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12 Jan
THREAD: A lot of my recent tweets about GenderGP have comments from people that think the Webberleys have moved their clinic to Spain. The truth is, unsurprisingly, a little more complex than that. Let me try and explain how the business works. 1/
The core business registration is based in Belize, in a trust that is safe from prying eyes. The Webberleys have yet to explicitly state they have sold the business, and no other owner has ever come forward. So I find the claim they are no longer the owners implausible. 2/
The claim that the clinic has been moved to Spain is false. Helen may have a business consultancy registered in Spain, but that registration is meaningless. That’s because there is no physical clinic anymore - it exists entirely on the internet. 3/
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10 Jan
THREAD: Marianne Oakes is the lead therapist at GenderGP and has been involved since at least 2017. A passionate advocate for transition, Marianne views those who criticise her work as hateful. It is, of course, not at all hateful to ask valid question such as the following...
1. What role does Marianne, a counsellor with no medical training, play at GenderGP in making recommendations about whether children should be prescribed puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones?
2. When conducting “information gathering sessions” with vulnerable children, does Marianne routinely ask her customers whether they have a history of poor mental health, self-harm or suicide attempts?
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9 Jan
1. More safeguarding failures at GenderGP. This incident concerned a boy aged under 17 who had previously attempted to commit suicide and who lived in a constant state of preparedness to make another attempt. #gendergp
2. GenderGP prescribed this suicidal boy testosterone after just one visit, with no parent present, which the boy paid for out of his pocket money. GenderGP either failed to ask the boy about any mental health conditions or disregarded them completely. #gendergp
3. Worse still, this was a child that was visibly depressed - flat, anxious, tearful - any clinician with a sense of professional curiosity ought to have spotted the visible symptoms and recognised that there was a serious issue. #gendergp
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29 Dec 20
THREAD: Since my recent tweets about GenderGP I've had several clinicians contact me with grave concerns around horrendous safeguarding failures with GenderGP's operation. I'm going to recount one here today. Others will follow. 1/5
Case one concerns a girl, aged 15, with a long history of repeated suicide attempts, some requiring hospitalisation. She identified as trans though her neither parents nor her clinician agreed, seeing instead a profoundly traumatised child. 2/5
This child, aged, 15, travelled to GenderGP in Wales. Without any consultation with CAMHS or GIDS ot he child's parents, GenderGP prescribed testosterone the same day. The child is now a young woman aged 18, identifying as a transman. 3/5
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10 Dec 20
THREAD: Still more digging into GenderGP's setup, and it just gets sleazier. To try and get to the bottom of what is happening in Belize, I hired a freelancer to look at a few things for me. This freelancer proved to be useful - it seems everyone knows everyone in Belize! 1/7
They took a look at 3301 Chetumal Street, GenderGP's 'office' in Belize City and registered office of Roton Executors, owners of Harland International and therefore GenderGP. Number 3301 doesn't exist. This place does though... 2/7
This is 3331 Chetumal Street. Just like 3301, it is home to hundreds and hundreds of limited companies. It is owned by Doug Singh, a local politician and businessman. Note the banner on the building for Zitro International. 3/7 Image
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8 Dec 20
Still more murkiness with GenderGP. When the parent company, Harland International, was set up in Hong Kong, it was incorporated with 1 HK dollar of capital. The director, Genevieve Pennill then transferred that share to another company, Roton Executors. 1/5
Roton Executors are based in Belize City, at 3301 Chetumal Street. This also happens to be the office of Spectrum Support Services Ltd, registered in Belize. This is also the contact address for Gender GP, and is listed as such on their website. 2/5
Spectrum Support Services Ltd is also listed as a director of Asaar Technology Limited, a company incorporated in 2018 with a registered address in Abergavenny. Mike Webberley is listed as a director, with Helen Webberley listed as a person with significant control. 3/5
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8 Dec 20
THREAD - some more digging into who owns GenderGP. Helen Webberley relinquished control of GenderGP Ltd on 5 April 2019. At the time she stated that she owned more than 75% of the company. At the same time something interesting happened. 1/7
Although the company nominated Lidia Palmero as director, it also nominated Genevieve Yolanda Pennill as someone with significant control of the company, specifically as someone who "has significant influence or control over the trustees of a trust". 2/7
The same arrangement exists for Online GP Services Ltd, with Helen relinquishing control on 5 April 2019 and Genevieve nominated as some with "significant influence or control over the trustees of a trust". Does this company provide the GP services for GenderGP? 3/7
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3 Dec 20
Who owns GenderGP, the online transgender affirmative care provider and prescriber of pubery blockers and cross-sex hormones to children and young people in the United Kingdom. This has become a highly pertinent question as doubtless many parents will be seeking their services. 1
GenderGP was founded by Dr Helen Webberley, a GP who was suspended by the GMC in 2018 for running an unlicensed clinic that gave hormones to children as young as 12. Helen moved her clinic to Malaga with her husband Dr Mike Webberley, who was also suspended by the GMC. 2
After this, things get murky. GenderGP claim that their business was acquired by Harland International, which claims to be "a global organisation providing advocacy services for LGBTQI people globally" and is incorporated in Hong Kong. 3
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27 Nov 20
One telling events from last night’s #LGBAlliance webinar points to an issue that gay men rarely discuss, but very much need to. I suspect in some small part it has fuelled the current erasure of homosexuality. 1/5
Simon Fanshawe asked the panel about the most gender non-conforming things they’ve ever done. Speaking to Malcolm he said “you’re quite butch, aren’t you?” In what I saw as a rather admiring way. And Malcolm is quite butch and that is a fine thing. 2/5
Moving on to Lachlan I detected a slight hesitance in Simon about how to say the bridge, I suspect because Lachlan is quite camp. Which is also a fine thing. But do we, as gay men, really value all presentations equally? 3/5
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