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Mayor Pro Tem in Mills River, NC | 2020 Dem Nominee for NC Senate 48 | Solar, broadband, and greenways are my jam | Stetson & UNCW grad
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10 May
Corporate funders of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) help them to pass anti-voter laws, undermine confidence in the 2020 election results, and promote partisan and racial gerrymandering. What are the names of those corporations? It’s a long list....
1-800-Contacts, Alibaba, Alkermes, Altria, American Electric Power, Anheuser-Busch, Arizona Public Service, Bayer, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, CenturyLink, Charter Communications, Chevron, Coca-Cola Consolidated, Credit Union National Association, CTIA, cyberconIQ....
Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, EDP Renewables, Eli Lilly, Enova Internal, FedEx, First Solar, GlaxoSmithKline, Guarantee Trust Life Insurance, IGT Brands, Koch Industries, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, National Automobile Dealers Association....
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24 Sep 20
Chuck Edwards’ threat to ‘defund’ cities that reallocate monies away from law enforcement agencies *fails to mention* that responsibilities are being shifted away from those departments as well. (1/4)

#ncga #ncpol
Asheville (which is entirely outside of District 48) has determined that their police force should not have to respond to problems like animal control issues. Police should be allowed to focus on the job that they’ve been specifically trained to do - keeping the peace. (2/4)
Edwards is attempting a cheap political stunt. He knows he’s going to lose his seat this November, he’s desperate for votes, and this nonsensical press release tells all of North Carolina that, as well. (3/4)…
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16 Jun 20
The state of NC gives its children the right to a free and equitable education through both the state constitution and state laws.

Our legislators have failed to uphold the state constitution by willfully neglecting to adequately fund our schools. #ncga…
North Carolina House Democrats today held a press call about HB 1129 and HB 1130 and the goal to ensure and invest in a Sound Basic Education for all of North Carolina’s Children.
“The biggest problem facing our communities’ schools is lack of resources and support,” said Rep Julie von Haefen (HD-36), sponsor of HB1130. “Funding public education is necessary to ensure each child gets the instruction and attention they need.”
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23 Apr 20
Coinciding with the protests in Raleigh, my #GOP opponent has started tagging his posts with #ReopenNC on Facebook. A WHOIS search shows that web site is registered to a FL man who created it to sell T-shirts. Nice job researching that one, Senator. #ncga #notreal @ColMorrisDavis Image
For 20 years, I worked as a systems administrator and digital project manager. I got curious about who was running these ‘REOPEN’ sites, including ReOpen NC, and so the first thing I did was run a WHOIS search on the domain names.
WHOIS was only partially successful. The registrars have gone to great lengths to make sure their identities stay secret.

But, there is always another way. Everyone who sets up a website wants wants to be able to monitor web traffic, which leads us to Google Analytics.
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20 Apr 20
This morning, a ‘REOPEN NC’ post was made on social media by my opponent in the November election. See below.

Chuck Edwards has proven once again that he is wrong for North Carolina.

A Senator must be a leader, not a follower.

Agree? Donate today.
If there is a radical, right-wing, libertarian, federalist, Tea Party-style position to take on literally any issue, he will take it. Despite all evidence that indicates that social distancing is working, data that shows that NC’s actions have benefited public health and safety.
As usual, Senator Edwards has adopted the position that money and corporations are more important than the health of our citizens, and he wants us to crowd into churches, parks, businesses and onto mountain trails.
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18 Mar 20
The right wing response to the coronavirus is worrying. They believe it’s a hoax perpetrated by the government, or a Democratic plot to crash the economy, or even an assault on religion. #ncga @ColMorrisDavis @SamEdney4WNC…
Of course, my opponent in the November election, Chuck Edwards, in his only response to the crisis (during what has been an extraordinary lack of leadership by Republicans in NC)? He says we should shop online, and buy gift cards. #ncga @myhcdp @transcodems @BuncombeDems
I know that the graphic is of a tweet by Bernard Keri, but the article references a much deeper distrust by those on the right. Pandering to those people are ‘leaders’ - and I use that term very loosely - like Chuck Edwards and Dan Forest (see link).…
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8 Feb 20
🚨New Endorsement🚨

For North Carolina Senate District 48: Brian Caskey for NC Senate

“Some have argued that allowing teachers to carry firearms in the classroom is a common-sense solution to the school safety issue. They’re wrong.” #ncga #ncpol…
I am very pleased to have been endorsed by Leap Forward. This is a national group which advocates for gun sense and gun safety.

They have only endorsed a small number of candidates across the country, and only a handful in North Carolina. #ncga #ncpol
They did so after a careful examination of my policies on red flag laws, gun safety legislation, and the need for universal background checks.

I am a supporter of the Second Amendment and I am a gun owner, but it’s time for common sense in North Carolina. #ncga #ncpol
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9 Oct 19
NC Senator Chuck Edwards doesn't want to expand Medicaid. Why? KY and WV expanded, and what happened? The uninsured rates in both of these states fell sharply. Access to primary care, opioid treatment, cancer treatment, and more increased. Expansion would be good for NC. #ncga
How good would it be? Well, first, we'd stop wasting YOUR taxpayer dollars by sending them to places like KY and WV. That's right, you're paying for the Medicaid coverage in those states every year when you file your federal tax return. #ncga
We'd also add $11.7 billion in federal Medicaid funds between 2020 and 2022. NC would see a boom in new jobs, adding 37K good-paying jobs to our economy. State revenue would increase by $500 million and local revenue by $100 million thanks to all of those new jobs. #ncga
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1 Oct 19
Six weeks ago, Chuck Edwards attended the 46th Annual ALEC Conference in Austin, Texas.

Of importance to ALEC are bills and resolutions targeting the integrity of our democracy, unions, the strength of our public education system, and the health of our environment.

#ncga Image
ALEC is a pay-to-play corporate influence operation where special interests buy seats on issue “task forces” and craft model legislation with lawmakers with no public disclosure.
According to a recent investigation by the Center for Public Integrity and USA Today, “copycat bills amount to the nation’s largest, unreported special-interest campaign, driving agendas in every statehouse and touching nearly every area of public policy.”
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17 Jun 19
Most of us are tired of seeing the #NC State House and Senate run like a #MAFIA organization while seeing the wealthy and the powerful rig the system to their own benefit while children in this state go hungry. #ruralpoverty #ncpol…
Why are so many Democrats running this cycle, you ask? Maybe we're all tired of watching the environment being poisoned so that @DukeEnergy fat cats can make more millions. #cleanenergy
Maybe we're tired of watching our schools being de-funded so that corporations can get even more tax breaks.
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11 Jun 19
In #WNC, Paul Crisp drove a school bus for 37 years, drove a taxi for four more, and helped build the highway to Dillsboro. His Social Security check is $441 a month. He visits the Living Waters food pantry as he looks for another job - he will be 77 next month." #ruralpoverty
Photo credit: Matt Rose
“I don’t know what I’d do if this place wasn’t here,” he said. As he looks around the room, he points out the children that he once drove to school who are now waiting in line just like him.
#wecandobetter #fighthunger
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