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When Govt fails to uphold rule of law, favoring one class over another, or exempts itself from the law, that's Tyranny. #PATRIOT #IBOR #DrainTheSwamp #EndTheFed
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15 Feb 20
"Poppy" Pete Buttigieg, of Afghan poppies to heroin network

The patch on his left arm: “Afghanistan Threat Force Cell”.

Former Director Kirk Meyer called the ATFC a money laundering operation

“Poppy” is the CIA’s pick for next President of the U.S.…
If Deep State Mayor Pete, & Naval Intel Officer Buttigieg is a CIA Asset, all should question if the Iowa debacle was an intel operation.

The Navy Reserve’s direct commission officer program is set up just for such asset development; ask Hunter, he knows!…
3. Buttigieg entered the Navy as a Captain from Day One with no training.

"The CIA has a term for Pete’s mission.

“Plausible deniability”.

Holding no one accountable.

Like Pete." -,
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18 Dec 19
Sic semper tyrannis: bad outcomes will befall tyrants.

Gov. Northam threatened “consequences” for those who defy gun laws. The state's Nat. Guard Comdr said 'we won't speculate on our use', leaving @POTUS to decide the issue.

Is this where it starts?… Image
@POTUS Instruction Manual: the only path to power for these godless socialists, and other such tyrannical powers, is by force - but which can only be used against a people who have first been disarmed - which, in fact, is what caused the United States to be founded in the first place. Image
@POTUS 3. Pelosi, wearing a House mace declares Senate rules unfair; she's above @POTUS? Lindsey Graham says no Senate trial; it'll expose his JASOC/NATO Generals covert trade. Civil war assault; VA is set for Marshal law.Ginsberg says disqualify Senators 4 bias. Will SCOTUS unseat him? Image
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17 Oct 19
Kurd Conflict Nutshell:
For a near century, the Kurds have tried to establish a homeland, mostly in Turkey. In 1984, Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) started a war; the Kurdish–Turkish Conflict. Since 1978 tens-of-thousands have died & it's why the US designated PKK a terrorist org
2. At the same time the US backed & armed the Kurdish peoples People's Protection Units (YPG). 2015, the US made them central to their made up "Syrian Democratic Forces", SDF army comprised of YPG fighters, al Qaeda/ ISIS terrorist & radical Islamic forces from Europe..
3. For the past 5 yrs, these NeoCon created forces rampaged across N.East Syria throwing millions of Syrian Arabs from their homes & lands in a bid to create a Kurdish state under American protection that Amnesty International designated as a war crime—all of whom fled to Turkey.
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22 Sep 19
Trump Pounces On Biden-Ukraine Scandal As Whistleblower Story Flips On Dems "

Once again Democratic projection of their crimes onto Trump turns into a complete and total disaster.…
3. Biden's 'Zelensky Auto Parts', a Meme

Ukraine 'Whistle Blower' & long time CIA operative Susan M. Gordon worked the FBI/NABU Ukrainian Weapons order desk, entering Special Access Program arms & Nuke
Tech orders for shipments to Libya, Syria....&?
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17 Aug 19
August heat & smoke, manifest no fire. Another lynch pin dead; move on! MAGA hope & change 2.0. a farce.

The tumult of unhinged detractors continues as @POTUS Twaddles. Is he the insurance policy?

No wall. No speech.

No debate. FASB 56; the deep state rape of America assured
(#1) FASB 56 The Deep States Theft of $21,000,000,000,000. Taking The U.S. Government Dark.

Engineering central control by levering up debt & siphoning off the nations wealth. You cant make this up.

So what's the plan?

#2 - US Missing $21 Trillion: Financial Calamity, an Ongoing Process

4:19 Since we authorized rounding up innocent kids, & put them in prison for profit, we were off & running w/ rolling calamities.

17:42 Did HUD $ capitalized Epstein & the Clinton's
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3 May 19
Obama Medal of Freedom winner:

Joe Biden 1988 presidential campaign

June, 87 Biden was among the strongest running.
Sept news broke he plagiarized a UK politico's speech.
Other evidence of law school plagiarism & false academic
records followed. He withdrew later that month.
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21 Dec 18
Trump is taken aback at the level to which the country has been sold out by embedded groups w/in govt, particularly w/regard to Chinese influence
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. -@POTUS

Do Your Job or be in breach of contract. #Declassify All.
9/12/18 @POTUS signed "EO on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election". The order empowers the admin. to impose sanctions on foreign govts & individuals who manipulate U.S. elections; UK, AUS & #DeepState
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