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15 Sep
5 Ways to 'Let Go and Let God'

1. Stop Trying to figure it out

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6
The Lord tells us clearly not to lean on (stand on) our own understanding. We are to let go and let God handle it.

Why? Because “…Our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, Nor are our ways His ways.”  – Isaiah 55:8
God knows exactly what He is doing and as Christians we should be able to trust Him no matter how grim the situation may look.

Remember Lazarus was dead for days but he still arose at the voice of God. Your situation can do the same thing when you let go and let God.
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9 Dec 19
Prophetic Words spoken by PW Botha...

Here is Dr Anthony Turtons current assessment which sadly is too true.

"What shocks me is the rate of deindustrialization in #SouthAfrica

Remember that just 25 years ago:
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We had specialist entities like USCO that made sophisticated steel used for example in gun barrels

We were leaders in oil from coal;

- We were the only producer of steel in Africa at Iscor;

- We made copper cables at African Cables;
- There was more energy concentration in a 100 Sq km area in Vereeniging than in any other African country's entire energy usage per hour
- Samancor produced specialist alloy feedstock & Stewart's & Lloyd's manufactured a range of sophisticated precision products.
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24 Oct 19
#FakeNews propaganda & one-sided reporting NEVER told the full story about "the struggle" of Apartheid. I'm simply posting facts from the other side never covered my msm. One need to look at both sides to understand the full context & not simply accept the desired narrative.
According to the HRC statistics, 21,000 people died in political violence in South Africa during apartheid - of whom 14,000 people died during the transition process from 1990 to 1994.
Of these deaths, the vast majority, 92%, have been primarily due to Black on Black violence.
This includes SA Defence Force actions, for instance the 600 deaths at Kassinga in Angola during the war in 1978.

The security forces caused 518 deaths (5.6%) throughout this period. - #FakeNews only showed footage of this side of the struggle - but why was the SF deployed?
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22 Oct 19
The British started apartheid in South Africa with Cecil John Rhodes & the Glen Grey act in 1894. It's time the world stop blaming the Boer nation for what the British did to all of us! The so called "Apartheid Gov" only came into existence in 1948!
We all wanted freedom from colonialism, a country where we could speak our own languages and teach our children our own customs - that was the purpose of the homelands... not to separate but to give all their own freedom and self rule. Black and White

The so called "father of Apartheid" HF Verwoerd - inherited the segregation policies that the British imposed on all - and set forth to develop each African tribe to prosper in their own right.

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