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8 Jun
47 min in. ANYBODY using encrypted device should be on notice their comms are subject to law enforcement interception.

I remember when the courts agreed that, with probable cause, it's not a violation of 5th amendment rights to compel access to devices
This is huge... and connects LOTS of dots.
Countries with active devices
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6 Jun
Starting a new thread to complete the last one... Thought I would do so by putting this clip out there. Trump had the power to combat this act of war committed against the US... It's called EO 13848.

Here's the link to the first part.
In this clip, we get confirmation of significant foreign interference in our election. Sidney details multiple countries involved. By definition an act of war. There's no way this case was going on a state docket, much less ANY public docket. It can ONLY be heard by SCOTUS.
So what happens after SCOTUS weighs in? I've been saying for months the Arizona audit will be the model for the other states to follow and on Wednesday the 2nd we got evidence of that very thing when PA lawmakers traveled to AZ to see the process for themselves.
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6 Jun
Trump: "We’re gonna take back the Senate, take back the House, we’re gonna take back the White House – and sooner than you think. It’s going to be really something special…"

Lots of talk lately about Fraud and the word Vitiate... it's all true and we're about to see the world change in a big way. Let me explain why and how I know this to be true.
Many haven't seen how everything is connected to Durham. Remember the D5? Well... hopefully, by the end of this thread, you'll get what that really means.

This part of the story begins with Part B of EO 13848.
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29 May
Need to look at this carefully. This post was added to the ProjectComms Board, but has no trip code.

Who is 'B'?

8kun.top/projectdcomms/… ImageImage
ProjectComms has 4 posts. The latest drop is from the primary device ID but lacks the trip code and isn't signed.

The last time this ID posted to ProjectComms was Post 110 or 4621 in the aggregator.

Fact vs. Fiction...??? Logical if fake, it will be removed. Patience. ImageImage
Then there's this... Image
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30 Apr
America Will be Unified Again = New Internet Access...

Think Internet Bill of Rights and hang on to your seat.

No, not this IBOR: about.att.com/story/consumer…

Remember these drops?

(some of you may even remember the chaos surrounding these posts back in the day... good times)
What if I were to tell you there's been serious activity to pull this all together for us for years?
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20 Apr
From Dan Scavino

1) 3x back and forth = truth - statements made accepted as fact
2) Robert F. Kennedy bridge - formerly the TRIborough Bridge
3) RFK = 64th AG
4) Justice
Piglosi admits Floyd was a sacrifice
"It's War"
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27 Mar
New Dan Scavino Post to IG.

Frozen Soap Bubble. The video was taken from the Aurora Borealis Observatory on Feb 7th on Senja, Norway.

It's called the Senja Experience. Here's the link to the original video.
What's really interesting about this post is what happened earlier today.
For the last week, "Sea Shield 21" has been going on. And NATO members have been looking for Russian submarines from the Black Sea Fleet. All six were deployed, and NATO couldn't find them. Well, they only publicly talked about losing 1 possibly 2 of them.
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27 Mar
Well, well... I like what I'm seeing here!

Word of the day Vitiate... you're gonna be saying it a lot in the near future.
Let's talk Durham... and what's taking so long.

John Durham is likely the most unknown yet most powerful people in DC. And for good reason.

His standards are high, and for good reason.
Let's start with a really cool article about Durham from 2001. Now think post 109... it's about Durham.

Appointed by Sessions 10/28/2017
Nominated by Trump 11/01/2017
Confirmed by Senate 2/16/2018
Review became criminal probe Oct 2019
Made SC Oct 2020

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24 Mar
Oh look, we've gone from excavator to front loader to unearth this vessel. Next up, a child's shovel and beach bucket. Image
I was waiting for this... smh

Giant Containership Blocks Suez Canal after 'Gust of Wind' Knocks it off Course.

Suez Canal Blocked As Ultra Big 400m(1312.33596 feet) Long Container Ship Gets Stuck

Meaning that vessel experienced one hell of a "gust of wind!" ImageImage
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23 Mar
Senate Judiciary Cmte holds hearing on "Constitutional and Common Sense Steps to Reduce Gun Violence."

Shooter identified as 21yr old Ahmad Al-Issa with ties to ISIS... we'll soon find out he "was known to authorities"

This time 8 people were murdered.

Excuse me... TEN people were murdered. TEN...
As per @DLoesch (Democrat) states fail to report violent crimes to the NIC system which lead to the majority of mass shooting events, that's why these people are KTA but the authorities failed to enforce current legislation, yet calling for new legislation.
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4 Mar
Let me tell you a story... I've kept my thoughts quite about this for many years.
Back in September 2018, we got this drop... I immediately recognized ST6 as the members of Extortion 17.
What I didn't do, was go any farther in that decode. Frankly, I wasn't sure we should be talking about it to much. If you've never seen this video of the Vaughn and Strange family, please, take the time to do so. It's horrifying.

