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20 Nov 20
I studied in a convent.
All religions were treated equally.
When Christians went to Catechism, we had Moral Science class.
We sang hymns from Christianity and Hinduism in the morning assembly.
Never in my experience, has any teacher insulted other religions or made fun of it. We were allowed to wear bindis, and ofcourse made to dress decent in a uniform, because not all kids would be able to afford fancy accessories.
I still remained a Hindu long after school was done. Been contemplating on religion only after moving out of India.
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18 Nov 20
We are supposed to believe a person, about the money they spend, whose political party gets a buttload of money via political bonds?
Why you fake like your feku @Tejasvi_Surya?
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9 Oct 20
And still he ll never be able to match Srivatsa.
Tejasvi is a low life who defamed his own city to rise up the ladder.
Congress has class. BJP leaders are crass.
Seeing UP we know the kind of people who get promoted, so please sit down. Image
And we certainly don't need such cheap thoughts in our leaders. Image
And also @Heisenberg369 is accused of harassing women. The Bengaluru city police have been tagged on this.

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