by J.L. Curtis, is a deeply conservative character. But note that she's not overly prudish or ridiculous: She does smoke marijuana with her teenaged friends. But she's a loving friend, daughter, and babysitter who takes her social obligations seriously.
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11 Oct
What’s depressing about families living in comfort and security while enjoying the American dream?
Human progress for the win! ImageImageImage
For the record, this is my ideal life. However, I know that it’s the suburbs and cities that makes my desire to live comfortably with nature possible. Image
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29 Aug
This is absolutely batshit. Vicky Osterweil defends looting in a book and gets an NPR interview where she has profound thoughts such as the following:…
This has to be f**king parody:
I cannot believe this is real:
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9 Jan
I'm beginning my foray into books that are critical of "race science." First on my list: Gareth Evans' "Skin Deep." Unfortunately, it is not an accurate book--though it is breezy and well-written. His attacks on Jensen are especially malign and loaded. 1
Obviously, I have no issue with an individual criticizing or debunking empirical research. But good debunking requires actually immersing yourself in the literature and understanding the complexities and technical minutia. 2
Evans repeatedly engages in guilt by association and moralizing but offers very little of substance. Skin Deep is a tome that will only be enjoyed by those believe that HBD is a inherently racist enterprise. As noted, his handling of Jensen is particularly lamentable. 3
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8 Dec 19
Part 1 R&J's (2005) "Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Intelligence" is still the most comprehensive review of the topic available. I'm revisiting the article to see how well it's held up over the last decade. I'll provide a summary and add some commentary. 1
As R&J note: "Throughout the history of psychology, no question has been so persistent or so resistant to resolution as that of the relative roles of nature and nurture in causing individual and group differences in cognitive ability." 3
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23 Jun 19
1) Like many individuals loosely affiliated with the HBD (human biodiversity) community, my motives have been repeatedly impugned and I have been accused of proffering unsavory, even incendiary, views (I've also been attacked for working at Hillsdale College!!) A few comments:
2) I'm interested in HBD for the simple reason that I think the Darwinian paradigm is the most powerful paradigm in the biological and social sciences. To dodge the ramifications of Darwinism is intellectually dishonest. And human variation is inherently fascinating to me.
3) I believe that an honest reading of the evidence suggests that there are genetically based racial (or group) differences in cognitive ability (as well as differences in many other traits--both psychological and physiological) (obviously a false dichotomy, but a useful one)
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