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17 Jun 20
As I said in the #ableg Leaders’ Debate (& many times before & since), this is pure, craven, cynical political theatre

Why? Because a referendum has absolutely *NO* power to change anything

Equalization is in our Constitution—It cannot be changed by 1 province or its referendum
Premier @jKenney likes to act the strongman—he likes to play the part of someone doing something

And he likes to take advantage of ordinary citizens’ lack of knowledge about how complex changing the Constitution is

The sad part is he knows this, but persists with this BS anyway
We have a workable plan to make equalization fairer for all non-renewable resource provinces. It means negotiating treatment of royalties in the same way as hydro revenues in the formula. OR creating a Crown Corp to shield royalties
See p13 of our platform
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3 Jun 20
One of the most odious aspects of Mr @jkenney's draconian, authoritarian #Bill1 (Critical Infrastructure Defence Act) is it criminalizes peaceful public protests/marches down city streets–like the #BLM protests in #YYC yesterday
I explain how dangerous this is below– #THREAD 1/12
#Bill1 defines as "essential infrastructure" a highway as defined in the Traffic Safety Act––thoroughfare, street, road, trail, avenue, parkway, driveway, viaduct, lane, alley, square, bridge, causeway, trestleway [public or private, incl *SIDEWALKS*, ditches, ROWs]

#ableg 2/12
#Bill1 also defines as "essential infrastructure" a prov'l highway, transport. facility, transport. system or urban rail transit system as defined in the Hwys Devel'pmnt & Protection Act––which is also incredibly broad & includes *anything* Cabinet designates as such!
#ableg 3/12
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3 May 20
Here’s a tweet from our Ag Minister @DevinDVote bragging about assuring the safety of workers at the Cargill plant, just a few weeks ago, when the problem was becoming apparent.

He is now proudly overseeing the *LARGEST* single outbreak IN NORTH AMERICA.

“Directly communicated with workers to reassure them that their worksite is safe”

Some reassurance. 2 days before, on “Apr 16, there were 38 confirmed cases & by May 1 there were 921—almost half the entire workforce of 2,000 & 23.5% of AB’s total cases”

“The pres of the Can Labour Congress said Cargill & the prov govt must both bear responsibility for the outbreak. Hassan Yussuff said it “boggles the mind” that JBS continues to operate its Brooks facility, despite the rising number of infected workers”

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19 Apr 20
THREAD—Prem @jkenney—did you give away our good Edmonton Pri-MED masks, leaving Albertans faulty stock from non-traditional Chinese supplier Vanch?

It appears from my research you did—to create good PR for you (w/ FB ads), but endangering Albertans
Here's a glossy promotional video and screenshots of Premier Kenney, with boxes of the known, respected, *good quality* Edmonton-made Pri-MED masks behind him (& magnified) & a box in the video, along with a screenshot from an auction website


Here's another promo vid of Mr Kenney walking around w/ the good Pri-MED masks he donated—leaving Albertans stuck w/ what surgeon Mike Chatenay said were "new masks of substandard quality—which has him worried about other supplies Alta is procuring"


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2 Apr 19
I don’t usually comment extensively on other parties’ policies, but this Alberta Party policy is so full of gobbledygook, irresponsible & dangerous, & shows a real lack of understanding of how our country works, & even common sense!
#ableg #abpoli #abvote

“It will also give the provincial government more tax policy flexibility, enabling it to pursue creative tax credits and incentives.”

We already have the power to write all our tax policy. The federal Govt only collects personal income taxes to save us money on the bureaucracy.
“The move will put approximately $11 billion back under direct Alberta control, which can pay for schools, hospitals & other provincial services...”

This is intentionally misleading and dangerous rhetoric. All $11 billion IS controlled & spent by Alberta. This isn’t “new” money.
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