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1 Oct 20
Look what longtime president of the California NAACP Alice Huffman is mailing to registered voters. A giant paid advertisement posing as a newspaper.
It's almost funny how three of these full-page ads feature photos of Huffman but only two are labeled as ads, despite the fact that Huffman is collecting cash from the corporate sponsors of all of them.
Know this about those not labeled as ads. Alice Huffman’s firm AC Public Affairs has been paid $590,000 so far by the No on Prop. 15 campaign and $280,000 by the No on Prop. 21 campaign. Also, the @CaliforniaNAACP endorses the $$ position on all four.
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28 Sep 20
A "leave of absence" until after the election, then it's all good again. It's not even clear in this brief statement what the problem was for them, any PAC, this PAC's mission, corporate donations? Or is it about avoiding embarrassing PR for five weeks?
eastbayforeveryone.org/2020/09/28/sta… ImageImage
YIMBY's are so disingenuous. East Bay for Everyone pretends they are distancing from the Lyft PAC today, reasons unclear, but the organization already endorsed Derreck Johnson. It's a shady shell game... Image
...financed with corporate money. EB4E made their own donation to the anti-Kaplan PAC but feign like they know nothing and don't share its goals. The other YIMBY groups involved are equally disingenuous. And, golly, the PAC will take the $$ but have no idea why Lyft donated. ImageImageImageImage
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26 Sep 20
I've suffered personal loss, so I wasn't going to say anything because different people need space to be able to grieve in their own ways. But McElhaney is using the deaths of her son and grandson as a major element of her campaign and I find that distasteful.
Mothers should never have to bury their children, so I didn't even mention that the lede in her first campaign mailer highlighted her loss.
I let it pass when I saw this article float by a few days ago.

McElhaney opens up about loss of queer son
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23 Sep 20
A lot of people are understandably worried about the upcoming presidential election and whether Trump might win or seize power. I'm thinking about the classic tension of the white moderate and how their strong inclination to favor order over justice could be a decisive factor.
While liberals are super vocal, even obnoxious, about their Resistance™ to Trump, that's limited to voting and playing within established rules. They'll likely be the first to drop the big talk and lie down should Trump actually try to seize total power.
It'll be the people more focused day to day on justice than order, those who care more about Black lives than broken windows, who are most likely to stand up, the same people liberals take great pleasure in deriding as responsible for the rise of Trump.
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19 Sep 20
Ruth Bader Ginsberg chose to go out in the worst possible way. She could have retired at, say, age 82, but she chose to remain and then pretends on her death bed anyone has a way to respect her final wish and wait until a new president is inaugurated. She knew better than that.
Democratic officials are quoting McConnell saying to wait for the next president before the Senate moves on the SCOTUS, when they vociferously opposed McConnell doing the same 4 years ago. The Constitution is clear, Presidents appoint and the Senate confirms. End of story.
Democrats are also falsely pushing voting as a remedy for this generational loss of the court. It's too late now for RGB's replacement. Voting this November will only play a role in future vacancies, if Democrats hold the White House and the Senate at the same time one opens.
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19 Sep 20
In other political news, apparently it's McElhaney day. The @OaklandPostNews has a big ol' photo of her on the front page with what's basically a press release. Guess it's a non-endorsement endorsement, with a brief mention of competitors and one paragraph on her corrupt ways. ImageImage
In the left column in this week's edition is an article on Sidebotham, no mention that she keeps running for council with no constituency behind her. The piece notes it's part of a series on the at-large seat also featuring Kaplan and Johnson. No such note on McElhaney piece.
Also today, the third 2020 political mailer I've received arrived from the McElhaney campaign. She's promoting herself as a Democratic machine consensus candidate for D3, despite her previous Republican registration. It's curious that the mailer doesn't list Schaaf's endorsement. ImageImage
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18 Sep 20
A friend in Oakland just told me about a call she felt was panic polling related to local races. They asked her what endorsements matter to her and read off a list of groups like OPOA, real estate associations, SEIU, etc. They asked if she was liberal or conservative.
Presumably, it's not the Alameda Labor Council PAC, because they are proud of labor support for @carroll_fife. I interpret the call as those working on behalf of McElhaney or Derreck Johnson, wondering if police and real estate endorsements are helpful.
I'm guessing this was the telephone poll my friend recieved. I suspected it was on behalf of McElhaney. Chamber of Commerce paid for it. Nice.
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14 Sep 20
God, I really don't want to be caught up in the middle of a hot or cold civil war, or a revolution, led by Joe Biden, Indivisible, and MoveOn.
"The progressive coalition Fight Back Table has been meeting to game out what happens if Joe Biden doesn’t win by a landslide. It’s not pretty."
Commenting on the above report, Roger Stone said this:
“If the Daily Beast is involved in provably seditious and illegal activities, their entire staff can be taken into custody and their office can be shut down. They wanna play war, this is war.”
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11 Sep 20
There are thousands of people living outside in Oakland now. @LibbySchaaf, you have emergency powers to commandeer motel rooms. Why are you doing nothing in this critical time? Why don't you care?

