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10 Oct
"Love me, I'm a Liberal", Phil Ochs (1966)

*Except these days, they're far more than "10 degrees to the right of center if it affects them personally"
"totalitarian systems...represent a kind of collective psychosis ... reason and common human decency are no longer possible ... There is only a ... projection of the enemy imagined to be 'in our midst'. Thus society turns on itself"

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29 Sep
"The oligarchs from the establishment Republican Party [e.g., Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, George and Jeb Bush] have joined forces with the oligarchs in the Democratic Party to defy the autocrats in the new Republican Party who have coalesced in cult-like fashion around Donald Trump" Image
"The liberal class, fearing autocracy, has thrown in its lot with the oligarchs, discrediting and rendering impotent the causes and issues it claims to champion.
"Oligarchies, which spew saccharine pieties and platitudes, engage in lies that are often far more destructive to the public than the lies of a narcissist autocrat."
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7 Sep
"informational flooding, well known to experts in the science of internet propaganda"
"The fact that Ivermectin is so much SAFER than over-the-counter Tylenol should make you wonder exactly why these articles made the news. The reason is simple. Pfizer and Merck are getting ready to launch expensive new anti-viral pills"
"Merck, more than anyone, knows Ivermectin to be safe as they developed this drug and used it in over three billion doses IN HUMANS in the Mectizan Program to eradicate River Blindness ... Merck sold us out for precisely 1.2 billion pieces of silver."
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29 Aug
#MassPsychosis: "An epidemic of madness that occurs when a large portion of society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions ... the individuals who make up the infected society...become more unreasonable, irresponsible, emotional, erratic, and unreliable"
"A psychotic break is not a descent into a state of greater disorder, as many believe, but a reordering of one's experiential world which blends fact and fiction, or delusions and reality, in a way that helps end the feelings of panic ...at the cost of losing touch with reality."
"totalitarian systems...represent a kind of collective psychosis ... reason and common human decency are no longer possible ... There is only a pervasive atmosphere of terror and a projection of the enemy imagined to be 'in our midst'. Thus society turns on itself"
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18 Aug
"Empires at the end are collective suicide machines."
"The military becomes in late empire unmanageable, unaccountable, and endlessly self-perpetuating, no matter how many fiascos, blunders and defeats it visits upon the carcass of the nation, or how much money it plunders"
"Nearly all the roughly 70 empires during the last four thousand years, including the Greek, Roman, Chinese, Ottoman, Hapsburg, imperial German, imperial Japanese, British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Soviet empires, collapsed in the same orgy of military folly."
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12 Aug
@GVDBossche Herd immunity is not happening with these vaccines, even the "experts" now admit.

Instead, herd mentality appears to be leading to a thinning of the herd: "natural selection of individuals capable of resisting C-19 disease" ImageImage
@GVDBossche #SouthKorea: "a rise in so-called “silent spreaders” within communities such as workplaces, indoor gyms, churches and nursing homes, leading to an increase in infections of unknown origin"

scmp.com/news/asia/arti… Image
@GVDBossche "our data indicate that Delta variants are especially well recognized by infection enhancing antibodies targeting the NTD, the possibility of ADE should be further investigated as it may represent a potential risk for mass vaccination during the current Delta variant pandemic." Image
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12 Aug
I really want @GVDBossche's hypothesis to be wrong. Immune escape variants with full resistance to the vaccines would be disastrous.

