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10 Aug
1/ There have been some EMS's going out around the US recently... does this portend we are close to realizing Drop 34?

Cue Clearance Patriot, with EMS initiated?
2/ EMS's are used typically in times of STORM.

Cue 34 mentions "THE LAND OF THE FREE"

These are lyrics from the Star Spangled Banner, which was written?

Sept 13-14 during a time when the STORM FLAG was flown, NOT the Star Spangled Banner itself.

What's the STORM FLAG?
3/ Key penned his anthem oem, noting that after the battle was WON by the USA, the STORM FLAG was lowered and the STAR SPANGLED BANNER began its wave.…
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10 Aug
DESPITE their attempts to obfuscate and hide the data?
Science wins out.

"Chloroquine is one of the 'smartest drugs' in will allow Covid to attack CANCER CELLS but not NORMAL CELLS"

Let that sink in.

the "CURE" will spread Worldwide?
h/t @MrBOTUS_520

"They know we know which means the public will know"

the CURE will spread WORLDWIDE
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9 Aug
1/ "when a govt goes bankrupt, it loses its sovereignty"...
Is THAT what happened to the USA, as a Brand New country, back in the late 1790's w/war debt?

and AGAIN, in 1871 after our Civil War bankrupted us?

WHO was 'holding title' to our Country?

our Decl of Independence?
2/ There are just 2 parchment copies of our country's 'title', our DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE:

#1 is in our National Archives.

#2? JUST FOUND in Sussex, England. in 2015, viewed in 2017.
3/ POTUS viewed the Sussex Declaration on his England trip in June, 2019. Was this copy of our TITLE held by England as chattel for debts we owed?…
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7 Aug
1/The mysterious DRAGON FISA... get ready... Image
2/ @NatSecLisa admitted to the DRAGON FISA existence, a FISA warrant the #spygate plotters wanted on a High Level Target, in context of her “hurry the F up” exchange with peter Strzok. But when pressed for more details? NOT in an UNCLASSIFIED setting ... Image
3/ “very high level”.... Dragons.

In Legend, what do dragons do? They stand Guard. For Jewels, treasure, often a CASTLE. in cue drops, CASTLE has referred several times to the White House. ImageImageImage
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6 Aug
timestamp 2103 ZULU time = Cue drop 2103

25TH AMENDMENT attempt to remove Trump

20th and 25th Amendment together

WE KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COMEScreen Shot 2020-08-05 at 8.06.02 PM
2/ 1:41 video length - Cue drop 141
This will only get worse.
Archive and coordinate.
Crumbs dropped will soon paint the full picture.
The picture will open the eyes of the world.
We can't do it without you.
God bless you all.
3/ "GOD BLESS" you all
from Cue 141

1709 Tweets?

Cue 1709 SOMETHING BIG is about the drop
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5 Aug
Closed and Dead
C before D
He Controls the Top
R = Renegade
timestamp :23
Now Comes the Pain-23!!!
2/ the month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT ...

per my fighter pilot resident expert...HOT -

"cleared HOT" to drop BOOMS!
3/ BOOMS incoming?
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3 Aug
2 of the 8 saboteurs were US Citizens that spied for Germany. One of these, Dasch, decided to turn himself in at the last moment and was deported after military tribunal. The other US citizen, Haupt, was found guilty and executed by electric chair.…
2/ Haupt. Age 23. PRECEDENT for trial by military tribunal, rather than civilian court, for US Citizens that collude w foreign powers during a DECLARED state of WAR and become ENEMY COMBATANTS of the USA.

No Habeas Corpus
Military Tribunal
Sentence of Death
Swift Execution
3/ REMEMBER @LindseyGrahamSC and now Justice Brett Kavanaugh had the conversation of the century, during the confirmation proceedings.

MILITARY TRIBUNALS used against US CITIZENS that conspire w foreign powers. Deemed ENEMY COMBATANTS, they lose their right to civilian trial
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2 Aug
RIGHT OFF the CDC site. of course, NO CHINA data is included? And of course, the death certificate "mistakes" we're discovering here in the States are not factored in?

Wrongly listing deaths as OF rather than WITH Covid?…

Did they similarly call out every world leader that did WORSE to their own populations?

Here's the list: Detail the COVID "crimes" of each of these 13 leaders BEFORE you get to bash Trump.
Now for the CHALLENGE BACK to the Trump Critic?

Latin American "success" is easily explained, as the virus 'jumped the border' into California's health care system, adding to OUR numbers

THESE countries have slightly better stats than the USA:

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2 Aug

Article names a SETH
SETH Rich diclosure soon?

check from Rhode Island, home of @genflynn. Warning to Cabal he is about to be freed to legally reveal 'where the bodies are buried' ?

Disney Execs signed/sung? & "out of $$"?
2/ Recall the MICKEY Mouse signature MIRRORed?
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2 Aug
The YELLOW VESTS aka Yellow Jackets are emerging to fight off the cabal. #Comms = “murder hornets” coming . FREEDOM !
2/ Yellow Vest protest Movement - the symbol of the vest means Power back to the People.