"Health warnings of emergency conditions if they are exposed for 24 hours." ImageImage
And it's not just the hills. West Oakland was reading as high as 317 AQI around 10pm tonight. It's been over 200 everywhere all day long. 100+ is common lately.

Throw open the windows in your house for a few days, if you are having a hard time empathizing, @LibbySchaaf.
Just do what's right, @LibbySchaaf.

It's a safe bet that hundreds of Oaklanders would step up to volunteer to help folks move if you dare be bold enough, humane enough, to secure rooms for everyone who wants one. The council will back you. Worry about longterm housing later.
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11 Sep 20
If I've said it once, I've said it a dozen times. When it comes to reopening businesses, there's little difference between Republicans and Democrats. Both push to reopen as much as possible as if the pandemic were over. Yet Democrats pretend they are so superior about it.
Here, some Gavin Newsom stan went on and on trying to tell me his guy used all the best science when he pushed to reopen California, even though their supposedly brilliant metrics completely neglected to include the rise in new cases in May and June.
"What, are we supposed to stay closed forever?" was the basic underlying argument.

Uh, yeah, as long as the pandemic is out of control, we need to be thinking long-term and big picture, not week to week and county by county.
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9 Sep 20
Brian Williams is awful. That's not news, but it needs to be called out. Here he concern trolls with supposed straight talk about that Pittsburgh diner #BlackLivesMatter protest.

"This is as intolerant as the worst of the right.... This is how Trump wins." @11thHour
Williams asks life-long Republican Steve Schmidt to advise "the left" on how to navigate these waters. @SteveSchmidtSES obliges. Williams and Schmidt need to take the names of MLK and John Lewis out of their mouths. Schmidt's hero John McCain voted repeatedly against MLK Day.
Steve Schmidt: "It fits into the propaganda that you see on the Trump-supporting right-wing networks."

