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21 Jun
NY niggas was right in hindsight but they went about it the wrong way..
Hip hop belongs to black America but it was fully birthed in NY and they wanted to gate keep you had to have lyrics to be respected as a pro.. but they went crazy and never gave props lol to anybody else
Which made Rappers from other regions become rebellious that once was trying to come with lyrics and trying to impress the Mecca almost be like fuck the west coast started doing their own thing and it actually sold more records cuz most fans was casuals and just like music
Nothing too complicated.. extreme fans like very lyrical artist the average rap fan never heard of big L or canibus that’s just the reality
The west coast artist said fuck tryna impress ny we’re doing us and then the south later did the same and the essence was gone plus with
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20 Jun
So we did a great thread on the destruction of the Black American woman’s public image..
I think it’s only right we build on the destruction of the black American man’s public image destruction
So this thread is titled
“The creation of the Thug”
Coming out of slavery in the late 1800s all black American men were finally able to find work in the society
This brought a new competition to poor Whites and middle class Whites Who now had to compete with the once enslaved group
The Klan is born 1865
Lynchings on the rise ImageImageImageImage
By 1914 lynchings decreased in the south
Until a new film came out in 1915
“Birth of a Nation”
This film was viewed at the White House and the President at the time loved it.. it portrayed black men as rapist thieves animals etc and the KKK as heros lynchings rose again
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11 Jun
I told y’all before the black American woman’s public image is ruined..
But how.? and who participated in the destruction?.. it Black Male actors that were paid to dress up like BW and paint them as ghetto stereotypes
Later came the black male rappers disrespecting the woman
Snoop walking 2 sisters on dog leashes down the red carpet at the VMAS..
Delores Tucker and others in the 90s was trying to correct blacks people’s public image in the early 90s because they seen it getting out of hand.. young black entertainers only saw the money though
In the 70s Blaxploitation films which showed black men pimping their women disrespecting and slapping their women selling them as prostitutes was the wave.. fun movies
But this was the start of the image destruction on a public scale
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10 Jun
We gotta understand that when we integrated into White schools the black curriculum left..the White curriculum stayed so we adopted their view on history their heroes their truths etc so you have to critical think our grandmas always said they was Indian I’m not denying Africa js
That it’s documented that the further you go back in our history the word “African American” gets further away it goes into “negro” “moor” etc describing your skin tone not a land mass like the place that was named “Africa” where they tell you all blacks had to origin from
My point is that
the history is indeed a mystery
We know for a fact that On every continent the further you go back the darker the people have gotten anthropology and archaeology proves this.. so that either means two things either the aboriginal ppl on every continent were dark
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