But I have yet to see evidence that disproves this hypothesis. Not smears. Not ad hominem attacks. Not straw-man arguments. Actual evidence.
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8 Aug
@GVDBossche "A new study has found that fully vaccinated people have their risk of infection from the COVID-19 Delta variant reduced by 50-60%."

businessinsider.com/covid-19-2-vac… Image
@GVDBossche "The COVID-19 delta variant is driving up infections among children in California and across the country, many of whom are too young to be vaccinated against the disease, just as they prepare to head back to classrooms this month."

mercurynews.com/2021/08/08/del… Image
@GVDBossche "Covid infection rates among kids have risen and children’s hospitals are seeing a spike in medical care needs among the young patients"

nbcnews.com/news/us-news/k… Image
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7 Aug
@mestumpf @globalhlthtwit @NafeezAhmed A lot to unwind in just a few short tweets, but it's a Saturday morning and I have nothing better I'd like to do, so here's a ludicrously long reply:

@mestumpf @globalhlthtwit @NafeezAhmed ADE is a plausible & potentially disastrous risk, regardless of whether or not it in practice can be treated, e.g., as you suggest. I have not seen evidence supporting the assertion that it can, by the way, so please send if you have it. I'm eager to learn more.

@mestumpf @globalhlthtwit @NafeezAhmed In any case, to dismiss the risk of ADE out of hand, and without evidence, and to consider only the apparent (& illusory) benefits of vaccination while ignoring the real and potentially disastrous risks to humanity, seems to me not just in error but reckless.

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3 Aug
"If the mainstream view on Covid vaccines is wrong, it will not be overthrown by science alone. The pro-vaccine camp has a powerful nonscientific ally in the collective id, expressed through various mechanisms of ostracism, shaming, and other social and economic pressure."
"The mechanisms that generate the illusion of unanimity operate within science, medicine, and journalism as well as among the general public ... Those who voice dissent publicly become radioactive. The consequences of their apostasy ...serve to silence other potential dissidents"
"In any society some people are especially zealous in enforcing group norms, values, rituals, and taboos ... when corrupt forces hijack the norms through propaganda and the control of information, these good folks can become instruments of totalitarian control."
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2 Aug
@GVDBossche "Conducting a mass vaccination experiment ... without understanding the mechanisms underlying viral escape from vaccine-mediated selection pressure is not only a colossal scientific blunder but ...completely irresponsible from the perspective of individual & public health ethics"
@GVDBossche "increasingly obvious that Sars-CoV-2 immune escape variants are adapting to rising population immunity and improving on transmissibility by stepwise acquisition of new mutations" Image
"vaccinated people are far more prone to breeding viral immune escape variants than non-vaccinated naturally infected individuals"

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24 Jul
"#TheBanalityOfEvil is the idea that evil does not have the Satan-like, villainous appearance we might typically associate it with. Rather, evil is perpetuated when immoral principles become normalized over time by unthinking people."

philosophybreak.com/articles/hanna… Image

"... Evil becomes commonplace; it becomes the everyday. Ordinary people — going about their everyday lives — become complicit actors in systems that perpetuate evil."

philosophybreak.com/articles/hanna… Image
"the crimes of Nazi Germany were not the responsibility of a handful of purely evil men. Those men kickstarted it, but society enabled it: a lack of critical thinking, a desensitization, a human susceptibility to totalitarianism — this is what led to the murder of millions."
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23 Jul
“the vaccine is less effective in preventing transmission, but ... still very effective in preventing hospitalization and severe cases”

It's hard to see how the vaccines can actually end the pandemic if they're driving the evolution of resistant variants. Image
#Israel, July 23: "The Health Ministry reported a rise in serious coronavirus cases on Friday"

@GVDBossche, April 28: "It's just a matter of weeks for a surge in Israel to occur due to resistance of the virus to vaccinal antibodies in vaccines" Image
@GVDBossche Provincetown, #Massachussetts: "a cluster of Covid-19 cases ...following the July 4th weekend ...two-thirds or more of these positive cases are people fully vaccinated"

Also Provincetown: "the highest vaccination rate in the state"
masslive.com/capecod/2021/0… ImageImage
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23 Jul
"We've arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology. This combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, is gonna blow up in our faces." —Carl Sagan, May 27th, 1996
"Burn her anyway!"
"...when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowingly question those in authority ...our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good & what is true, we slide, almost without noticing, back into superstition and darkness"
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22 Jul
"According to federal health officials, 99.5% of deaths from Covid-19 are now among the unvaccinated. That is a real testament to the power of the vaccines."

