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4 Jun 20
1-The following thread should NOT be taken as anti-Semite and IT IS NOT intended to be anti-Semitic.

It is intended as questions for #Qanon, because I have a hard time keeping track of when the Jews are good and when they are bad (according to them. Not me. I have no problem)
2-The early Q posts on 4chan and 8chan, Reddit, Voat, Twitter, Facebook, etc were filled with "Jews are evil" posts from followers.
As my friend rightly pointed out, "not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews".
Distinctions are not made withing these communities
3-According to them, Jews control all the wealth, all the media, and are all evil and should be exterminated.
(Them, not me. I don't hold these views).

#US has a longstanding relationship with #Israel.
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4 Jun 20
In light of events, there are 2 articles you should be reading.
1- theatlantic.com/magazine/archi…


Seems like the "greatest military in the world" is not onboard with #Trump
What say you, #Qanon? 🤔
The list keeps growing. Might add to this whenever I find any others

Retired Marine Gen. John Allen

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3 Jun 20
There are things that bother me in the Floyd case. Especially the 20$ bill.
Come carnival in my hometown, fake bills are all over the place. Not knowing, I have taken them and used them to pay. Then told its fake.
Should I be murdered for having a fake bill without being aware?
Others tell me he had a criminal record.
So? So does #POTUS and half the #GOP. See gaetz, among others. Should they be murdered?
Some all right folks I follow have criminal records as long as "the Quixote". They claim to have reformed now.
Do I kill them based on their past without giving an opportunity for change?
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2 Jun 20
This is what is happening today.

Still needs a few more hours to slow cook and I haven't decided yet on a side dish.

Will let you know how it turns out
This is what I got so far.
I cooked veggies with meat sauce (water, salt and pepper only).
Then I will do some plain rice with veggies on top and meat cut into steaks.

Husband will be home in over 2 hours.

I am starving.
Will show you final plate later
Forgot to show you the end result.
It was super tasty and I don't need to cook today
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2 Jun 20
Catching up on latest developments...

✅Insurrection Act of 1807
✅Closing Courts
✅Limited Gatherings

It seems to me that your 1st and 2nd amendment are being thrown out of the window.

Call me crazy, I thought it was #Obama and all the super evil #Democrats that were going to do that 🤦‍♀️

I love how the "fullest extent of the law" never applies to those in power. Just the average Joe
Not to be mean... but I have been saying for some time that elections might get cancel for one reason or another, just so that Trump and his Dynasty stays in power.

I don't want to jinx it, but things aren't looking too bright right now.
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1 Jun 20
After nearly a month of rain, I woke up to a beautifully sunny 15C day with just the right amount of wind.

Stress? What's that?
Misha loves it.
By the way, I can't never get her in the bathtub. And when we finally get her in, she looks at me like I am torturing her.
But she loves the "outside" water 😂
We made friends with these guys on the way back. They came close to say hi, and even followed us as we were leaving.
I made a video. But really, who wants to see cows following us around for 1 and 1/5 mins?
Not that interesting at all.
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31 May 20
@sortbinue Holy shit!
My encounters have been of complete apathy and not giving 2 fucks about ppl's lives (even minors). Though I have seen some tough shit done to ppl.
For instance, couple examples
1- At 16, I got drank like we did in an industrial area Police showed up. Told us to clear
@sortbinue off. A guy broke some water pipes from the wall. But ok, he was drunk as fuck. and 16.
Told us to clear off, and got this kid, semi unconscious on the floor, and started punching him and kicking his head. Just because.
2-Early 20s rented a flat in London. Through agency. NEver
@sortbinue met landlord. We had issues with flat (i.e light kept breaking down, etc so food will go waste). one day I am alone, and this big bloke just shows himself in. Never seen him before. I am scared. He is like mid 50s.
I told him to leave and he said he was the landlord.
Told him i
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31 May 20
@sortbinue Interesting perspective. I am working on something there, but I was going on the angle of culture, or lack of as a background of a broken system and why things are the way they are now. Floyd was the catalyst of a society on edge (no able to afford doctors, multiple jobs, etc)1/2
@sortbinue I am now going to have to sit and think about the impact of hurricane and mass shootings and things like that too on ppl's minds
That is something worth considering in terms of how it affects ppl and societies as whole. and i haven't.
Thanks for that point.
@sortbinue PS. By all means what happened to Floyd is a real tragedy. But it doesn't just happen to black people. People are fed up.
Laws don't apply to the rich. You are lied your whole life. Eat your vegetables and get a degree (debt) and you'll be rich and famous. Its all lies
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30 May 20
I am always amazed when people say/write about #GodGivenRights

What rights?
Cos I checked, and nowhere there says anything about:

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights"

"No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms."

