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10 Jun
What makes $LUNA so special compared to other crypto?

Well, it's time for another mega-thread, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

(cc. $SOL, $DOGE, $THETA, $VRA, $VET, $ADA: let's get our stablecoins in your blockchains ;))

By now, you've probably heard of $USDT, $USDC, $DAI and other stablecoins.

And, did you know they can be censored?


They can.

And they will.โ€ฆ
But @terra_money's coins don't depend on a single entity.

Anyone can propose to have their currency listed (it happened recently when @capapult submitted a proposal to have the Swedish Krona in Terra: $SEK)

Now, the big difference lies in how these stablecoins are created.
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13 May
These are my reasons to be bullish on $LUNA:

1. It burns to mint $UST. So the supply goes down, this puts pressure in the price action (in the long term).

2. It's faster than $ETH, lower tx fees (since you can use stablecoins to pay for them vs. using ETH)
3. It gets value from real world usage (CHAI payments in S. Korea does 150,000+ transactions every day, with millions of dollars)

4. Ecosystem being built around the $UST to allow exchange of synthetic stocks in @mirror_protocol.
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12 May
*A hologram appears*

Hello sers @Kris_HK, @bobbybaocrypto and @ericnode!

Imagine that instead of giving up to 14% on stablecoins... you could give 20% fixed APY.

Well, that's what @anchor_protocol does :)

And you're probably asking "who the hell is this guy"

Hi, I'm a #LUNAtic.

One day I found the $LUNA and fell in love with the @terra_money ecosystem that @d0h0k1 and his pals created.

So here I am telling you about it, because soon enough other exchanges will implement Anchor and that will give them a huge advantage.
So, how can we make this happen sers @Kris_HK, @bobbybaocrypto and @ericnode?

Do you need more information?

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12 May
*knock knock*

Hi @MobileGeekGirl!

I'm sure @bitwala's customers would love to get a chance of having a fixed 20% APY on their stablecoins.

Have you heard of @anchor_protocol?

It does that.

No other on chain protocol allows this.

It uses @terra_money blockchain.
By the way, Anchor's investors:

Michael Arrington,
Mike Novogratz,
Naval Ravikant,
Delphi Digital,
Pantera Capital

And Terra's investors are CZ (Binance), CoinBase, Sam Bankman (Alameda) and Vlad Tenev (Robinhood)
If you're interested in reading more:โ€ฆ
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11 May
It's time for another surprise.

Are you ready my $LUNA fam?

Let's talk about @SubsidiumDGTL.


๐Ÿงต๐Ÿ‘‡ Image
So what's @SubsidiumDGTL?

A set of tools to enable philanthropy using blockchain tech in a secure way.

Basically, it lets you burn "Philanthropical Assets" in order to get an off-chain tax-free receipt in your jurisdiction.

It also uses $UST ;)
But you're probably saying: "yeah man, sounds good, but I'm an ape, am I getting an airdrop?"

And the answer is... yes.

$LUNA stakers will get an airdrop.

"Now we're talking dude!"
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2 May
๐Ÿ”ฅ The Terra Report #1 has arrived:

What happened in the @terra_money ecosystem during April 26th and May 2nd?


Man, things got crazy these days.

* From banks getting interested on Terra, to a Mayor paying attention.

* Controversies, upcoming launches, press appearances.

* Don't miss the deep dive into Novogratz mind and thoughts on Terra.

* Tutorials, articles and podcasts.
Anyways, check the whole report here:โ€ฆ
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2 May
Who are this week's top $LUNA influencers?

Thanks to @LunarCRUSH (no affiliate), we have these 4 categories:

1. Most influential
2. Most engagement
3. Most posts
4. Most followers

Are you ready?

$LUNA's most influential this week were:

1. @CryptoKaleo
2. @ksicrypto
3. @DreadBong0
4. @NicolasFlamelX
5. @CryptoWizardd
6. @ConstanteMx
7. @in_Kauto
8. @PrrplFrog
9. @AlphaSeeker21
10. @Speicherx
$LUNA's influencers with most engagement:

1. @ksicrypto
2. @CryptoKaleo
3. @CryptoWizardd
4. @DreadBong0
5. @PrrplFrog
6. @TerraBitesPod
7. @ConstanteMx
8. @Speicherx
9. @SamIAm15497991
10. @kundunsan
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1 May
I'm wondering if @tobi noticed the most liked comment on his tweet.

(cc. @marcos_galperin, @drabinovich guys this would be a game changer to @Mercadolibre)
Maybe he did.
Now I wonder if the @Mercadolibre team (@marcos_galperin, @drabinovich & co.) have seen this.

