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20 Jun

Long thread.

'Pasmanda' is a beautiful Persıan word that roughly translates to "[those that have] fallen behind".

Some politically motivated "actıvısts" have co-opted it as the name of a "castė" (eventhough Isläm has no concept of "castė").
Castėısm=EVIL. In the name of...

..."strong H!ndu roots" (where castėısm originates) & suchlike (SS), castėıst bıgots are calling for & creating the illusion of a "castė" *system* in Isläm, on SM.

A primer for those who came across this bogey on SM.

According to the castėıst bıgots, there are two...

...primary "castės" amongst Indian Musl!ms: "Ashraf" ("foreign" origin Musl!ms, "upper castė") & "Pasmanda" ("H!ndu roots", "lower caste").

Apparently, "ashrafs" are ~10% & "pasmanda" are ~90% (don't know what the basis of these stats is, but that is what they claim).
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19 Jun

Been exploring outside my comfort zone echo chamber of opinions. Few things I realized (Ind!an context).

Always thoroughly look into any claims (esp negative), made in the name of any min0rities. Pr0paganda is mainstream & sometimes fiction seems more plausible than truth!

Not everyone is right about everything, all the time. This is something that's common knowledge, but it sometimes needs reminding.

Lived experiences are an important part of any conversation. But to confirm said experiences as either the norm, or the exception (wrt any issue at hand); you need to look deeper & farther. Any generalizations before such diligence, will cloud your judgment.
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7 Jun
This is a country which has many ppl, who are morally depraved & empathetically d€ad.

@imMAK02 tweeting on H!ndutv@ vi0lence (lyn€hing, "support" rallies for h@te cr!mes), is being labeled a "Mus@nghı", by a c@steist so-called "p@sm@nd@ act!v!st"!

Apparently, speaking up on h@te cr!mes is "going tooth & nail to make everything H!ndu-Musl!m".

Mind you, this is in the aftermath of a gathering of 50,000 ("support" rally for lyn€hing) with statements like "we can't even k!|| Musl!ms?"

Are Musl!ms "lining up" to be lyn€hed?

Do Musl!ms "organize" their own p0gr0ms?

Are Musl!ms "responsible" for h@te cr!mes against themselves?

P@ndemic aside, even if Musl!ms were to pr0test on h@te cr!mes committed against them; they'd be arrested, p€rsecuted!

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7 Jun
Thread on the underlying theme of possible scenarios, at 5 pm today. 😛
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6 Jun
New Ind!a = No facts.

In the *extremely* patriarchal country that Ind!a is, where Musl!m *men* as min0rities are lyn£hed (with "support" rallies after), apparently; there are "ashr@f women" who are "translating c@ste currency into modern capital".

WOW. Impressed.

Gh£tt0ization, m@rginalization, 0ppression (with st@te sponsorship) of Musl!ms is rampant in Ind!a.

Then there's the daedalian co-opting of social problems of Musl!ms (to present them as something they're not); fuelling the generalized, pervasive h@te against Musl!ms.

The R§§ & its affiliates always try to present Musl!ms as the root cause of every problem in Ind!a (both: as a justification of their ideology & to incite even more h@te against Musl!ms).

But they still need self-proclaimed "anti-f@sc!st"/"liberals" to help them.
And some do.

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4 Jun

So, someone with a 40k following in the virtual world is a representative of 204 million Musl!ms in the real world!

Twitter skirmishes on an entirely different topic is "proof" of "Isl@mic c@ste" (obviously, spat with 1 Musl!m=all Musl!ms are "c@steist b!gots")!

Ok then. Image

If anyone "dares" to disagree with anything that the person SSed above claims, he will label them as "ashr@f".

C@STEISM IS EVIL. Why should it be normalized? Anyone found declaring themselves as "upper/lower c@ste" as Musl!ms, should 1st be asked to brush up...

...on the religion that they claim to follow: which doesn't sanction "c@ste" based "superiority/inferiority".

All this is turning into, is "good" Musl!m, "bad" Musl!m classification.

And please, those who are unaware of this issue; but came across it on SM:...
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28 May

There is some pretty despicable behavior from some ppl on Twitter. Saw some tweets & I feel like there's no use calling out either!
Cuz ppl here usually just double down on their insensitivity/fallaciousness. 😕

The cliquishness. The baseless "arguments". The...😑

When you're wrong: admit it, apologize. 😒

Some ppl should stop bu||ying & stereotyping each other. 😓 Have a valid point? Make it! Don't engage in unwarranted att@cks.

Most times, it's not all about you. 😬 If someone is sharing their experiences, listen to them first. 😐

Sometimes, I wish we had something like Twitter 'moderators' (?): ppl amongst ourselves who can responsibly step in & give everyone involved, the straightening up they seem to need. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Be careful with your words: they matter. Be mindful of your actions: for starters. 😏
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22 May

There's a debate on SM rn, over a journalist on spaces drawing equivalences b/w ŤJ & ا§.