Not a peep about

"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."
Nothing about:

"All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination."
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29 May 20
Every single page here has been updated with resources & cleaner formatting.


Languages will be coming soon.

Today will try to update 1 last page "Earth & Space" then get back to just writing posts.

Posts are "as if" (as they were) previous to moving
I wanted to add a "download to pdf" to every post. I found a few plugins that did the job, but none that will link the email downloads to my email list.
And I honestly don't have the tech skills for that.
I need a guy for that.
But that will come later.
More pressing is a tech guy to do some W3C validation and clean my code a little bit, because:
a) it's all a mess.
b) displays diff. in diff browsers.
c) I have not the tech skills to sort that out myself.

(All hail freelancer websites!)
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24 May 20
@Sol_Smilez some of your restrictions are crazy. also, silly.
in terms of not all but only some states. and also in terms of shopping, etc.
here within a 24 hours they had a plan. everybody employed would get 60-80% of salaries as long as it took.
Also, shopping restricted 2-3 hours 1//2
@Sol_Smilez in morning for elderly.
along with schools transformed into food banks, etc for anybody (any age, no questions asked ) in need.
Special assistance delivered straight away to self-employed, etc.
so many good things. so to us was like a holiday cos you weren't worried about food
@Sol_Smilez or shelter. so it was easier to wear a mask in the shop.
rest, do as you like. walk freely, but if you walk by have courtesy to lower your mask, etc.
no fines for ppl breaking rules, etc.
handled completely differently
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24 May 20
@Sol_Smilez I see what you are saying. I am always pro gatherings of ppl sharing their faith, even if I don't believe it.
Under extreme circumstances can't be the case. Here rule of law applying over church same as to everyone.
Point is I keep hearing ppl can't worship.But according to 1/2
@Sol_Smilez Scriptures, they can do so anywhere. No congregation needed
@Sol_Smilez As a last point, even though I am not religious myself I understand freedom of religion and freedom of expression rights and I will never be pro banning anyone for their beliefs.
Exception of/when advocate to harm others
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24 May 20
Question here:

This is not about open/closed places.

It's about religion:

Why cannot you worship at home, park, etc?

Is god gonna be more pissed if you don't attend temple?

Wasn't there a point in Aramaic scriptures about god being everywhere and you can honor him anyplace?
I recall reading (Aramaic texts,paraphrasing translation from Spanish):
"Cut a log in half and I will be there".
And plenty other aspects, even in the Bible about god being everywhere and not needing a place to worship.
If I want to chant to mother Gaia, I sit in the garden, and ohm the crap out of it. No building needed.

At this point it begs the question:
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26 Apr 20
@DayZero5 Basically everything is misinfo. Nothing ever happens.
It mixes conspiracies. Some which, I admit, have hints of truth, but def. been around for years. So nothing new. He strings ppl along and convinces them that Trump has a super master plan. Q convinced
@DayZero5 People that having #MartialLaw is a great idea 🤦
He also had them clamoring for an Internet Bill of rights, which literally means more censorship to what you can do online.
There are tons of surveillance being passed on, for instance this (next)
@DayZero5 elemifuentes.com/2019/07/12/the…
&there are tons of other bills currently being passed on quietly while everybody is busy arguing right/left &bla bla.
I have a list somewhere. But will make it part of my next post anyway
Q is a crazy psyop. But very well done. Has been evangelizing?ppl
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25 Apr 20
@Cheshire3301 @NotATSSock @steveouttrim @ILLSK1LL @Qreatine @FollowThe17 @TootslilFighter @TrueEyeTheSpy @eyethespy @RealEyeTheSpy 😂😂
Funny cos I am not blocked from most his socks.

Explain shady.

