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18 Jul
#PatriotsSoapbox A long journey into the #Qanon World.

I decided to search out all the news hit pieces we've been through on @PatriotsSoapbox

An interesting dig from #Infowars to the #Chans to Main stream media and even political offices, Patriots soapbox has been there.
I heard Pamphlet and Baruch on #infowars and started immediately researching Q.

I found the 8chan boards and started searching youtube's on it. I found "Pam" on a show called Coffee & freedom just as that project was closing it's doors and reopening as Patriots soapbox.
Early Patriots Soapbox was an intense place the redpilling factor was 1000x higher than anywhere else on the web at the time.

Things we're about to get heated.
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20 Apr 19
#OSINT #SpyGate 5 days is a hellavuh difference

@TheLastRefuge2 Spy's Glaring Time/Date Issue:

#Ref Pdop-Meeting

"According to Downer’s calendar schedule the meeting was May 11th, 2016"
Issue: there is a discrepancy in the time data & ascribes it to:

"(likely due to the significantly different time zones between London and Australia)."


"redacted cable communique from Downer to Canberra, AU office, on May 11th, 2016, the day he's meting Papadopoulos"
Sunshine notes:


"the excerpt from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that describes the events. However, worth noting Mueller assigns this meeting to May 6th, 2016. (?):"
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30 Mar 19
#Qanon #FutureProvesPast #Ukraine #ElectionInterference #NABU
#AtlanticCouncil #SpyGate #Manafort #Biden #Zlochevskyi

Do any of you know who Artem Sytnyk is?
He is the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Director.
NABU has yet to achieve a single high-level prosecution.
Why you should care?

To understand the current political enviorment in the U.S. you're going to have to understand the goings on in the areas of interest to the U.S.'s Foreign Policy apparatuses.
Money, Power, Control, & Legacies.

History abroad informs us that oil, gas, & minerals as well as political control are fought over tooth and nail. Ukraine is the epicenter of our current predicament politically. From Manafort to Oligarchs to the Clintons, Ukraine's booming!
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14 Dec 18
(27) "But an agent writes down that Mr. McKinley said that his co-workers did bribe doctors. During the prep session with the government before his grand jury testimony, he tells the prosecutors that the co-workers never bribed anyone. "
(28) "They whip out the 302, showing him that, 2 years ago, he said that they did. Mr. McKinley is now under incredible pressure to testify consistently with what was written in the 302 by Agent Starley, even if it is not correct. "
(29) "If he gives testimony different from what’s written in the 302, then Mr. McKinley opens himself up to a felony charge either for lying during the grand jury testimony (perjury) or making a false statement to the agent during the original interview."
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28 Nov 18
(1) Good Question Martin! But it requires some history & a bit of faith to answer fully imo...
Quotes from Wayne Madsen ;)
(2) Let's start with the facts *Q clearances are real & have been around since the (AEC) Atomic Energy Commission was founded in the U.S. in 1946. The Idea being to create a stringently vetted compartmentalized work force. See Image*
(3) Investigative journalists have been aware of "The Q Group" since at least 2009. "Q" Was initially used for targeting journalists & Ex-NSA agents adhering to FISA protocols who called out The Bush/Cheney Administration for the rumors and government process surrounding 9/11.
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