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2 Jul 20
For those who still don't understand @realDonaldTrump's appeal, I found the answer in an unexpected place today: a thesaurus.
I was searching for synonyms of "strategy." I was stunned by the words the site listed as its antonyms: "honesty" and "openness."
"Hmm. What's that about?" I wondered.

The Oxford definition of "strategy" is simply "a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim."

Why does this suggest dishonesty or lack of openness?
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18 Apr 20
I believe it is a sign of progress to use the gender-neutral #FloridaMorons rather than the sexist #FloridaMan.
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13 Apr 20
During #COVID19 I've been home-schooling my kids in #Europeanhistory. It's taught me a few lessons in #leadership. (1/5)
1. Innovation thrives in crisis. The #BlackDeath killed 60 percent of Europe’s population in the 14th century. But it directly led to innovations like humanist thinking, the middle class and the Reformation. Now is the time for leaders to demonstrate creativity, not panic. (2/5)
2. Challenge your beliefs. Did you know Napoleon wasn’t short? He was about average for his time. Too often as leaders, we believe the things we want to believe. It’s easier to exaggerate our competitors’ weaknesses, for example, than to be honest about our own. (3/5)
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9 Apr 20
OK, since I've pretty much finished 80% of the content on #Netflix, #PrimeVideo and #DisneyPlus (4 kids), I figured I'd take a break to share my all-time favorite movies about #publicrelations and #journalism. I hope it proves a worthy #bingewatch for you ...
Top 20 in reverse order, starting with No. 20 ...
#PhoneBooth (2003). An arrogant #PR guy spends an entire movie in a phone booth. Yes, I know there's no such thing as phone booths anymore. But if you're in PR and you're feeling a little claustrophobic these days, you'll relate.
19. #TheWizardofOz (1939). This foursome trudges all the way to Oz, kills the witch on wizard's orders, then finds out the wizard is a fraud. Somehow he recovers from this potentially career-ending discovery by giving his visitors a handful of trinkets and a speech. That's #PR.
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