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6 Jun 20
Under Construction or Approved Dams Compilation.

1. 1124 MW Kohala Dam Project 39.7 Thousand acre ft reservoir approved (CPEC) completion 2025-26

2. 800 MW Mohmand Dam Project 1.239 MAF Reservoir Under Construction completion 2024-25
3. 4500 MW Bhasha Dam Project 6.70 MAF Reservoir Approved Construction starting soon completion 2028

4. 4320 MW Dasu Dam Project 1. 410 MAF Reservoir Under Construction Phase 1 completion 2024 Phase 2 completion 2027

5. 640 MW Mahl Hydropower Project (CPEC) Launched
6. 884 MW Suki Kinari Hydropower Project Under Construction (CPEC) Completion 2022-23 Reservoir Length 3.7 KM

7. 12 MW Murunj Dam 0.8 MAF Reservoir PC-1 Tender and Feasibility study Approved
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1 Feb 20
Regal Motors Launches Prince Pearl With price Tag of 1,049,000 PKR.

The hatchback that everyone was waiting for has finally been launched.

Yesterday Pearl was officially launched by DFSK in Lahore.
Body Type 5-door hatchback
Vehicle Dimensions
(L*W*H): 3610*1570*1490 mm
Wheelbase: 2175 mm
Type: OHC, Water Cooled EFI
No. of cylinders: In-line-3
Displacement: 796cc, 40 HP
Torque: 60.5 Nm
Transmission Type: Manual, 4 forward, 1 reverse
Front: McPherson
Rear: Arm Coil Spring
Braking System
Front: Disc
Rear: Drum
Fuel Tank: 27L

These features will be standard in Pearl & you won’t have to pay an additional price for them

Power windows
Power steering
Central locking with child lock and glowing buttons
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4 Dec 19
23 sites identified to boost tourism in #Punjab

Study commissioned by World Bank has identified 23 selected tourist sites across province of Punjab to delineate engagement of youth & women in tourism sector who remain under-represented in economic activities & policy thinking.
The World Bank has been engaged by the Punjab government to provide technical and financial assistance in catalysing tourism’s growth multiplier in the province. This support has been launched through the bank-assisted Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth project.
Identified sites were:

1. Derawar Fort #Bahawalpur
2. Shrine of Hazrat Syed Ahmed Sultan Sakhi Sarwar #DGKhan
3. Fort Munro #DGKhan
4. Tombs of Shah Rukne Alam
5. Shah Shams & Mai Maharban #Multan
6. #Harappa #Sahiwal
7. Shrine of Hazrat Baba Haji Sher Chawli Mashaikh #Vehari
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7 Nov 19
Pakistan settles Soviet-era trade dispute with Russia clearing way for an $8 Billion investment.

Islamabad has finally decided to sign deal with Moscow to settle a 39-year old exporters claims case pending since disintegration paving way for Russia to invest over $8 billion
Pakistani govt has authorised its ambassador to Russia to sign deal Under agreement Pakistani govt will return $93.5 million to Russia within 90 days of signing & clear pending exporters claims to tune of $23.8 million as per settlement agreements reached on Oct 2016 & Dec 2017
Efforts to sign deal with Russia were kicked off by previous govt of PML-N & incumbent regime has decided to execute it

Moscow has conveyed to Islamabad that it would invest $8 billion in Pakistan’s energy sector & Pakistan Steel Mills.
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27 Oct 19
#Lahore is Getting a #Tram Service Soon

Citizens of Lahore are getting modern-day tram service soon based on famous British-era tram service

#Punjab has inked an agreement with #CRSC Chinese company specializing in rail transportation & Inkon Group of the #CzechRepublic
The development of the project is divided into several phases. In the first phase, a 35 km track will be constructed on Canal Road, Lahore. Up to 50 trams will run on this track. Once operational, the trams will be able to carry 35,000 passengers in 1 hour.
The trams will be powered through electricity and batteries. A single tram will have a service life of around 40 years. 2 tram depots will be constructed at different locations as well.
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12 Dec 18
#CAA Issues Rules for Bringing Phones to #Pakistan

Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has officially announced the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for bringing phones to Pakistan. These rules are applicable to traveling individuals & do not apply to usual trade channels.
Rules & tariffs are also available on Customs desks at International Arrival terminals across Pakistan

One phone can be registered without any duty
Phones on roaming do not have to be registered & you won’t need to pay duty on them
Any phones being used in Pakistan for less than 30 days don’t need to be registered and are free from duty and taxes.
Any phones used or activated in Pakistan before 1st December 2018 are also free from duty and don’t need to be registered.
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