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🇮🇳 MBBS, MD #Psychiatry and a story teller Currently working as Senior Resident at GMC Surat. #medtwitter #mentalhealth If you are here do read my blogs. 👇
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2 Nov
This is an appreciation post for @RailMinIndia @IRCTCofficial @irctcwestzone
This is not a BJP vs Congress post.
This is a common man vs Consistently inefficient service provider post.
Please read and share.
May be @AshwiniVaishnaw sir might take some corrective measures.
Today happens to be my father's 60th birthday and also Dhanteras.
I was excited to go home(Vadodara) for the short trip. Planned to go home for Puja and dinner with my Baba and return tomorrow morning for the OPD in Surat. I had confirmed my bookings long back. 2/n
When I reached the station, these were the scenes.
Got to know that all trains from Mumbai were delayed. I waited for 30 minutes patiently in a tiny corner of the station where I had just enough space to breathe. There was absolute chaos at the station. 3/n
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1 Nov
Giving excuses of bubble fatigue is total bullshit.
If you really were fatigued you should have made yourself non available for IPL/Worldcup depending on what you prioritise.
There are so many budding cricketers in India who would be willing to give their blood, sweat and tears to live in this bubble. +
While everyone is busy criticising Kohli and richly so please understand that team selection, strategy is not just captain's job but that's why you have coaches and mentors for.
Just because MSD was the mentor you won't accept that India lost both on and off the field? +
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13 Oct
Since #HouseofSecrets #HouseofSecretsTheBurariDeaths is trending on @NetflixIndia, it's a good time to talk about #SharedPsychoticdisorder
It is an uncommon mental disorder characterized by sharing a specific delusion among 2 or more people who are in a close relationship. 1/n
First things first.
➡️What is a delusion?
"A delusion is a false, firm, fixed, unshakeable belief which is not in keeping with social, educational background and which persists despite obvious proof or evidence to the contrary."
Delusions could involve themes like persecution, infidelity, grandiosity, erotomania, somatic/bodily delusions etc to name a few. 3/n
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11 Oct
A thread on where RCB lost it this season.
1. In trying to get the maximum out of Maxwell they kept pushing AB back. Clearly, AB is at his best after he has played 20 odd balls. Rarely got an opportunity to settle in.
2. Devdutt Paddikal needed to up his game but it continued to go downhill in the UAE leg. Still young but a long way to go for him and a lot of competition with the likes of Ruturaj, Venkatesh Iyer coming good this season.
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10 Oct
The World Health Organization defines health as, "A state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity."
➡️Mental health exists on a continuum from being mentally healthy with normal functioning where the person's biology is in harmony with environment and is able to live and work happily without much distress to being mentally ill wherein the person has a diagnosable disorder 2/n Image
➡️What are mental health disorders?

For understanding we can classify the mental health disorders as
P.S. Neurotic illnesses includes Depression, OCD, Anxiety spectrum disorders, etc.
Psychotic disorders include Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, etc.
3/n Image
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6 Oct
Ajay, 28, is a software engineer working from home since last one year. Over the last few months he has been having difficulty sleeping, wakes up late in the morning and then hurriedly sits in front of the laptop slogging all day and ending up emotionally fatigued at the end. 1/n
He becomes very irritable when his girl friend calls him and often ends up arguing with her. He has been unable to finish tasks given to him and has found his productivity decreasing over the last few months. 2/n
His solution to this has been to put in more hours in work and he can be often seen working on his laptop till late at night trying to meet one deadline after another. 3/n
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4 Oct
There's a section which wants Aryan Khan and his father to perhaps be hanged/ given a life sentence.
And then there's a section which wants to ignore the news saying, "It's just few mg/ Aryan is still a kid!"
Reality lies somewhere between the 2 narratives.
But it cannot be denied that drug addiction has become a major problem with the young generation. Just look around you. In schools, colleges and hostels, we all know youngsters consuming substances depending on the availability and cultural acceptance. 2/n
So, in a rural school in Saurashtra you will find an 8th grader with "Mava"(tobacco) in his mouth, in a tier 2 city like Vadodara he/she will be using "weed"(marijuana) and in a posh tier 1 city school he/she will be using "stickers"(LSD) 3/n
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5 Sep
The familiar term “Alzheimer’s disease” was coined by Emil Kraepelin to honour his pupil, Alois Alzheimer.
