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4 Aug
1. My people & their 'drug empire'! We make it overseas, mainly in Asia; return home to buy cars, lodge in hotels, lorry load of women, build houses etc. We call it 'ego mbute' 'eriwe agwu-agwu'. What many do not know are the tales of sorrow, pain & blood behind it. Many arrested
2. with long sentences or executed. Victims who get hooked on the drugs & their lives ruined. Drug gangs who unleash mayhem leaving behind pool of blood. We now see stories going viral of peddlers using their fellow Nigerians as collateral (most times the human collaterals don't
3. even know they are being used). It has become a normal thing; get rich or die trying. If you speak against it, they will blame government & talk further they will attack & call you efulefu. You travel to some asian countries & try to rent an apartment/hotel for a few days
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30 Jul
1. When FG. Off. Arotile died, many conspiracy theories started flying around; 'she was killed because some weren't happy that a female Christian will one day rise to hold a command position in the armed forces, she had killed too many insurgents, she had to be silenced.' Too
2. many stories, all I did was shake my head. This soldier spent 5 years in the defence academy trained by the armed forces, sent overseas by the same armed forces where she picked extra skills returned & got winged as a combat pilot by the CAS A.M Sadique Abubakar (a muslim)
3. got commendations from the head of state another Muslim. Flew combat missions under ops Gama Aiki with north central as AOR. Only for the same armed forces to kill her because she's a Christian female or armed bandits/insurgents put a call through to the military hierarchy
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26 Jul
1. DSSCs just had their POP & NDA RCs finished their last camp highland ahead of POP. They are all welcome to the league of extraordinary gentlemen. When people talk about the force & how they wish they could join I always say this; do not because you like the uniform
2. and the assumed power that comes with. Stop right there! Once upon a time there was some sort of power but it ended 1999! One slight mistake, you will be branded a bad apple & made an example of! If you doubt it, look around; lots of soldiers dishonorably discharged! Do not
3. join because you couldn't find a job! The pay isn't fantastic & it is a thankless job! Most soldiers who grumble & soil the uniform are mostly those who have failed in some endeavours & decided to try the military. They join & realise it's a life of service, hardwork,
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25 Jul
1. The ones on the right will do what they have to do so the ones on the left can sleep with their eyes closed. Night or day, rain or shine only to come up for air & you hear of billions stolen/unaccounted for! Soldiers don't ask for much, just pay as at when do. When we die,
2. let's our remains be treated with a little dignity, let our families not be forgotten...not asking for much. Well, the fight continues. It's raining now, vehicles get stuck in the mud, trenches get waterlogged. Troops battling the enemy and the elements (if it isn't the rain,
3. it's the winds or dust). They can try but we won't let them win.
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25 Jul
1. We are a nation in love with drama, easily entertained with attention span lower than that of 5 year old kids. In other words, we get carried away with a new drama but once another starts airing, we move on.

RE: NDDC (nothing will happen).

While away, news filtered in about
2. the NDDC saga. At first I laughed so hard at the drama, how Nigerians especially the people of Niger delta who their monies have been stolen will find a way to make a joke of it all. Then I got very angry at how forgetful Nigerians are, at how divided we are that we will
3. fight each other (those who didn't get a dime from the loot) on behalf of the thieving politicians and in the end they go scot-free only to repeat same thing. One will ask why I say nothing will happen, let me take us down memory lane; remember the SEC probe involving my
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3 Jul
Rivers state police bust 'baby selling racket'.

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30 Jun
1. I doubt if anyone was as philanthropic as Lawrence Anini. On his way back from armed robbery, he would stop at markets in Benin & environs to spray almost half his loot. While some feared him, most people of old Bendel loved him. This was a notorious armed robber responsible
2. for many deaths & robberies. He was the Robin hood of Bendel. One reason it was difficult to catch him, was because many of his people would rather die than snitch on him. The little he shared to them was more important than the lives he ended or any of his atrocities. Pablo
3. Escobar is another notorious criminal who had people fall in love with him while ignoring his crimes. What has changed today? We see crooks today come online & do giveaways, once you call them out for alleged crimes their fans attack like rabid dogs. These days you do not need
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29 Jun
1. Nigerian civil war or the Biafran war (depending on perspective) has the Biafran story, Nigerian troops, the Ijaws, Kalabaris, Efik, Ibibios etc Let's not forget who fired the 1st shot. When we talk massacres, let's mention all; Oron, Auchi, Okene..etc let's mention what
2. happened to all those small tribes who refused to join in the fighting. When everybody voices his role, grievances etc only then SHALL THE REAL STORY BE TOLD. Until then, everyone's painting pictures according to what he/she's been told. Funny how the most aggrieved are those
3. who weren't even born then. The danger of a single story.

