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This nobody watches many! Here to guide/ educate! Love thy neighbor! No lists, or trains please!
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15 Apr 20
To my fellow Americans

Have you had enough taste of what would have happened on a much larger scale,if HRC had won?

We all are responsible for the state of our nation.

We forgot how to DIRECTour Public Servants!

They have preyed upon US all for far, too long!
They have kept US all in the dark about what [they] have been doing, while [they] keep US all distracted, underwater in debt, working to just survive, not educating our children with true knowledges, that we have entrusted to [them] to do so!

It is time for US all, to wake!
It is time for US all to take back our authority over these Snakes, that have been, keeping US in the Dark, for many decades!

Our @POTUS is trying to show this to US all, while battling the demonic figures that we have been taught to Trust!

Time to learn, time to take charge!
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19 Dec 19
1) Hello @6rockInGrokin, or should we say Hey Nineteen?

You know who this is, yet you have absolutely, no idea who this is.....

So sorry, that this account has been in the forefront, of your mind.

Maybe, just maybe, we can help further your knowledge.

Where shall we begin?
2) Are writing styles equal to fingerprints.

Why do you seem obsessed with this account?

Are you puzzled, as to why you all can't seem to control this account?

Maybe attempt to rid this account, or accounts that research, from what this account can share publicly?
3) Maybe, just maybe you can learn from this account.

But please do not bother to reply back- till you can answer these questions posed, with straight forward answers and without the nonsensical word games, you like to play.

As those games do not answer the questions at hand.
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14 Dec 19

1) Too bad, you are showing your true colors as a loyalist to the Crown, and resorting to propagating nonsense from third rate-so called investigators.

Sad it surely is!

What has already begun here in the USA?

Is the A.B.A. and the B.A.R.on their way out soon?
2) You talk behind blocks, to those that you feel threaten your propoganda campaign, while you believe that you are protecting your "friends" that have been part of;the fleecingOf America!

You most likely do not even know what the B.A.R. abbreviation stands for!

3) Have you even Read the Constitution?

Do you feel you all can change, or circumvent, our Constitution?

Time is short for those that are subverting the intent, of our Constitution as it was written, by our Founders!
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23 Aug 19
Patriot Anons

There has been a noticeable up tic; by those that have been publicly exposed for their scams/ grifting and data mining methods over the various Social Media Platforms!

They have come in attempts to create even more divide within the movement!....
..[They] know their time is nearing the end of their grift, and are out to get what they can, while they still can!

Do not fall for their false unsubstanciated accusations and claims!

For their use of, projection and tactics are are from the same playbook that @POTUS and...
...Qompany have taught US all to know and watch for!

These people's still believe that [they] have the power and control over the Patriot Anons to force their agendas upon US all!

Remember [They] do not!

Not now, or ever again in the future!...
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30 Jun 19
Is the HRC & associates camp: responsible for ordering some of the [DS] players within the Iranian government to take Out our Unmanned drone?

How does Merkel, Barry, Michael Obama, John Kerry fit into this puzzle?

Who gets 50% or more of the oil monies, from Iran?

Was this a [DS] attempt to get US into war, just to tank our economy?

For all

Is our @POTUS telling us more of the story; of the downed Unmanned drone, here in the speach?


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17 Mar 19
Patriots, and Anons!
You are the Digital Soldier's!
We are [-2] Days till....
We must stand together to fight the forces of the evil enslavement- not just here at home in the US; yet, as well, as for our brothers and sisters WW!
2)Many of men, and women WW, have spent their entire adult lives risking everything, to put factual information out onto the Internet, since it's public inception, for you- The Digital Soldier's too discover, for this time in history!

(We knew it would be needed one day!)
3)Many have paid the ultimate price, for their efforts, both service members, and civilians alike- just for this such time in history!
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