While there are many great teachers like Kreapelin who like to credit their juniors there are unfortunately a huge number of people both in government and private sector in India who are so busy feeding their narcissistic egos that their need for one upmanship never stops. 2/n
They want to hog the limelight alone and be the centre of all attention.
They will never mention even the names of their subordinates/ colleagues in public.
Be aware of them.
And just pray to the higher powers that we don't end up becoming like them.
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1 Aug
I just hope our men's hockey team has good support staff to look after their mental well being leading up to the Semi Finals. Till now they have played with nothing to lose. Now they will play with an entire nation glued to them. Wish them all the strength! 1/n
Chances are that still an average sports watcher will not be able to name more than 5 players of this team but now they have an opportunity to become household names. The pressure can be tremendous. 2/n
"Take this as just another game, boys" I know it's cliched but they will have to find ways to somehow maintain their equanimity. Remember the Yerkes Dodson law. If all our players can somehow find themselves in the middle of this curve, they will give their best!
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22 Jul
A father in his 60s came to our OPD in the morning with his 30 year old son.
The father looked visibly distressed and tired.
I offered him a seat. 1/n
I asked him the reason for his visit. He told it was for his 30 year old son. As is the norm, we generally interact with the patient first to establish the rapport. 2/n
I asked the patient if he was willing to talk to me and if he would be comfortable talking alone or in presence of his father. I got no replies. I waited for a few moments. No replies again. He was seen muttering something in faint voice.3/n
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31 May
Today is #WorldNoTobaccoDay
Having had the privilege of working in a deaddiction set up as a part of my residency, I would like to reiterate even if it sounds cliché -
Tobacco is the single biggest enemy of the country and tough one to get rid of. 1/n
It's important to realize that addiction is disorder with deeply rooted neurobiological and psychosocial implications.
It messes up our reward pathways and makes us a slave.
"It's not you who is smoking the cigarette, it's the cigarette that's smoking you." 2/n
Practically any person who can read knows about the major side effects of smoking. But let's revise.
Btw, did you know smoking can even cause erectile dysfunction? Not cool, right? 😉 3/n
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27 May
19 ways to take care of your mental health during COVID 19 pandemic. A thread 1/n
1. Accept and talk it out.
If you feel stressed, acknowledge it, accept it and talk with someone you trust. 2/n
2.Use Decision tree.
If you are worried about something, use this decision tree to understand whether your worry is real or hypothetical/imaginary.
If its hypothetical, then ignore it or use distraction techniques. If its real, try to use problem solving skills. 3/n
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24 May
A thread to understand the basics.
The word "#Schizophrenia" was coined by the Swiss psychiatrist and eugenicist Eugen Bleuler in 1908, and was intended to describe the separation of function between personality, thinking, memory, and perception.
Let us understand the symptoms.
Delusions involve a firm, fixed, unshakeable belief which is not in keeping with the person's sociocultural setting and not amenable to reasoning
Hallucinations involve perception in the absence of a stimulus
Apart from that, there are disturbances in-
Language and speech processing
Auditory perception
Social interaction
Higher-order cognitive functions like decision-making, evaluating, brainstorming, and learning.
In short there are 5 major symptom domains-
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11 May

It's now a part of my routine to regularly watch the sunset whenever I don't have an afternoon shift duty. 1/n
Switch off the Wi-Fi/ turn off your notifications, and just observe and absorb the sound of the birds, the cool breeze and the mesmerizing colours on the canvas of the sky. And you have a wonderful mindfulness session. 2/n
For people who are stuck at homes and feeling anxious, don't underestimate the healing power of nature. That tiny window in your room is calling you. Be there this evening. 😊 3/n
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9 May
Many a times we don't appreciate small acts/gestures because we overvalue our work.
But in reality in a team set up, small acts are the big ones like the intern and final year student in my ward who helped feed many patients on night duty. 1/n
What is it that stops us from appreciating small acts of kindness/empathy? If Lord Rama could be so pleased with a squirrel's contribution, then why should we be so fastidious? 2/n
My suggestion in public interest is to practice the art of gratitude. And no better time to do this than in the middle of a pandemic.