While I agree that ppl should be sharing their perspective/educating on why such equivalences are false/flawed (& many are doing so too), this is a thread speculating on the...

...broader attitude behind such rationales. I want to make it clear that most of the points mentioned, aren't applicable to the aforementioned journalist.

In this country, when most ppl (from anywhere on the p0litical spectrum, usually with maj0ritarian privilege);...

...come across anything religious related to min0rities: it doesn't take much to make a jump from 'religious' to "fundamentalists"/"r@dicals"/"t£rr0rısts".

Musl!m hátė/Isl@m0ph0bia is the primeval bane in this country & it's perennial.

Idk if others felt this way...
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4 May
Guess the @RanaAyyub háte-fest is on!
If you want an intro to who she is, read her Wikipedia page.
Context: Tweet QTed started it all.
Following tweets are about "criticisms" from ppl who were "offended" [allegedly].
Despite @RanaAyyub repeatedly thanking journalists for their contributions, Rohini Singh let professional contempt get the better of her: used this as an opportunity for a petty attack.
With what's happening rn, how can she justify chastising a journalist for doing her job?!
Reporting the truth is "sickening"?!
Really? Like, really really?
A blatant falsehood (after being called out on the other bad faith tweet) denying the fact that @RanaAyyub did thank journalists & gave credit where it's due!
This is "precisely" what is "sickening"!
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4 May
This thread is about Twitter Spaces being used for háte speeches, by Rıøť Wıñğ.
Just like every other platform: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram etc.; Twitter is also used by said Rıøt Wıñğėřš to bond over their háte.
Don't fall for #FactCheckBait.
If you do decide...
2/5 report, do it discreetly.
Don't make celebrities out of good-for-nothing háteful bıgøts.
Remove every identifiable marker (handle names, pics etc.); before you share their content.
Don't make a big deal out of the slightest of hurt sentiments.
Report the content that...
3/5 find objectionable instead.
There are hátėmøngėrs who are relevant only because of the outrage that they incite. They literally live off of that infamy.
Don't increase their online/offline engagement.
There are many háteful bıgøts, & if you amplify the vitriol they...
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4 May
Everyone keeps talking about the change we need in pølitics.
But we need something more than that, before a meaningful change in pølitics can even be postulated.

We need a commitment to ideology; to what we mean when we talk about change: the oft...
...misunderstood & misused 'Idea of Indıa'.

Elėctions today are won on what pølitical parties can promise for today itself.
What about our tomorrows?
The short term goals are well & good; but at the end of the day, that's what they are: short term.

What we need is a...
3/16 of where we want to see Indıa someday (wherein, someday is not an abstract idea, but a tangible certainty).

Pølitical parties have manifestos that can't look beyond their own selfish wants. That's the biggest reason they can't work with each other.

Ppl are...
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2 May
Joined a Twitter Space.
It had a "Păsmăndă actıvist" peddling "Islåmic cãste" bogey.
It was like listening to a Sănghı with a Muslım name, going on about his Muslım háte!
He kept claiming it was "unfair" to call them a ŘŠŠ/PJP extension.
This thread is on why it's not.
From propping the "P actıvist" as a "counter" to Shāŕjeeĺ Ušmāňı; to branding Muslım families who don't have "elderly women named Låkshmi/men who say Råm Råm" as "Ashrāfwadis": repartee b/w @/swati_gs & said "P actıvist" would've been adorable; if they weren't Rı0t Wıngers!
Writing articles in 0pIndıă, trying to legitimize Muslım "appeasement" narratives; endorsing Sănghı mouthpieces of pseudohistory (Jaıpūr Dıālogues); for the target audience: Sānghıs (closet/otherwise), is the main tenet of "P actıvism" p0litics.
Promotion of "Koo App" too!
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30 Apr
This is a thread about d£ąth...of fąsc!sts/fąsc!sm enablers.

Fąsc!sts/Fąsc!sm enablers have lives.
They have tender moments.
They have ups & downs.
They have families, friends.
They might even do some good deeds in their lives.
Basically, they do have sh!t in...
...common with everyone; as part of the human condition.
*Just like their victims/targets.*

Here's where things get a little icky.
No matter how much you try & "humanise" fąsc!sts/fąsc!sm enablers; you can't change the fact that *they* were the *0ppressors* & the...
...*victims/targets* were the *0ppressed*.

So, don't force PC sh!t down the throats of ppl who are too angry/affected to romanticize the d£ąths of fąsc!sts/fąsc!sm enablers.