Yeah, and so did Obama's tan suit and grey poupon. If everything "the left" did had to be pre-approved by racists, we'd still be living in the 19th century.
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9 Sep 20
Can't even tell the sun is long up in Oakland. Street lights are still on. We've gone from yesterday's amber throughout the entire day to a blood orange this morning. Image
Here's another shot from Oakland right now. Captures the reddish tint a little better.
Roommate says it's entirely apocalyptic outside. I can't disagree as it darkens to a grayish red now.
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5 Sep 20
Anybody heard anything about US Marshals arresting at least one person at their Oakland home today, related to a recent protest? I don't want to rumor monger on here, so if you don't know anything that's okay. If you do, DM me for signal info.
There was an arrest in Oakland today. I can't confirm anything else right now.
Confirmed US Marshals made a protest-related arrest at a home in Oakland around 3pm. He's at Santa Rita now. This information below was posted on facebook. I've known Forrest for over a decade and he's a smart, caring, and hard-working guy. Image
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4 Sep 20
The feds killed Michael Forest Reinoehl tonight. He told VICE news he shot the Patriot Prayer guy in Portland in self-defense. nytimes.com/2020/09/03/us/…
Apparently, he was killed in Tanglewilde, Washington, about 7pm PST, an hour before the VICE interview first aired. Witness reported hearing 30-40 shots fired.
He said lawyers recommended he not give such an interview. Wonder if he expected not to make it.
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3 Sep 20
Looking longer term, I think efforts to dismantle our prison industrial complex have to take into consideration what's known psychologically as the cycle of violence. Many children are damaged by abuse. Boys are more likely to become abusers as adults than are girls.
We need reparations for genocide and slavery, but also for racist crimes and land and wealth stolen since then, including the physical and psychological harms caused over the last 50 years from mass incarceration. We probably need ongoing truth and reconciliation hearings.
Like other countries that have dealt with genocides, this will have to be a generational effort, perhaps several generations. No quick fix. And special resources should be made available to those who have suffered the most mentally, to break the cycles of violence as best we can.
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2 Sep 20
The #AntifaPanic stories are ludicrous: “One had a tattoo that said Antifa America on his arm.” And Trump is repeating them.
The story is ludicrous
It's absurd on its face for Trump to assert that looters are flying around the country, but it's also highly impractical. Can you imagine the baggage fees?
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2 Sep 20
Joy Ann Reid is standing her ground. Those upset with her blatant islamophobia are engaged in "willful distortion." No apology here, or tune in to see an I'm sorry if you interpreted my comments as offensive non-apology. Using the scandal for a ratings boost? How Trumpian. Image
And there was no genuine apology. Joy Reid stuck to her defense that some criticism wasn't in good faith and brought on guests who said her comments were inelegant and hurtful but basically gave her a pass.
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31 Aug 20
Good thing #Kenosha cops let Rittenhouse walk right past them and cross state lines after he killed two and grievously injured a third. Extradition hearing delayed a month. His defense is going to use antiquated militia laws and every trick in the book.
If Rittenhouse gets away with a self-defense argument, every mass shooter in the future will use the same when bystanders attempting to stop them are also gunned down.
The NRA, which constantly says more "good guy" guns would stop shooters, won't care about the contradiction inherent with intervening bystanders being justifiably killed, because their only true principle is stirring up white fear to sell guns.
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31 Aug 20
Okay, how about some old-timey guitar songs?

The Clap, solo by Yes guitarist Steve Howe (1970) ♫
Embryonic Journey, solo by Jefferson Airplane guitarist Jorma Kaukonen (1966) ♫
Can't Find My Way Home, by Blind Faith with guitars by Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton (1969) ♫
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30 Aug 20
If liberals don't get their shit together and choose a side, the side they profess to be on, it won't be long before racists in pickup trucks move from paintballs and pepper spray to live ammo. And that's regardless of whoever wins this November.
Pusillanimous equivocation about "violence" on both sides, preoccupations with individuals looting, and overemphasis on peaceful protests, any rhetoric that centers order over justice, plays into right-wing law and order rhetoric, ironically paving the way for a Mad Max world.
Yet liberals see it as the exact opposite. They think they are preempting or blunting right-wing law and order narratives by punching left, that it's key to their electoral success, oblivious to the fact they've been complicit in the post-Civil Rights backlash for 50 years now.
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30 Aug 20
Police associations don't really care about crime, only fearmongering about crime to justify their existence and bloated budgets. If cops really had any significant effect on crime, they would have rendered themselves obsolete by now, according to their own self-justifications.
Think of how many cops, DAs, judges, prison guards, parole officers, and the rest have made a living (with sweet retirements) for half a century now fighting the War on Drugs, with little to no effect, contributing to an overall increase in usage and drug-related crimes.
We have scores of senior citizens in prison for no logical reason, people locked up for longer than the careers of those making a living locking them up. No other country dishes out the cruel lengthy sentences that America does, and our crime rates are higher than peer nations.
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