Be thankful to people rather than demeaning them. Bahut sare Kabir Singh dekhe hai jo iss hi arrogance se kabhi Upar nahi uth paaye! 3/n
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8 May
A new short story from my side. Long thread hopefully it will be worth your time. Here we go.
@HaryaxPathak @NimbalkarSays @RibsGully @naveenthacker @shreya__kataria @raval_atri @pankti4299 @AjbaniAnkush @Shivamda @TheBaileyLover @BBCNews @BhumikaShah7 1/n
It's 1 AM. Usually at this time you can still find many people enjoying the sea breeze at one of the most iconic locations of Mumbai -Marine drive. But there's nothing usual now. Due to the night curfew, the city seems silent. But it's really not asleep.
Inside many cramped up houses there are people struggling to breathe and just across the street there's a lot of frenzy.There are a couple of ambulances waiting to enter the 8 storeyed Cardiac research building which has been converted entirely into COVID hospital. 3/n
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2 May
He is just 48 years of age; father of two boys aged 12 and 16 respectively ; the only breadwinner of the middle class family. His entire family of four tested positive around 10 days ago.
He and his wife had to get admitted as their spo2 dropped to 90 suddenly on day 3. 1/n
The hospital stay was uneventful for him except that he got to know he was suffering from an undiagnosed Diabetes. They received the necessary doses of steroids and Remdesivir which definitely saved their life.
Gradually he got better and was discharged after 5 days. His wife though experienced severe weakness and couldn't get up from the bed. Her spo2 remained around 92 at best. She is still in the hospital.
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29 Apr
Long thread alert.
When it comes to Modi ji, because of his strong narcissism, he tries to steal credit for things which are not his creation.
For eg, initial part of vaccine hesitancy was because BJP tried to portray COVAXIN and COVISHIELD as if they were its own creation 1/n
It should have brought the scientists more to the limelight instead of posting photos of Modi over anything related to vaccines.
Many people who don't like him were obviously going to refuse the "vaccines made by BJP".
Our health minister kept promoting Baba Ramdev's jadibutti and keeps neglecting plight of resident doctors and doesn't take any strict action against people who inflict violence on doctors.
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28 Apr
Was in the middle of a webinar with @ProfSomashekhar @HaryaxPathak @AlishaAkhani @pankti4299 @iamcrazybunny when I had to urgently go and attend a psychiatry reference in emergency. 1/n
A young female in her 30s had ingested mosquito kill poison and was rushed to emergency. She was not feeling well since last 3 weeks with complaints of crying spells, sleep disturbance and sadness of mood. This was also corroborated by the husband. 2/n
Upon taking the history I found the major stressor to be the fact that the couple were not able to repay Rs 30,000 they had taken on loan from Mr X. Now this Mr X was regularly harassing them over phone and demanding his money. 3/n
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25 Apr
My 3rd night duty of the week and my 7th after the start of 2nd wave. On night duties I double up as doctor and a watchman constantly keeping an eye on the patients who negligently remove their NRBM masks. 1/n
Sometimes I can imagine how Yamraj must be taking a walk around the hospital too at night finding his next prey. I try to be as vigilant as possible, trying desperately hard to let him go empty at least from my ward. 2/n
But despite trying my best there will be one or two who will remove their masks and deteriorate and Yamraj will have the last laugh. These kind of deaths are the ones most difficult to accept. 3/n
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24 Apr
It's the birthday of the best batsman ever @sachin.
I don't know how dull my life would be without sports. @bhogleharsha had once said sports is different from other forms of entertainment because it's not an escape from reality but into reality. 1/n
Many people are questioning about the luxury filled, bubbled up lives of cricketers playing IPL at a time when India is going through the most terrible crisis. It does feel IPL today is cut off from the reality around us. 2/n
But I firmly believe we need the IPL. It provides livelihood to many many people right from groundsmen to advertising guys to physios to sports writers, etc. It's one of India's biggest original brand and we should be proud of it. 3/n
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