I'll wait :) ImageImage
@Cheshire3301 @NotATSSock @steveouttrim @ILLSK1LL @Qreatine @FollowThe17 @TootslilFighter @TrueEyeTheSpy @eyethespy @RealEyeTheSpy If you can't unblock me to tell me these things to my face, I can't be bothered to check what you write from a diff. browser.
Gonna get back to my series
I remember what I wrote. Pretty sure I said that to Eye The Spy, not you Thomas
To you, I told you to fuck off.
Anyhow 1/2 Image
@Cheshire3301 @NotATSSock @steveouttrim @ILLSK1LL @Qreatine @FollowThe17 @TootslilFighter @TrueEyeTheSpy @eyethespy @RealEyeTheSpy Get back to your dramas of he said, and she said and whoever else said.
My life doesn't revolve around that kind of idiocy.
stay frosty, kids!
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16 Apr 20
@EryqOuithaqueue I followed some of that. not super closely.
God particle and all.
In the grand scheme of things, you can predict particles. Nothing new. ppl been predicting new elements for centuries.
Kind of like guess the shells, spin and so on and you get it you are good to go. which
@EryqOuithaqueue it happens. great. but the so called god particle that was going to revolutionize the world as we knew it didn't do sod all. it barely has energy in eV, and it barely shares any. Not enough to make a difference. It isn't even considered as a "fundamental particle". So yeah, is
@EryqOuithaqueue is there. we predicted it. we prove it exists. but thats it. it didn't revolutionized the field. it didn't change fuck all cos, literally, it doesn't do that much anyway.
kind of like predicting a decay of another particle.
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15 Apr 20
@IIIMattieBoz @NixonTweets I know what you mean. I have talked at length, and for the most part, I've spent many (seriously, so many) years dealing with my Daemons (see greek version of this word).
This is the least of it
I don't mind talking over Dm's, or talking other places
@IIIMattieBoz @NixonTweets but, since I use twitter for research purposes (i.e #Qanon), I don't find it to be the best place, because of the way ppl use your words to twist meanings.
That being said, I have dealt with it. It took me years... many, but I have dealt with it.
And I'll have no problem sharing
@IIIMattieBoz @NixonTweets experiences in private, if you ever need somebody to talk to, or vent.
Despite my swearing a lot, i am a truly caring person. I know what it feels like being abused. And sometimes, even when we think we are past it... we go back into the depression and darkness. I know. So do u
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15 Apr 20
@IIIMattieBoz @NixonTweets No offense here, personal take. Don't take this wrong way.
I don't know this person. So I just googled him and check his work quickly on images.
Now, the way I see it, it looks nice, but nothing amazing. Nothing new. He might paint with a brush but I can generate the same image
@IIIMattieBoz @NixonTweets on a computer. All without the blink of an eye. And while I can see its all about the soul and enlightenment, nothing that I see speaks to me. moves me. Makes me go wow, let me stare at that for a minute. There is nothing new. Nothing I haven't seen before
Your work is different
@IIIMattieBoz @NixonTweets I can feel your pain through it. Its personal.
It is something I would hang on my wall, or put in my collection.
This dude's... Well, is not much different from getting a mandala or even painting my own.
Not sure if that makes sense to you.
But again, no offense
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15 Apr 20
@NixonTweets @IIIMattieBoz What I meant to say, for instance, is that sometimes ppl just go along cos is "cool", sociable, or whatever. nor cos they believed in it.
I.e. I grew up listening to heavy/black/death metal. And used to wear all black and be a proper goth chick in my teens. Lasted only a c ouple
@NixonTweets @IIIMattieBoz years, cos I couldn't deal with the paraphernalia, despite the fact that to this day, I still love the music. But choose brighter colors, specially in summer.
Same way I grew up with occult books & weird lovecraft tales... I didn't believe them, I was part of the herd
@NixonTweets @IIIMattieBoz I am not excusing anybody here
But what I mean is that sometimes ppl play along with whatever is "in fashion" because it gives them a reputation. Not because they are part of it or they believe in it.
But, again, I don't claim to know what these guys were up to. Just observation
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15 Apr 20
@IIIMattieBoz @NixonTweets I hear ya. I think I feel the same way towards Dalí. Even without tripping itself I can by just getting lost in his work. Which sometimes I can stare at for hours only to discover something new I haven't before.
There is something, innovation perhaps, that Dali did, that nobody
@IIIMattieBoz @NixonTweets has yet been able to master. despite imitations. I would hazard a guess Goya had a few close paintings (given time and style, of course, different), like "Saturn devouring his children".
But other than that. It stands on its own. I see others like Miro, and I feel nothing.
@IIIMattieBoz @NixonTweets Arts needs to speak to u
Escher art speaks 2me when I am lost &confused. When the mind wonders among labyrinths of knowledge &deceit. &it feels like the answer is just right there.But I feel Escher is more inclined to realities &perceptions, as whether Dali is more about feelings
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1 Apr 20
1- I am getting sick of all these people that go like:
#COVIDー19 is a #hoax because I drove to a hospital and the parking lot/front entrance was empty.

Well genius, they are empty because everybody with minor surgery and non-life threatening conditions has been turned away in
2-In preparation of a crisis. That is way hallways are mostly empty. Visitors no longer can wait in halls.
3-Also, there is the fact that since ppl are at home, there are less car accidents and such that require hospitalizations.
4-People are not going to hospitals unless a real
5-Emergency is threatening their lives.
6-You have something called #Hippa Laws that prevent footage being shown from hospitals. Fortunately for you, same thing doesn't apply to Italy, Turkey, Spain, and others. So if you get a kick out of watching other suffers, get off American
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