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14 Aug
Ok, here is the deal with this drama about @AustinSteinbart as far as I’m concerned. I have reached out to all of the parties that are no longer with Austin. I have only briefly spoken to 1 of them. The others didn’t respond and 1 of them told me maybe they would talk later.
Now I see that @RedPill78 is going to address the clip given to him tonight. Fair journalism requires that both sides of an issue be looked into. A 6 second clip... needs more investigation.
Will the owner of the clip be interviewed? Can the clip owner provide context? Is there a longer clip available? If so, show it. If not, why not?
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4 Aug
🚨 Alert 🚨 watch for POSSIBLE WAG THE DOG SITUATION HERE: 1- Syria/Israel and proxy HEZBOLLAH trying to start incident on Israel/Syria Border
2/ shortly after - this report of “bombing” in Beruit, Lebanon — very powerful watch:
Syria will be blamed. Been telling my followers to watch Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lybia, and Israel. DEMS will blame Trump for “pulling troops” from Syria if this incident is used to start war
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13 Jul
My Fellow American Patriots - ITS TIME TO STAND UP! READ THIS WHOLE THREAD... and ask yourself how long you are willing to put up with the situation we find ourselves in TODAY?
2/ THIS isn't about whether JFK Jr is alive or not. This isn't about flat earth. This isn't about DECODES. THIS is about our very WAY OF LIFE and FREEDOM! Keep reading...
3/ What should we be doing? How about asking QUESTIONS to those in power like the LAME ASS Republican Party Corupticons- THEY NEED TO STAND UP FOR THIS PRESIDENT NOW or be voted out!
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27 Mar
Hey! 🤪 Has anyone ever noticed the words "Investigative Report" on my social media? 🧐😬🥱😂😎👆😍Been doing this for years now, if you watch me, then you know. #TheMoreYouKnow
2/ I do not DECODE the Q Posts. I Investigate them. This is why sometimes my videos are later than most, because I actually EXAMINE THE PARTICULARS to learn facts about something hidden, unique, or complex in an attempt to find a motive, cause, or culprit.
3/ When one is in the middle of an investigation, listen up: "we are the news now" club, you do not pick a side NO MATTER WHAT! You look at it from both sides, examine the evidence, for and against - and sometimes come to a conclusion BASED on evidence not because Q said so.
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23 Mar
It's going to be BIBLICAL, see connected thread tweet for the video
This is a thread
2/ Notice the Language used and tone Q referred us to. THIS IS A SILENT WAR and a MILITARY OP ain't gonna be pretty. Expand your thinking!
The truth would put 99% in the HOSPITAL.... If we think this is going to be Clean... then we live in Fantasy Land
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22 Mar
Q proof or Just Coincidence? YOU DECIDE 🤣 Thread following:
Where else did we see this video posted?
2/ Why it was here of course:
Do not fear!
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21 Mar
Proverbs 25: excerpts from...
2It is God’s privilege to conceal things
and the king’s privilege to discover them.

3No one can comprehend the height of heaven, the depth of the earth,
or all that goes on in the king’s mind!
4Remove the impurities from silver,
and the sterling will be ready for the silversmith.

5Remove the wicked from the king’s court,
and his reign will be made secure by justice.
6Don’t demand an audience with the king
or push for a place among the great.

7It’s better to wait for an invitation to the head table
than to be sent away in public disgrace.
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9 Mar
Dear Lord, please let the #Qanon Army stop infighting over every new person that has information to share. They will out themselves or prove themselves. If you take this stance, you can never go wrong.
2/ MOM ANON is here to say when some of you long-timers think you know everything, YOU END UP BEING WRONG. YOU MAKE US LOOK SOOOO BAD. LARP this and LARP that. UGHH
I love every member of the #QAnon Army, but no one person is our leader, remember that. THINK FOR YOURSELF and TRUST YOURSELF. Not someone on YT, or Twitter. Give people a chance.
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5 Dec 19
I am so sick of not talking about "CROWDSTRIKE". Google nutballs who funded Crowdstrike step-down. BOTH OF THEM..... all of a sudden? Crowdstrike planted Russian footprints on the DNC server. FBI never touched it. disobedientmedia.com/2017/12/fancy-…
2/ Timeline - Don't forget this occurred inside a wider timeline: themarketswork.com/2018/05/18/the…
3/ Julian Assange announces they are in possession of the leaked Clinton DNC Emails:
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20 Nov 19
2/ When the public learns the TRUTH about the magnitude of the Democratic Party’s corruption…..END GAME!
Post 3604
3/ Q starts out by reminding us of a previous post from Feb 11, 2019.
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19 Nov 19
Thread #QAnon Post Analysis: 3603 INFORMATION WARFARE
2/ Ahh, FISA works both ways AGAIN! More confirmation.

