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Concerned American praying 4 R future. A rose is a sign of prayer, when UC1, say 1: 4 with #God all things R possible. #MAGA #QAnon #KeepAmericaGreat
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2 Jul
@AwaQening_ZA @cjtruth Her dad...Promis software, stolen by Eitan, sold by Maxwell through his Israeli tech firms known to be Mossad front companies through his Pergamon Press technology network. (Degem Computers). US companies based in VA and ARKANSAS (Clinton). Board members were former Gov't Intel.
@AwaQening_ZA @cjtruth Maxwell sold Promis to the intelligence agencies of New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Belgium, Poland, East Germany, Egypt, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala, South Africa, Zimbabwe, China, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Canada's FBI), and the KGB.
@AwaQening_ZA @cjtruth The Israelis also sold Promis to the Eastern Bloc, Nicaragua, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and the Rothschild controlled Credit Suisse through Maxwell's Israeli front company, Degem.
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1 Jul
Oh boy do I have an incoming!

Post 4553 - read this carefully... it's all connected
Post 4554, 12 slides.
As you know, most funds taken in through the money laundering machine of Act Blue goes to fund the Biden Campaign... but don't think of the Biden Campaign as monolithic election campaign... think "wining by any means necessary" and you should start to see the bigger picture.
Most of the Biden funds have come through ActBlue... BUT this is where the story gets really interesting.
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29 Jun
I've been working on something big...hopefully you see what I mean here.

Suffice it to say, the Key was the secret archives of the Vatican. Opened in 2013 to aid Interpol investigations and again in 2018 to regarding McCarrick. That report, like Durham's is due out anytime now.
Q Post 997
[Pope] will be having a terrible May.
Those who backed him will be pushed into the LIGHT> (St. Gallen Mafia - Satanists and Mason members within the Vatican)
Dark to LIGHT.

Q Post 998
The "Chair" serves the Master.
Who is the Master?
P = C.

Does C = CERN?
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4 Jun
My thoughts... game over before they started.
One's mistake is another's roadmap
Like I said, just my thoughts.
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24 May
it's Sunday... religion is about truth, right? Well, get ready... this one cleans up a bit of history for those who weren't really paying attention back in 2017.
How do you ensure something important to national security is found by the incoming administration?
Leave a memo on the incoming administration's server?
Letter from April 2017
Leaked to the public July 2017
Comey Fired May 9, 2017
FISA Works both ways
Yes, many might need to rethink that McMaster thingy.. He paid dearly.

This is not a game.

What happened?

After Rice regains her clearance, lots of info from the Obama Admin comes out from under seal. Crimes cannot be sealed by law. By April of 2018, a lot was figured out.
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20 May
All were tested... You have the right.
Honor is a choice... all choices have consequences... good or bad.
That moment when it becomes transparently obvious what choices are being made.
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20 May
Ongoing trial?
Cooperation... favor granted as promised.
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20 May
Interesting Decode for Post
Most Interesting is the graphic of the retweet - time is 6:40 the same time @GenFlynn retweeted @TJHproject

There are no coincidences... #TheStormIsHere
Taking all the retweets by @realDonaldTrump gives you the map.

0/POTUS-1 - #GreatAwakening
0/POTUS-2 - #CovidHoax
0/POTUS-3 - #DSCoup
0/POTUS-4 - #TrustThePlan [10] Day Marker
0/POTUS-5 - #TheStormIsHere
"Special Place" - #CampDavid
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15 May
So, we were wondering around a couple of rabbit holes and fell into a Quinine one...

What is Quinine? Oh, just a malaria drug, according to the Mayo Clinic.

That's not the best part though...
During the Civil War the South knew the invading Union army troops would succumb to tropical diseases endemic to the south. However, to keep their troops healthy, most commanders required their soldiers taken quinine prophetically.
Malaria, yellow fever, and other tropical diseases had several symptoms in common. While physicians didn't connect mosquitoes to malaria, they did know quinine was a sure way to ease symptoms.

In the reddest areas at least 14% of the deaths were attributed to malarial diseases.
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7 May
OK, all this Wray bashing is getting on my last nerve!

How many times do we have to go over this?

Post 433 - Trust Wray
Post 787 - Trust Wray
Post 1122 - Trust Wray

STOP listening to the 'pundits' with an agenda!
FBI statement the 24th counters the noise about Wray withholding critical docs from Flynn.

April 28th, Post 3999 dropped explaining why.

ONGOING criminal trials... docs needed to #FreeFlynn are being used in those cases, when the GJ is done, @genflynn will be fully exonerated!
So, this half-assed article by @seanmdav dancing around the question of the day, take note...it's NOISE too!

The question is why can't anyone just talk plainly and honestly? I've had it with intrigue... time to DECLAS and shut crackpot NOISE down!

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5 May
Now this would be really COOL if true!

Was GHIDRA used to reverse engineer the DARPA AI Disinformation tool?

