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Im not a Black American; I'm an American #Blexit And No its Not My Real Photo; Why Would I Dox Myself To Trolls #TrumpWon
17 Sep
1) Im going to have to debunk this crap right here

It use to be a vaccine prevented people from a specific virus or disease and they worked

This vaccine is not preventing a person from getting a virus and they are pushing this fake narrative that the unvaccinated are to blame
2) This 'vaccine' does not prevent a person from getting Covid and there is not enough data to support the claim that it lessens symptoms (the CNN article proves elsewise).

The vaccine has been shown to provide little benefit to anyone other than the very vulnerable.
3) As for the claim that the vaccine lessens symptoms, the fact is that most people who have had the virus (if we trust the tests) have had either no symptoms or mild symptoms. I myself had mild symptoms. Only people with vulnerable immunologies had severe symptoms.
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9 Aug
The 1st

A Parody

“The Great Bank Robbery”

Say that you are a bank accountant, and you discover that twenty million dollars is missing from the safe.
The 2nd

In a careful investigation, you discover that several of your depositors (including some new depositors) have been making several recent deposits, totaling very close to the missing twenty million dollars.
The 3rd

You decide to visit these depositors at their homes, and discover that some of them are dead, some moved away years ago, some have no idea what you are talking about, and some “live” in empty lots.
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