If you wanna play the "I'm so much better than everyone else" game, by faking it: go right ahead.
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24 Apr
We're back on the blame anything & anyone other those responsible for the c0vid crises bandwagon.
From the ppl themselves to Joe Biden: everyone is "fair" game *except* he-who-shall-not-be-named & his cohorts.
There are hypothetical musings of WWDD (what would...
...Donald Trump do?); doing the rounds on SM too.
This thread is about why it's ridiculously stup!d af to expect Joe Biden to prioritize anything other than American lives as their President.
Remember, not everyone has as little regard for their own ppl; like Supreme...
This thread is also about how Donald Trump would most likely (considering his record), not be doing India any favors: the way that many Indian Trumpers seem to think so.
The prop@ganda being pushed, serves as the proverbial fig leaf for a certain p0litical party.
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11 Apr
If you were to wrangle a good-for-nothing, ethn0-n@tion@list f@scist (of their persuasion) in front of S@nghis, in the morning; he'd be a revered "leader", by nightfall.

If an anti-f@scist were to appeal to ppl's sentiments for popular support, to beat the menace at hand...
..., in the morning; he/she would be eviscerated by nightfall: not just by the S@nghis, but a large fraction of the "anti-f@scists" themselves.

There's a weird flex of sorta narcissistic "intellectualism" that ppl indulge in, on SM. Ideological "purists" (not really, but...
...pretend to be), who get their kicks out of deriding any & every viable alt to Gobis. No constructive criticism: just white noise plus rigid championing of impractical solutions.

I get it. And I can do the same thing, a lot better than a lot of other ppl on SM.
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8 Apr
*'Aap Chronology Samajhiye'
B@bri M@sjid demolition briefly explained: @TheQuint
Pic1️⃣: 1528-1992 (Rise of H¡ndutva, demolition of B@bri)
Pic2️⃣: 1993-1996 (The beginning of the trial)
Pic3️⃣: 2001-2010 (The middle yrs)
Pic4️⃣: 2012-2020 (The conclusion) ImageImageImageImage
"2009:Liberhan Commission Submits Report
“The [PeeJaiPee,b/j/p] was therefore an essential ingredient in the P@rivar smorgasbord & essential to capture de jure power & authority, in furtherance of its goal of establishing a H¡ndu R@shtra.”" @TheQuint…
"The Act declares...religious character of a place of worship shall continue to be the same as it was on Aug 15, person shall convert any place of worship of any religious denomination into 1 of a different denomination..." @the_hindu…
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5 Apr
I don't know who needs to hear this. Here it goes.
In the last few days, I have come across Sanghi trolls who use pics posted by ppl (esp of ♀️) on Twitter, to make memes/very unfunny posts.
Some (not all), of those troll accounts have been suspended now.
This might seem like an overly feminist thing, but if you're NOT a troll & want to use a pic of a non-celebrity (esp ♀️); for whatever purposes (making a pt, sending a wish/msg, narrating an incident/anything); don't use pics without authorization from that person.
Another pt: if you're a ♂️ who's using the pic of a ♀️, pls mention in the tweet that you've taken permission from that person (to share their story/whatever).
It sounds like a silly thing. But, it matters.
With all the sh¡t that ♀️ deal with everyday, they don't need...
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31 Mar

F*ck politics, for a minute.

As long as this country heartlessly turns away, ppl fleeing death/unimaginable horrors: there's no hope for this country.

As long as this country takes out "support" rallies for r*pists/criminals: there's no hope for this country.

As long...
2/25 this country votes a party with a history of gen*cid*, to power: there's no hope for this country.

As long as this country has its own "protectors" (police, army); acting like anything but: there's no hope for this country.

As long as this country thinks it's ok...
3/25 beat a kid up, for drinking water: there's no hope for this country.

As long as this country thinks it's not worth being a secular democracy: there's no hope for this country.

As long as this country doesn't demand better from those that "rule" over it:...
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31 Mar
There's some really interesting chatter on plagiarism (involving a Twitter account with a huge following).🤔

It made me sad to know that person lifted off of not-so-popular tweets from smaller accounts.😐😒
I used to share poetry (that I write) on Instagram.🤩 Over there, in the poetry community; many ppl would put up 'copyright, no plagiarism' kinda messages in their bios. I used to think it was a little paranoid (considering most of them were small accounts).😄
But after a while, I found a few instances of ppl sharing my words as their own! Instagram is more of a "polite" platform, so I just used to comment "thank you for sharing my poetry", on plagiarized posts.😂

Many ppl from the poetry community say that plagiarism is common.😓😔
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24 Mar

If you're a celebrity/popular person (or even a "nobody"), who took the courage to speak up against fascist f*cks: I will not ridicule you.

I might criticize you (if I have a valid reason), but I won't make fun of you (even if there's enough material to work with)!

This sounds like patronizing BS, BUT recent times have taught me that it might SEEM like it's easy to speak up for what's right, esp for "privileged" ppl (though in reality: only very few ppl do).

The least I can do is: be nice.

This rant is inspired by the recent...

...spate of "jokes" about Rupi Kaur (her poetry & its recital).

Saw a post by an "editor" of a propaganda machine, who calls herself a "journalist" without ever learning the ABC of journalism; making fun of Rupi Kaur's poetry (b*tthurt after-effect of Rupi Kaur's support...
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