"Toolkits can be helpful"

"Give the gift of health"
This DARPA tool...
Hopefully you'll get this one?
DARPA AI driven info warfare too to target OUR accounts"
"Support will always be provided"
"Toolkits can be helpful"
GHIDRA (Q) put into action for the Chans (Us Deplorables)
"Give the gift of health"
Unhealthy tool reverse engineered - Healthy now
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3 May
Q beat me to it... again...sigh

I noticed the change in data yesterday, actually last night and did a little background checking.

It all began with this tidbit of an article by @USATODAY Today.

It's not worth reading the article, the headline says what they wanted you to know.
So I dug in...notice the pretty graphics...

Their source is the CDC and the brainiacs at @USATODAY "analyzed" the data.
All those lovely statistical points they make... this one is particularly interesting. What they're saying, by the data, is that pneumonia is COVID related... Note how the average should be declining, but the hockey stick (think climate change) shows a COVID related spike.
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1 May
Soooo, if people are dying from the flu, how is it we have so many COVID deaths being reported? DE FACTO STANDARD!
COVID Vital Statistics Reporting Guidance.. for your reading pleasure
We want more, not less COVID reporting
Bad data is for the states, not us to verify
CDC won’t be checking up
We repeat, it’s on the states, not us to verify
When in doubt, refer to #1
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29 Apr
So, Q Dropped 4008 with a link to the Department of States, Counterinsurgency Guide from January 2009...

All I can say, is thank GOD Pompeo is there to bring sanity back!
The part he wanted us to read was the Preface written by Dr. Eliot A. Cohen... (note the picture, complete with bowtie... IOW... the "I'm the smartest man in the room uniform")

It was countersigned by Fore, Gates and Rice... (wonder if they actually READ this stupid document)
So, of course, after reading that "scholarly" preface, I just had to read on... This is the Executive Summary. It defines Insurgency, Counterinsurgency and gives the "functional components" of COIN.
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28 Apr
Ok, @seanhannity told us all to watch tonight... one, possibly two, bombshells will be revealed.

While we wait, I wanted to repost something that hit me last week. Durham isn't the Punisher... but who is, is exciting!
Frank Castle is the Punisher in the Spiderman series.

He's got quite the history. marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Frank_Cas…
However his story begins with issue #129 of the Amazing Spider Man series ...
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15 Apr
Ok, I got excited about an IMF post earlier... sadly, it's fake. But look at what I found!

In the announcement is a video... by Brad Bookchin.

After reading the announcement about debt cancellation... interesting tone BTW. So who is Brad Bookchin?
The website was registered just 2 days ago.
Seems he doesn't like big oil, billionaires, and a various sundry of socialist inequality mantras. Typical socialist drivel.

Bernie endorsed Biden on the 13th, deal made, delegates handed over. This site went live the same day... in other words pissed.

Yea, I too got excited.
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14 Apr
Q Post 3963:

An informed [awake] public holds all the keys.
Link 2: Symbolism will be their downfall...

Britannica Shiva britannica.com/topic/Shiva

CERN, Switzerland.

Everything happens in Switzerland... literally everything.
CERN is about 5 miles from the WHO Headquarters.
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14 Apr
Q Post 3956...

What if cures Exist?
Back in July Congress ordered the Pentagon to investigate the issue of ticks as biological weapons.
In 2018, Patrick Jordan talked about ticks being weaponized and causing Lyme Disease... He also noted that the drugs used to "cure" these diseases are actually immunosuppressive.

...and that vaccines are biological weapons in and of themselves.

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14 Apr
Looks like @BillGates couldn't handle free market truth thrown at him and his feeble attempt at mocking Christians who believe in the Living Christ. He's pulled the video he did with Abramovic... sooooo we figured you should have some interesting screenshots for posterity's sake.
Let's start with it's about using virtual reality to "be in the room" with her.... dancing... enjoying her "art." Our population control tainted vaccine king calls it "The Life" in mixed reality.
Interspersed throughout the video are quick glimpses as to what a "mixed reality" means for satanists.
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13 Apr
Back to Post 3934... there was a double post, remember?

One at 4:10 and another at 5:10...

Looks like Durham was testing his access to the Patriot's fight board. But I'm getting ahead of myself, just a tad.

Notice the name of the board projectdcomms

Project Declass Comms.
If you go back to Post 3620, you see instructions. The end of the post... someone was granted access to the /patriotsfight/ board. We were also told the 1st placeholders would link to treason, etc. AND that's exactly what's posted for the 1st batch of placeholders to be unsealed.
History is in the making what John Durham is about to expose will shock the world.
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7 Apr
Discovery on this one is gonna be fun... all those fools who took his advice to spam DATO likely got a Legal Hold letter to preserve all their emails. 🤣🤣🤣
BTW: Just who is Datto anyway?

#EnjoyTheShow 🤣🤣🤣
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