3/ Phones were present…. wow, the Deep State Traitors are in Deep DooDoo! #QAnon
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15 Nov 19
1/This is a breakdown of #QAnon Post 3590 from 11-13-19
2/ #Qanon links to @ChuckGrassley letter from July 27/2017 bit.ly/2qj4IzZ
#QAnon Post 3590
3/ It describes the DNC/Chalupa [EC] collusion with Ukrainians to interfere w/2016 Election & details FARA violations by Chalupa vs. Podesta Group THIS WAS BEFORE #Qanon even started posting, on Oct 28, 2017
#QAnon Post 3590
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15 Nov 19
1/ Watch! Breakdown of #QAnon Post 3588 This will be relevant going forward - US Ambassador to the Ukraine = SYPING on Journalists using State Dept funds!
#QAnon Post 3588
#QAnon Post 3588
2/ Surv of JS and SC terminated July 8, 2019
Q refers us back to this post

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 800bc9 No.7354090
Nov 13 2019 11:00:18 (EST)

[Jul 8 2019]
"SURV of SC/JS terminated." - Q
Relevant to upcoming 'DECLAS' events?
3/ They, among others, were being surveilled. Q Points this out in the following post showing that they were under protection.
#QAnon Post 3588
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26 Sep 19
New Video will be out in just a little while...but until then....here are the video's I have made in the past all about Crowdstrike, Ukraine, Biden, China etc... in the Q Posts
1. March 16, 2019
2/ March 21, 2019
3/April 6, 2019
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1 Sep 19
If you think the Strozk/Pientka 302's that were "changed" "modified" and "had many drafts" that Sydney Powell is asking Judge Sullivan to order the release about Lt. Gen Flynn isn't enough...ANDY MCCABE has already done this with the FISA on Carter Page.
When Wray read the 4 page FISA memo bit.ly/2ZFoa5D he was "shocked" and the next day Andy was "fired" by Wray.
Attorney General Rosenstein testified DOJ attorneys briefed him on the FISA application and told him something different than what “reports” are claiming!
🧐💀💩Did the "secret society" mess with the info
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2 Jul 19
United We Stand.
July 4, 2019.
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @usairforce @USCG @SecretService @SpaceCorpsUS @USMC @USArmy @USNavy
2/ @USNavy ’s Blue Angels set to participate in flight demonstration for Trump’s Fourth of July celebration militarytimes.com/news/your-mili…
3/ @realDonaldTrump administration unveils new details about July Fourth fireworks, flyover thehill.com/policy/energy-…
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28 May 19
Time for a KatieG rant! I have been watching things from the sidelines. And those who follow me know I hate this crap, but time for some words from "mom-anon" (that's me if you missed it 😳) are needed THIS IS A THREAD...
1/ DIVISION MAKES US WEAK!!! You KNOW THIS and yet... Do you get it? or are your collective EGOs so much in control of your mind and ears, that you have become deaf, blind, and DUMB!! Love ya.... sometimes Love is Tough. 🥺
2/ To those who have "AGENDA's" and PLANS, whether they are good or bad, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE RIGHT!
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30 Mar 19
Creep Joe Biden Lewd Remarks to 13 Year Old?
Jeff Sessions swats creepy Uncle Joe's hands away
Joe Biden Gets Creepy | Can’t Stop Touching Ashton Carter’s Wife During ...
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11 Mar 19
@realDonaldTrump Tweets this October 2015: Future Proves Past: archive.is/IlMb3 Image
@realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump Does the Pepe Pose at the Nato Summitt lol! LOVE THIS ONE! #QProof #FutureProvesPast ImageImage
@realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump Video of the Pepe pose here: 🧐🤣😂
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10 Mar 19
1/ So, It's time for a rant from Katie G... or at least a rave...lol! 🧐🤓
2/ Didn't Q say this? 😳😕
3/ Yeah...I thought so...
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4 Feb 19
This is a thread: From Priestap to Brown
1. John Brown will replace Bill Priestap as top Counterintelligence Position
2. Bill Priestap is the head of the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Division. - Per Comey’s testimony, Priestap was responsible for making the decision not to inform Congressional leadership (Gang of 8) about the July 2016 FBI Russia-Trump Investigation.
3. Priestap was Strozyk's boss. And this 👇themarketswork.com/2018/02/11/fbi…
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