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Everybody can beat COVID19. Prevent with VitaminD, Zinc, Selenium, VitaminC, Niacin, Quercetin. Take responsibility of your health and life. Truth is the way.
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21 May 20
Impressive work by Pรฉrez and Montagnier. Insertions of HIV in both #SARSCoV2 and #RaTG13CoV , absent in #SARSCoV and #MERSCoV Also probabilistic signs of synthetic RNA sequences. How explain this?
And in this paper by Zheng-Li Shi, an experiment with pseudoHIV viruses was made.
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18 May 20
This group of mighty internet searchers of the truth have found the #Origins of the #SARSCoV2 . Enjoy the thread. First, its bat-CoV name : RaTG13. And the place where it was found: a mine near Tongguanzhen.
RaTG13 was the name given by โ€˜bat-womanโ€™ Z-L Shi to the most identical virus to the SARSCoV2, which she claimed of bat origin because of that similarity
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