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Parent since 01, single for most of it. Intersectionality on legs trying to be useful to the world despite the Morrison govt. I do have most of my brain.
9 Jun
Whenever I talk about TAFE it gets a few people RTing & replying. I bet you have a similar background. I've got TAFE to thank for taking me from a pretty hopeless place to being able to dream of university & a little goddamned respect. Not just "for" me but WITHIN me.
The best TAFE teachers become mentors and eventually peers, because they're actively in practice. They see you for your potential and they don't cut you down. They give you hope. They teach you commonsense. They teach in ways that aren't lofty or wanky. You just never forget it.
I've since been to uni and I'm out the arse end of a degree in psychology now. Instead of emerging from university as someone who sees uni as "above" TAFE, I just see TAFE through the filter of my university training as the complementary strengths-based teaching it really is.
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