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28 Feb
Panic in DC.
Leverage depleted - POTUS FREED.

(POTUS Comes out for the 1st time since leaving office to give a rip roaring speech at CPAC)

EXTREME chatter.

I think this qualifies as EXTREME Chatter!

Here's MSDNC and their EXTREME chatter.

Business Insider joins in on the EXTREME chatter. msn.com/en-us/news/pol…
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24 Feb
Tucker triggered the criminally liable snowflake media last night... all in all thought, this is an epic display of what "we're not going to take it anymore" means.

It began back in January with this hearing...
Never let an opportunity go to waste... especially where opposing voices are concerned. Which is why since Jan 6th, we've been inundated with false info about what really happened.

FACT: pre-planned, inside coordination, Clyburn's office found, panic buttons removed, etc.
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23 Feb
Don't let this get suppressed...copy and share it everywhere! Think about this in light of lies being told in the Senate hearing about January 6th. This is pure evil!

I don't care what your politics are, we're all Esther of the Bible now and we MUST prepare to defend ourselves!
Loading all the screenshots.
Submit names they say... so names they submitted... except... the names they got weren't the names they were looking for... soooooo they added a filter.
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22 Feb
Cornel Aispuro is charged in a one count conspiracy to distribute one kilogram or more of heroin, five kilograms or more of cocaine, 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana, and 500 grams or more of methamphetamines for unlawful importation into the U.S. justice.gov/opa/pr/wife-el…
Auspieo is friends with Huma Abedin
and was seen having a business meeting with Colombian-born Michael Blanco and his partner Marie Ramirez De Arellano.
Michael Blanco's mom, Griselda Blanco, was known as Godmother of Cocaine and connected to Medellín Cartel.
C_A had/has ties with Medellin Cartel
thus, the arrest of El Chapo's wife means that there was a plant and the corrupt C_A is being dismantled.
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20 Feb
UK/AUS [Primary]
FISA brings down the HOUSE [WH]
We have the server
CRIMES AGAINST children unite all humanity [cross party lines]?
Difficult truths.

March Madness
Start Date: Mar 14, 2021 : End date: Apr 05, 2021
The presenter Esther Rantzen (in the clip) set up Childline with Sarah Caplin. Sarah Caplin is a British TV producer. Her credits include many programmes regarding true crime, history and biographies imdb.com/name/nm0135271/.
Sarah is married to BBC's Nick Ross. Nick Ross presented BBC Crimewatch for many years with Jill Dando - who was shot on her doorstep in 1999 (unsolved).
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20 Feb
An orders list will be coming out Mon. Per Lin: likely a ruling in the PA case with GA and MI granted cert with/reversal and remand to follow law in PA case. Then we move on to another Conference next Friday with those orders issued Mon Mar 1st.🙏
Mon Orders List: The DJT for President, Inc v. Veronica Degraffenreid, Acting Secretary of PA, et al

Of Note, PA Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar resigned Feb 1st. for not advertising a proposed constitutional amendment.🙄wsj.com/articles/penns…
Lin Woods case...Order to be issued Monday.

Of Note, the Fulton County BOE Chief was fired. thegeorgiasun.com/2021/02/16/ful…

As Lin said, it looks like cert will be granted and the case remanded to reconsider in light of the opinion written in the PA case above.
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11 Feb
Here we go again... another day of edited video and disingenuous information... notice how they never seem to get around to all of this?
Or the biggie...
Here's a couple of important facts... We know for a fact the FBI is investigating this.... and likely why Graham said what he said about witnesses.

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11 Feb
This thread will cover 2 things.

1) How to shut down an investigation while distancing yourself from the intent.

First you hire an insider to the Criminal Division of the DOJ.

2) How Barr protected the D5 Investigations
Then you tell all US Attorneys to leave... except the one you intend to frame. In this case Weiss of the DOJ, the guy leading the investigation into HB. Then you announce you're keeping the head of the FBI in place.
It's a tried and true playbook. Mueller headed the FBI during some consequential investigations... Rosenstein was lead investigator on U1. Notice Mueller's office in 1990.

In 2016, McCabe & Strzok set up the Mueller & RR spin. Hopefully this is over before Wray and Weiss are.
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9 Feb
"I will not participate during the Sabbath; but the role would have played will be fully covered to the satisfaction of the defense team."

Wonder who could possibly be the one to "fill his role" on Saturday the 13th?
Interesting thought as to who the "special guest" will be on Friday and Saturday... something tells me we may need more popcorn.
Have to give credit to the team...

h/t @OnnoleeCarter and @lilacswansong
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