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9 Sep
For the #ScholarStrike, I am sharing this thread on how my institution, Georgia Tech, has throughout the 20th century benefited from and contributed to racist crime narratives that justify segregation, gentrification, and mass incarceration in Atlanta.
In July 1957, Georgia Tech professor William K. Pursley was beaten on Juniper Street. He later died from injuries sustained in the attack. Reporters for the Atlanta Constitution lumped this crime in with three others, and breathlessly reported gory details and breaks in the case
Reporters and investigators continuously wrote and spoke of these crimes in relation to one anther, even though evidence connecting them was scant at best. Reporters emphasized the race of the various suspects along with the appearance and profession of the victims. News paper article reads:  Youth Confesses Slaying Woman in Newspaper Article Reads:  High Hopes  They added that witnes
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5 Aug
An internal document from the University System of Georgia Board of Regents demonstrates how corporate entities in Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) with schools are working to make campuses less safe this fall. #COVIDCampus
This document, FOIA'd by @kellyjellyo, shows Chris Wilson, the president of @Corvias, putting legal pressure on @BORUSG to keep P3 dorms at or near capacity despite COVID-19 risks.…
What is @Corvias? They are the private company to which the University System of Georgia leased student housing at 9 of its schools back in 2014. (More on this later).…
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25 Jul
If your institution is justifying decisions about course delivery modes by claiming they want to "Preserve the Freshman Experience," what they really mean is "we are forcing contingent faculty and graduate students to teach in person to protect tenured professors."
Contingent faculty in the Writing and Communication Program @GeorgiaTech were assured this week by Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education Colin Potts that this was not the intent of policies to prioritize freshmen's in-person experiences, but it is absolutely the result.
Potts refused to offer data on how course delivery mode assignments broke down based on the rank of the instructor of record,'s not that hard to get a sense of it based on publicly posted information. My colleague, @Kent_Linthicum did the math.
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