(The insults can's expected from bastards who have comprehension issues)
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29 Jun
1. Whatever skills that brought you to limelight will fade some day but the positive impact you had/have on people, your legacy will live on. People one day will stop talking about Angelina Jolies movie's but her humanitarian deeds will outlive her. When @funkeakindele came on
2. scene as the first (to me) celeb to partner with @NCDCgov in the fight against covid-19, we praised her. We needed lots of our celebs helping in creating awareness unlike some idiots who who called it a scam, some even went as far as doing prank calls with the emergency number
3. Then she goofed with the birthday party. She was condemned for it & as usual idiots saw it as people wanting her to fall. There are people who you expect to know better & when they goof, you call them out. This video she has done with a soldier might look like nothing but this
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28 Jun
1. Didn't know this hushpuppi guy was this noisy. Turns out @adeyanjudeji has been seeking his attention for a long time. 🤣🤣 Maybe that's why he rushed to Dubai after his fisticuff on the streets of Abuja 🤣🤣
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28 Jun
1. @PeterPsquare glad you & family are finally negative. Can you remember when your wife who should have known better joined trolls to make a mockery of late Abba Kyari? You knew when this video was done, posted & you approved? Well life comes back at you full swing. Thank God
2. your family is good now, I guess your ages & not having any underlying health issues helped you all recover. Abba Kyari was an old man who already had health issues before covid-19 escalated them. Now to those who come here & wish people death; Kyaris kids will never lack.
3. None of his kids even depend on him, before their dad was called to serve the president he was already a made man. His kids, all thriving professionals. You wished Ajimobi dead, finally your wish has come through but check the heavyweights sending in condolence messages? It
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26 Jun
1. Your defence/excuses for criminality includes; "Nigeria is hard, politicians have stolen everything, the north stole my birthright, no conducive environment" bla bla bla. Some months ago @retsonbiz did a tweet about challenges he & his partners are facing running a farm in
2. in Nasarawa state. I tweeted back & we started talking & I said you might need to talk to someone who knows 'the game' better than you do. He listened. Today not only does he have banks running after him, Nasarawa state has this week signed mored than 3 agreements with him.
3. In this same Nigeria is not good, that farm might be going into partnership...(lets wait till this one clicks). @YangaBeauty is a Nigerian owned beauty product company. The interesting part is, it is owned by alady Jennifer who is not even over 30. Before covid-19 lockdown
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26 Jun
1. You travel into a country with a medical visa with no intentions to visit any hospital. You travel with passports of other countries meanwhile you are Nigerian. You travel on 1-6 months visa but allow it to expire, in most cases you stay for more than 4 years allowing
3. even the passport itself to expire. You peddle drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, cyber crimes, you pregnant ladies in your host country so you can get extensions/stay & once that is gotten you change location. You do all these & much but when law enforcement catches up
4. with you, you expect the Nigerian embassy/high commission to bring down heaven on your behalf. You start cursing @MBuhari , start expecting @GeoffreyOnyeama & @abikedabiri to wave a magic wand to wipe your sins away? But when you commit these crimes & hammer you don't remember
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19 Jun
1. Akpabio; PDP, constantly ridiculed by APC eventually moves to APC & becomes a bigshot. Saraki; PDP to APC, becomes senate President. Decides to pocket Nigeria, when it didn't work he returned back to PDP & becomes 1st senate president that couldn't win 2nd term. Hope Uzodinma
2. PDP senator, under investigation by EFCC then moves APC & becomes governor. Today he is heading Edo governorship campaign. Obanikoro; a PDP henchman used to scatter APC in Ekiti, finally returns to APC. Dino Melaye; from PDP to APC, made a fool of himself & the senate & went
3. back to PDP singing 'Oh my home Oh my home'. Ize-Iyamu; contested for Edo governorship last elections under PDP, joins APC demanding for ticket now. Atiku aka pendulum (who swings anywhere); from PDP to APC, back to PDP.