Started on Q day- 17 Nov 2018

Again: YELLOW VESTS = YELLOW JACKETS = MURDER HORNETS, rising up against the NWO powers of the worldwide Cabal.
3/Yellow jackets & Hornets = same Family, biologically, with Hornets being bigger and always nesting high up.

The metaphor could be that the deadly MURDER HORNETS are the Cabal, "bigger" and "higher up" than us common "yellow jacket" We the People...?

Coming to US from Asia?
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1 Aug
Cue: a Global GAME of RISK?

They never thought she would LOSE.
Now they ALL LOSE.

The "ART of the DEAL" becomes the "ART of WINNING at RISK"
WHAT IF a LITERAL GAME is being played between white and black hats, under our noses.

SO MANY Cue drops "do you want to play a game?" "this is not a game" "moves and countermoves", etc.

WHAT IF envelopes at GHWB funeral contained Playing Cards?

@VP had deck under his Chair?
3/ There's a classified 'game' the C I A uses for training purposes.

there's an unclassified version, using real-world scenarios of conflict world-wide. It's called

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31 Jul
This thread, re the need for a new EXEC ORDER to establish the Executive branch’s power of a Pardon of Innocence, rather than just an existing Pardon from Guilt, is needed to restore Constitutional rights to @GenFlynn and anyone falsely accused and forced to falsely plead guilty
2/ here’s the issue. At present a Pardon is just reprieve from punishment assessed. Jail, death penalty or fines. The guilty conviction is not overturned in full, “as if one had never sinned”. For example would a pardoned @GenFlynn be able to re-obtain a security clearance ?
3/ or? If lawyers, like McCloskeys , were forced to plead guilty to lesser felonies, to avoid unfair worse prosecution, could they be afterward restored via PARDON OF INNOCENCE to practice law freely? Not so now. Can receive a pardon from punishment but guilt remains on record
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30 Jul
An idea:

Take ALL ARGUMENTS the Left made, to
"Just Wear the Mask"...

Despite 'expert' conflicting messages, conflicting research saying it works/doesn't work, causes no secondary issues/causes oxygen deprivation & facial infections, etc?

cuz? It MIGHT work against the virus!


Allowing us ALL to take HCQ to prevent COVID.

After all?

It MIGHT work against the Virus!
LOOK ONLY at the plethora of research SUPPORTING HCQ as a prophylaxis preventative & during Phase I of disease.

That's what the LEFT did! re MASKS!
Looked ONLY at their side of research.…
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29 Jul
2/ who says "3.5" year old child?

35 = the ship lost OTD 1945
3/ Note @grennell saying the "news"...

Recall 11.22.63 Walter Cronkite broke in, during As the World Turns, to give the "news"
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29 Jul
1/ Interview of Alabama 100 yr old, who as a little girl, SURVIVED the Spanish flu of 1918, even serving as a nurse to afflicted neighbors. Her secret? Ingesting 1/2 teas oBAKING SODA each morning at breakfast...WAIT for the hard science behind this...
2/ Baking soda is a weak base, increasing the ph, the alkaline of your body and your cells.

It's the mechanism by which....wait for it.... HCQ works, to fight SARS=CoV.


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28 Jul
2/ The ENTIRE transcript of the SCOTUS steps press conference event is here... Bruno will go through the highlights.…
3/ Intro Speaker, Dr. Simone Gold:

America is being held down more by FEAR than by the virus itself.

COVID19 has an early phase and a late phase. Treatment will vary.

We are here to help American patients and the American nation HEAL.
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27 Jul
1/ RBG's success in battling cancer is LEGENDARY... who else knows ANYONE that's battled both pancreatic and lung cancer successfully? and at her advanced age?…
2/ Amazingly? It appears there's been a meta-study of 190 research articles on the use of ...wait for it... HCQ in battling cancer.

Specifically? Pancreatic. and Lung.

Just what RBG has "beaten".

3/ 'off-market' drugs

Off-label use?
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27 Jul
I have a Question. The rioters have been trying to set the Federal Building in Portland on fire for days....

THIS is as close as they're getting...
2/ so? HOW did the Police Precinct in Minneapolis, where the 4 police officers who worked, burn down so easily? This clip answers it: Mayor Jacob Frey said the "symbolism of the building does not outweigh life." He let it go. Evidence burned, mayhap?

3/ WHAT EVIDENCE in Minneapolis might have needed burning? To save being found and exposing the corrupt City leadership? Here's my thread: Potential involvement in COUNTERFEIT RING? involving China?
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27 Jul
"Kill the flu VIRUS in one day?"

The drug XOFLUZA, by Japanese Rx co. Shionogi & US co Roche, with just one dose, prevented the flu, in people AFTER EXPOSURE.

Just. One. Dose.…
2/ NE Journal of Medicine reports the research July 8 , 2020 . XOFLUZA kills the virus in patients of ALL AGES, regardless of high risk status. NO DEATHS in the study.…
3/ branded as XOFLUZA, the drug baloxavir marboxil saw promise in 2018, even mentioned IN CUE DROP 734 in Feb, 2018.

XOFLUZA was approved for Americans by the FDA in Oct 2018, the first major anti viral in decades.…
h/t @Pipes2494 and @realgeneralcaos
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