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Race fan🏎Aussie Rules fan🏒pet lover💜Surviving Crohns💜support healthcare 💜stand with AB Drs💜Support US CPPs💜💜 not my govt💜CIAAG💜typos are us🎄
14 Jun 20
1/Concerned ALBERTAN,
I’m 🇨🇦born & raised in Alberta. My birthday certificate, drivers licence, tax return, AB bc & taxes say so
UCP isn’t on any Document! They don’t own squat not Us our land,oil,business,prairies,Drs healthcare,parks,laws,AMA, teachers,mountains,resources,
2/social media. The UCP speaks for no one but themselves. Kenney calls Abertans trolls, over paid staffers name call & block citizens & free speech, cherry pick data, falsify stats, write own laws against the charter & our civil rights, they wrote Bill 1,10,12 & created war room
3/spend $100,000 on trips, make deals without Ottawa, drained our economy, waste money on pr ops, claim they are broke & are only govt. asking Trudeau for their salary bail out, & ignores any input from Albertans UCP Ripped up Drs contract, makes deals without AMA or Drs of Ab
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