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15 Apr
RaTG13 suspiciously resembles a Live Attenuated Vaccine. Too suspiciously. If it was grown in a culture of bat cells, all the SRA anomalies would have been explained.
The poor viability in a bat (cooked in flight), the strange specifity for HEK293T (no other cell line support it, despite the same ACE2), identical hACE2/RaACE2 loc353-355 for 403,501 and 505, loss of integrin binding (nacessary for real virus) and even an entire SSRN article for
using it as a vaccine!
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11 Apr
Shi webinar: RaTG13 binding to both human and bat ACE2 is “weak”.
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10 Apr
@sriver32500052 @TheSeeker268 The ACE2 found in the SRA is Ra4331. This is actually 1AA different and had terrible binding efficiency. drive.google.com/file/d/1__C2Ug…
@sriver32500052 @TheSeeker268 It is not 9479. Also Ra9479 bind SARS-CoV most efficiently with very high binding affinity, comparable to human ACE2, binding to everything else is much reduced. Adaptation to Ra9479 will quickly wipe the D501 out and make it a T (as SARS-CoV) or a A (as in SHC014-CoV).
@sriver32500052 @TheSeeker268 blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Blast.cgi?CMD=…
It turned out that the ACE2 from the RaTG13 SRA (Ra4331) is actually 1AA different from the one used here (Ra9479), which confers a catastrophic effect on binding. Ra9479 is unsolicited as there exist no support for it's existence anywhere in SRA.
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10 Apr
@franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 It is actually a piece of damaged cDNA from the mine out of a later trip. You have to normalize and then Ra9479 only bind specifically to SARS-CoV. This mean that the RBD change of D501N and N501T should happen in rapid succession. H505Y and T403R following since T403 is Image
@franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 Never before seen in any Sarbecoviruses. It may be attenuation as the only cell line that can tolerate a T403 is from the kidneys. Kidneys are not a natural reservoir organ, and intestines had much reduced susceptibility compared to 293 with overexpressed ACE2. ImageImage
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10 Apr

The Spike associated with these sequences aren’t even functional. The 5’-UTR for RacCS203 got inverted(all at the dame site for all 5 sequences). Non-random error. Only happen with synthetic DNA.
The RmYN02 public SRA is a mess. Not much bat there. All human rRNA 3’-ETS.
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10 Apr
@gdemaneuf @ParkSuAm1996 archive.is/n1RwU




There are evidence that the WIV practiced making up metagenomes as early as in early 2018. See that MN611520.1. Claimed bat sample, identical virus found
@gdemaneuf @ParkSuAm1996 In maize without any bats.
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9 Apr
Illustrating the difference between (-)ssRNA and (+)ssRNA viruses.
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5 Apr
@pathogenetics @stgoldst @medpagetoday ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…

Serial passage of H5N1 and H7N1 flu in ferrets creates highly pathogenic strains that not only with increased virulence in ferrets, but also in humans. They are the reason why the initial GOF memoratorium was installed in the first
@pathogenetics @stgoldst @medpagetoday The only place where a virus is attenuated in passage is in embryonated chicken eggs or in cells left at room temperature (22C). In human cells at 37C there is no attenuation, nor there are any in live ferrets or any of the humanized animal models (hACE2 transgenic mice).
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5 Apr
@emmecola @bH2Omiamigo The 2 cases without market exposure with inset at 10/Dec/2019 are also redacted. Also it was well known that secondary bacterial infection was important for SARs-CoV-2 illness. Therefore, infection at 1 Dec 2019 can not be excluded. Importantly, nothing was mentioned in the
@emmecola @bH2Omiamigo WHO “report” about the case. sciencedirect.com/science/articl…


Secondary bacterial infection common in early patients and antibiotic treatment often improve the condition. BALF from Wuhan patients show high level of pathogenic bacteria.
@emmecola @bH2Omiamigo This suggest that antibiotic treatment may improve conditions and outcomes in many cases, especially with a long (often months) incubation period and high incidence of secondary bacterial infections. journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.11…
In the chaotic early days, Antibiotics are prescribed
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4 Apr
Immortalization efforts of pangolin cells (revealed by integration junctions of lentiviral transfer vectors) raise further concern about the legitimacy of new pangolin "skin" and "muscle" sequencing datasets coming from China.
concerns over tissue cultures being available from both pangolin species in China and Russia due to primary and immortalized cell isolation/production efforts within GIABR and PKU labs.
The only possible use of these celcultures are to fake virus samples.
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3 Apr