I'd say it's a real testament to the power of propaganda.
“The takeaway message remains, if you’re vaccinated, you are protected. You are not going to end up with severe disease, hospitalization or death.”—@celinegounder

"You cannot prove a vague theory wrong" —Richard Feynman Image
-75% of Covid infections are in vaccinated people.
-75% of the population is vaccinated.
-The vaccines were claimed to have 94%-95% efficacy.

I guess that's just how math works? 🤔

Anyway, obviously #VaccinesWork! 🤪
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17 Jul
@PierreKory In a sane society "this would be front-page news in every paper around the world ... and yet today you hear nothing ... This is a profoundly practice-changing, pandemic-changing paper, which is unassailable."


"Covid is a treatable disease ... worldwide, the system is pretending as if it's not treatable ... and therefore you absolutely need to be vaccinated for it. That's not true."


"This is an extremely safe drug. So even if you think the evidence is ambiguous, the possibility that [ivermectin] is useful ... & [is simultaneously] being blocked from discussion, from sourcing & from administration is a strange and...inexplicable fact"
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13 Jul
@GVDBossche "Initially ... new virus variants will mainly affect the [unvaccinated] ... [but] variants will eventually arise against which vaccines will no longer offer any protection. And from that moment on, vaccinated people will also be able to get sick."

overnu.nl/anatomie-van-e… Image
@GVDBossche "Central to Vanden Bossche's theories is the growing group of vaccinated people who can still become infected with the virus unnoticed and also transmit it. These people act like walking virology labs" Image
@GVDBossche "Herd immunity occurs when most of a population is immune to an infectious disease and thereby provides indirect protection to those who are not immune to the disease."
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10 Jul
"#SouthKorea posted its highest-ever number of new daily COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said on Saturday, the third consecutive day of record highs in new infection cases."

reuters.com/world/asia-pac… Image
#USA: "Twenty-four states have seen an uptick of at least 10% in Covid-19 cases over the past week"

axios.com/covid-surge-us… Image
"#Russia on Saturday reported 752 coronavirus-related deaths, the most confirmed in a single day since the pandemic began"

reuters.com/world/russia-r… Image
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7 Jul
"#Turkmenistan’s healthcare ministry said on Wednesday it was making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for all residents aged 18 and over as the former Soviet region of Central Asia reported a fresh spike in new cases."

reuters.com/article/us-hea… Image
"None of this was supported by the science. None of this was supported by the clinical trials ... The science is not strong enough to support the [vaccine] mandates"

Fauci "thinks it's a good idea for mandates at the local level"

"These vaccines are as good as officially approved with all the I's dotted and T's crossed"

(Or did they dot the T's and cross the I's?)

cnn.com/2021/07/12/hea… Image
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6 Jul
"Why is there a surge in infections?"

"Because not enough people are vaccinated!!!"


"Why are most infections in vaccinated people?"

"Because most people are vaccinated!!!"

🤔 ImageImage
"the figures so far offer reassurance that vaccines offer substantial protection against the [#DeltaVariant]"

"The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” —Bertrand Russell, 1933
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5 Jul
New in Science: "ultrapotent anti-severe ... (SARS-CoV-2) antibodies from convalescent donors [who had natural infections]. The antibodies are capable of neutralizing a wide range of SARS-CoV-2 variants even at sub-nanomolar concentrations"

news-medical.net/news/20210705/… Image
"the overall estimated level of protection from prior SARS-CoV-2 infection for documented infection is 94·8%; hospitalization 94·1%; and severe illness 96·4%. Our results question the need to vaccinate previously-infected individuals"
"Is it better to achieve immunity [by] contracting Covid-19, or through vaccination?" —@_taylorhudak

"Natural immunity is far better that vaccinated immunity, there's no question about it." —Dr. Peter McCullough

full interview on odysee: odysee.com/@TLAVagabond:5…
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