The "Latin American eBay" would benefit from running on Terra.
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1 May
"Anchor is the beginning of a financial revolution" โ€” @capapult.

For all you $LUNA lovers, the story goes like this...

The other day I got a tweet from Capapult saying:

"Hi there! We are Capapult. We aim to make Scandinavia powered by Terra!๐ŸŒ–"

Interesting, I thought.

So I got in touch with them.
They've just submitted a proposal to have the SEK (Swedish Krona) approved by the community.
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30 Apr
Let's talk about @ApolloDAO and how benefits $LUNA.

Are you ready?

So what it is?

For starters, it's a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

That means, a group of apes working together towards a common goal in a decentralized way.

"ooohhh, tell me more plz ser"

Yes ser, keep reading ๐Ÿ‘‡
Their first product in development is an auto-compounding yield farmer.

What's that, you ask?

Well, suppose you go to @mirror_protocol and provide liquidity to one of the pools.

By doing so, you add $MIR and $UST and you get 88.69% annually.
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20 Apr
How much $LUNA is really left?

Wen moon? Wen price rise?

Why $DOGE, $ADA and other coins have bigger market caps?

What can you do to help?


(Rant included)
I was checking @SmartStake's stats regarding $LUNA's supply:

The 126.53 million $LUNA includes LUNA that has been bonded into $bLuna, LUNA in exchanges, and LUNA being hodled.

So I wondered, how much LUNA is really in circulation?
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20 Apr
Which project will be the next big hit in the @terra_money / $LUNA ecosystem?

Let's talk about the upcoming hackathon that @Delphi_Digital is throwing.

This is going to be a huge thread, so buckle up ;) it's going to be quite a ride.

By the way, please vote on the ideas you consider the best.

You do need an Eventornado account, but it's quite simple to register.
With this said, let's talk about the projects that have been submitted so far:
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19 Apr
Let's talk about @HarpoonProtocol

Harpoon allows muggles (non-devs), like you and me, to take part in @anchor_protocol's liquidation system.

That's right, get some cheap bLunas for you and me ;)


Because as of right now, only those wizards of the code are able to play with this.
But our guys at @HarpoonProtocol got a team of brilliant people together to create an interface and do all the coding stuff so YOU can go and harpoon overleveraged whales.
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19 Apr
Just imagine if @arrington convinces @FrancisSuarez to run Miami on Terra.

Can it be done?

Or what if... @naval talks with @FrancisSuarez about @anchor_protocol?

Can it be done?
Or the possibilities if @novogratz talks with @garyvee about @anchor_protocol, @mirror_protocol and @terra_money

Can it be done?
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18 Apr
$LUNA is undervalued and about to explode...


Let's talk data.

Right now, $LUNA's price is really, really low.

And it's about to go wild.

So let's start with their website.

Yep, people still go to websites.

LOTS of them.

In March, @terra_money's website had around 800,000 users (stats by @Similarweb) Image
But the interesting part is the average visit duration, pages per visit and the bounce rate.

4 minutes is very good.

This means people are taking their time to research what Terra is about.

5.53 pages per visit shows that people actually go deeper into it.
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3 Apr
Let's talk about @spar_protocol.

What is it?

$SPAR is a place for money managers to show off their skills & allow retail investors to invest alongside with them.

So if you're a great investor, you can get funds and become that hedge fund manager you always wanted to be.
Or you can invest alongside the pros, get access to returns usually reserved for private funds and save time trading so you can spend more time on things you love.
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21 Mar
So @DannyCairns asked me:

"I already have all my $luna staked on terra station..

Can i use this to earn with $anc or do I need liquid luna? Or is there any another ways to mint $ust to then borrow against?"

Yes, you'll get an airdrop with 0.31 $ANC per 100 $LUNA staked every 100,000 blocks (~1 week).

You can also buy more $LUNA and go to Then mint $bLUNA and provide it as collateral. Borrow 30% (or less) in $UST and you'll get $ANC as well.
Second question: "Next would be the risks for each option in terms of governance and staking LP?"

Governance is the less risky option. But it also gives you less returns.

Staking LP always comes with the possibility of impermanent loss.
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20 Mar
The more I research and go deeper into the $LUNA (@terra_money) ecosystem, the more I believe 1k is FUD.


Let's start with the basic thing for most apes:

$LUNA supply goes down the more $UST is in demand.

That alone makes $LUNA interesting.

But wait, there's more...


$LUNA by itself is very attractive:

Staking it gives you very nice rewards, such as being able to get a % of every transaction fee.

And since it's already in use (CHAI payments are used in Korea by 2.2 million people), you get $KRT every block (5 secs)

Without doing anything
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