Dimerization dependent enzyme biosensor design based on split proteins with sterically hindered monomeric configurations—only become active when dimerized.
Protein with distant N and C termini is split on a surface loop and with the N and C termini directly joined. This forces the protein to adopt a dimeric configuration and causes it to only be active when being induced to dimerize. Inactive forms of the protein’s counterparts
Can be joined to a longer linker, which prevent the protein from being active unless the linker is cleaved. When the N and C terminus of the enzyme effector is too close to each other, the same surface loop is exploited, but with the fusion of the sensory domain in the middle.
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3 Apr
Entry to mine was refused since 2018 at 24/7. The mineshaft had built facilities surrounding it and that can’t be explained away by “elephants”. Elephants are near other caves and they never stopped a single PREDICT sampling.
“Wild elephants” never stopped a single sampling effort on the caves—Shi personally sampled the mineshaft for at least 3 times. Built facilities surrounds the mineshaft, regularly entered by CCP government personnel.
never a single effort--mind you--that 2019 sampling for RpYN06 in xi shuang ban na was right next to the highest historical elephant zones--on Sampling was ever stalled by "wild elephants"--the reporters were threatened with ARREST for going near the mineshaft.
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2 Apr
“(Individual number: L08) as a positive control”—and guess what L08 actually is—Human AND Mice!
L08: Lung08.
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2 Apr
@Ayjchan @PLOSPathogens archive.is/2Gv9L
Which also had disclosed metagenomic samples that were choke-full of humanized mice, and PCR samples with 3 rows on the plate being occupied by said fraudulent samples. Contaminated L07, humanized mouse GZ1-2 and human GZ5-2.
@Ayjchan @PLOSPathogens The DG14-3 sample is outright non-viable due to basic protein structure rule violation (Cys must be paired in extracellular proteins, including virion proteins, to make it stable in it’s native state. The DG14-3 NP had one extra unpaired Cys in the sequence which will crush the
@Ayjchan @PLOSPathogens Nucleocapsid like a tin can and shred the RNA like pulling apart a piece of cotton string as the virion buds and matures, inactivating it instantly.) In addition, all changes within these sequences are not found anywhere else indicating they are all non-permissive sites and are
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2 Apr
The WIBP never fully moved outside. Not only the dorms are left in place, but the several BSL-2 and BSL-1 just north of the demolition site were now in possession of multiple bioproduct, medicine and biotech research companies. Lenti is found in some of the early patients.
Commutation between the “new” WIBP research facility just next to the WIV BSL-4 and the dorms that were left in place is necessarily very high as the lab personnel have to go back to sleep every evening. In-lab infections don’t normally spread within labs due to the precautions
There, but they can easily spread once the PPE have been removed and they return to normal habitation when they come back. This potentially explain the near-regular “ferry line” of Coronaviruses (SRR5885860, SRR7896912) between the WIV and the HZAU (which is next to the BPI dorms
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1 Apr
On the elevated sensitivity of SARS-CoV-2 to Interferons..... SARS-CoV-2 was specifically highly sensitive to IFNB which is same in humans and pangolins, and the significantly suppressed IFN by SARS-CoV-2 was IFNA.
The only bad IFN in pangolins were IFNE, which is a skin specific interferon for defending against bacteria not viruses, and were ditched in pangolins due to their scales preventing scratches and therefore bacterial skin infections.

“We also examined other IFN families (IFNB, IFNK, IFNA, IFNG, and IFNL) and found that all families have intact gene copies in both pangolin species. “ there is only one IFNB Gene in humans which SARS-CoV-2 is exquisitely sensitive to—
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31 Mar
That Ra4331 is still just as bad as hACE2 in term of binding and entry for RaTG13--if not even weaker.
No change compared to the preprint version.
Why they NEVER placed that "RaACE2" with any OTHER animal ACE2 together? in fear of exposing themselves as
being completely fraudulent? (used hACE2 in place of Ra4331?) Remember SciBulletin(beijing) bungled with even basic publication before!
It used to be like this. All figures missing.
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31 Mar
@syaccoby @mlipsitch archive.is/TBikh
VNT and PRNT are acheivable by naive B cells and generic IgG. this mean that any kind of antibodies that was not found to be specific (for example, Corona_S2 which is a common protein motif in all class I
@syaccoby @mlipsitch viral fusion proteins) have no use as "evidence of infection". this is especially since the RacCS203 article admit that all their pangolin samples were negative for all Coronaviruses, including alleged "seropositivity".
@syaccoby @mlipsitch In deed, ACE2 binding of both SARS-CoV-2 S and pangolin-GD S are almost 10-fold weaker to pangolin ACE2 than to human ACE2, indicating that this clade is probably extremely poorly transmissible in pangolins, if possible at all in realistic concentrations
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30 Mar
Where are your PPE? ZLS LIED! ImageImageImage
"P4 lab"? They work with CoV in BSL-2! ImageImage
The grant states a study that start in 201901, but the Shi "WIV1 mouse" were an earlier project begun in 2018. ImageImage
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30 Mar
The Chinese national secret law prohibit the disclosure of the knowledge of existence for anything that is considered a state secret to any non-secret-related personnel. All records that may be disclosed to the WHO any outsider must be redacted such that
It looks like if none of the hidden research have ever existed before—removing all SARS-related research records. The WIV labs have not published any CoV related research since April 2019. Clearly something were being done and then redacted away.
The 1/12/2019 case and 2 cases in 10/12/2019 are absent in the WHO report. Early cases are being redacted.
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