The list is endless; Nigerian politicians all they
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18 Jun
1. You have information about bokoharam attacks but you never ever have information when the attack is repelled, when they are killed. You never comment, retweet or like when theres tweet about success but quickly tag me when you see video of BHT attacks. You follow BHT/ISWAP
2. handles, your constantly visit their sites & download their propaganda videos. You share on your TL everytime they release a new one but you don't follow Airforce, army or defense HQ handles. When there are attacks, @NigAirForce scrambles fighter jets & attack choppers to
3. gun them down as they flee. @HQNigerianArmy mobilizes men who move in for clearance ops. After all these, airforce posts BDAs (battled damage assesment) on NAF handle, @DefenceInfoNG tweets info about attacks & counter-ops, you never see these or post them. All you are
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15 Jun
1. There is a general saying that 'youths are the leaders of tomorrow & the hope of every country lies in its youth'. Looking at Nigerian youths, one might begin to fear for the future of Nigeria. Why I say this? Nigeria is a country where stupidity is a booming industry. If you
2. you want to make a name for yourself or cash out big, just device a stupid or devious means & watch how our youths throw themselves at you. Doubt it? Here we go: few years ago a group of French guys called the 'kupe-boys' came on the scene; no academic/scholarly prowess, not
3. musicians or actors, just guys who do videos touching their faces & BOOM! Stars were born! The Nigerian social media space couldn't get enough of them, people organised, spent hard currency to fly them into Nigeria. Same youths who complain how nothing works in Nigeria, who
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14 Jun
1. Sometimes we need to forget the emotional nonsense & rhetorics that goes with it & think deep. No agency in the world has waged war on drugs like America & their DEA yet America is top ten in countries with highest drugs problem. So what do American politicians do? They blame
2. Mexico & every latina speaking country for their drug problems meanwhile Mexico isn't top 5 in drug consumption. What am I trying to say? How can a Latina move to America & become a drug kingpin without the full connivance of Americans? Who man's the borders? America DEA/
3. immigration/CBP! Who man's the airports? Still the same narcos, immigration & customs border patrol agents. Do you know billions of dollars exchanged yearly as bribes & protection money? Who are the consumers? Same Americans!! If there are no consumers there won't be supply!
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14 Jun
Windmills of the political god's.

Act 1. Scene 1.
Oshiobaba: I made you! You must show allegiance! Loyalty is a must!
Obasbobo: so what? Everyday Obi is a boy, Obi is now a man with pubic hair!
Oshio supporters: don't bite the finger! You must bow to party!
2. Obas supporters: Edo is not Lagos! We dont kiss ass!
Wakapass spectator: useless people, they said they are better than PDP. They said they are change. Shior! We will beat them.

In all of this none has mentioned the common man in Edo. It's all about ego, power, money,
3. appointments, chop-I-chop etc those defending, most are fighting to keep what they have. Those attacking, because they feel shortchanged & need a cut. It is hardly about us! When you see them jostling for power & position, keep one thing at the back of your mind; it is hardly
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12 Jun
Popular terror groups, funding & locations covered in no particular order

Total annual Income – approx. $1.1 billion
Main funding sources: Iran funds Hezbollah between $200m- $800m per year. They also raise money and support through organizations camouflaged as
2. charities & scattered all over the world, including real estate dealings & “used car” dealerships run by private business people even right in the USA. There are active Hezbollah cells engaged in constant money laundering, forgery, weapons trade, smuggling, & of course
3. producing & trading drugs, primarily heroin & cocaine.
Their criminal activities covers parts of South America, through Africa, Europe, the Far East, Australia and the Middle East.

*The Taliban
Total annual income: approx. $800 million
Main funding sources: Production &
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10 Jun
1. The Igbo man in Sabon gari kano, just wants to trade, build his house & drink beer at night in peace. The Igbo trader in Kawo market Kaduna, has lived in the same house in Barnawa for 21 yrs as a tenant without issues with his Hausa landlord. The house has been renovated,
2. 8 times, reroofed 3 times, his son is a lieutenant thanks to his retired army landlord. The provision seller in Moscow road Potiskum has lived there even when it was still under Borno, he has 5 different provision shops all over Potiskum & Damaturu. He only makes phone
3. Calls & he can have meetings with the emirs of Potiskum & Fika. Every commisioner of police who has been sent to Yobe is introduced to him by the Emirs simply because they were all young men who grew into elders together in the same small town. Felix has lived in Baga road
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7 Jun
1. Nigerians are the funniest people on earth. We can twist stories! We have latched on to Gaddafi 🤣🤣. Under him Libya seemed to have been thriving but many forgot that under him there were no CSO's, NGOs, Unions, military command as he was everything. No radio/tv/newspaper
2. dared write or say anything anti-gaddafi. There were no political parties, no parliament! We forget how he was contributing to the arming or IRA, he was behind the arming of Toureg fighters or other guerrilla groups in Africa that helped destabilize Mali, Chad, Niger etc
3. What about the 270 people killed in the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am jet over Lockerbie, Scotland? What about the early 80's when he would gather alleged enemies in fields, after interrogation they would be shot, hanged or amputated on live TV for all Libyans to see?
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