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4 Jul
Happy 4th of July.🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
1/ "We need a General Gallieni in America today to say, “Enough!” America is a great good country, with a proud & noble history." -by William F. Marshall
#FourthofJuly #FourthofJuly2020 #MountRushmore #MAGA2020 #COVID19 #Trump2020
2/ "It is a history of tremendous sacrifice 4 peoples all over the world. It is time to stop apologizing 4 an institution in our culture that we fought a war costing over 600,000 American lives to end over 150 years ago."
3/ "Clearly most of those now engaged in the cultural assault, physical destruction, and intimidation in America today only care about one thing – the destruction of America, because they hate it. Pure and simple."
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18 Jun
1/ "Critically, however, Justice Roberts pointed out in his decision that it wasn't necessarily unconstitutional for the Trump administration to terminate DACA, but the way it did so was.
#DACADecision #DACAWins #MAGA2020
2/The chief justice pointed out toward the end of his opinion that the administration's Department of Homeland Security could simply revisit its legal strategy on how to unwind DACA in the future.
"To remand to DHS so that it may reconsider the problem anew," Roberts wrote.--NBC
3/ Later Thursday, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said "the DACA program was created out of thin air and implemented illegally."
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16 Jun
…In the testimony, Bender claims several American politicians and journalists were already on the payroll—most prominently Omar, who was allegedly described as the “jewel of the crown”, according to the deposition.
…Bender’s accusations go much further. According to his testimony, Al-Masnad said that Qatar “recruited Ilhan Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official.…
They groomed her and arranged the foundation, the grounds, for her to get into politics way before she even showed interest. They convinced her.” For her part, Omar cooperated with the Qataris and received cash payments, he alleges in the deposition.
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10 Jun
1/As a rule of thumb, when a dirty cop who defiled the police, has become the face of the entire police Dep & the entire white race, does that mean that all Islamic nations R responsible for 9/11, London train bombing, Boston Marathon, terrorist attacks in Paris, San Bernardino
2/Attack, Night club shooting in Orlando, NewJersey bombing, Ohio State University, London bridge 2017 & 2019, Manchester arena, Notre dam knife attack, Barcelona, Melbourne stabbing & countless terrorist gun/knife/car/bomb/shooting, throat-slitting attacks on Americans & --
3/the westerners all around the world? All these leaders and left-wing Democrats' concern right after each attack was to publicly announce their solidarity WITH the Muslims to prevent them from being attacked/accused/condemned by the public. -
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4 Jun
A criminal cop, trained in the 5th district of MI under the criminal Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, with a criminal sympathizer Mayor Jacob Frey & criminal sympathizer AG Keith Ellison (pal of John Podesta), committed a heinous crime, Y should I apologize as a law-abiding white woman?
No truth will emerge from that totally under siege area. All hands R in the pot. Each one has some part. Y Ellison doesn't drop all cases & focus only on Floyd's to end the riots? Y should it take 8-10months when the entire country is on fire? Bc they want riots to go on forever.
Do the religious leaders condemning racism to appeal better not C this is torching America? Racism was & is condemned but it is condemned against ANY color. Black ppl R successful entrepreneurs, athletes, singers, free & NOT oppressed. Y isn't the crime & NOT the color at focus?
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24 May
@Bizzyfingers1 Wow!
Wikipedia: 1/"Barr served in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II.[4] He was teaching English at Columbia in 1955.[6] He initiated the Columbia University Science Honors Program in 1958 and was its director until 1964.[4]
@Bizzyfingers1 2/
Donald Barr was headmaster of the elite Dalton School from 1964 to 1974.[7] During his time as Dalton's headmaster, Barr is alleged to have had a role in hiring Jeffrey Epstein as a math teacher despite Epstein having dropped out of college and being only 21 years old.[8][9]
@Bizzyfingers1 3/In 1973, Donald Barr published Space Relations, a science-fiction novel about a planet ruled by oligarchs who perform child sex slavery; It has been noted that Epstein's crimes are similar to the plot of Barr's novel.[10]
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16 May
3/This 1800 page- the biggest piece of legislation ever made in history with a $3trillion price tag obscurity to imagine who will bail us out?
4/ To serve the cause of “disparity” the solution of this bill is to supply illegal Americans equal rights to receive their $1200 checks as an amnesty provision for the duration of Coronavirus which probably means several months during summer and fall and ALL illegal immigrants
5/So not the pandemic but the deportation of illegal immigrants is the focus of the bill but it goes further & shields their employers too, basically promoting the employers to hire illegal aliens. An illegal who has already occupied ONE American job
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15 May
1/This lock-down is not about Coronavirus. It is about the 2020 election. The plan is mail-in votes to be easily rigged & who is planning? Soros.
Basically, Soros is determining the results of the American election.
#coronavirus #COVID19 #tyranny #OpenAmerica #pandemic #pandemia
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13 May
An old article from 2017

"Ted Gunderson, Former Head of The L.A FBI, Exposed Satanic Cults, Pedophiles, Chemtrails & 9/11 B4 His Arsenic Poisoned Body Found Dead"

#ChildTrafficking #pedogate2020 #PEDOVORES #Satanic #satanicritualabuse #SRA #coronavirus

No one seems to paying attention to Roberts Mueller's cover-up in Gunderson's case.
Nobody seems to pay attention to Robert Mueller's cover-up in Ted Gunderson's case.

Besides Mueller was director of the FBI in all 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon.
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12 May
🚨Bombshell: Gretchen Whitmer; Soros's girl to destroy America from within is recruited through Emily's List🆘
(Click & Read this 👇👇 article which fully explains what is Emily's List is: A dangerous Org
#GretchenWhitmerIsAFascist #gretchenwhitmer #michiganlockdown #SorosGate
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12 May
🚨"Breaking News: Bill Gates Did The Same Thing With The Zika Pandemic; Zika Vaccine was Patented 7 Months Prior To The WHO Pandemic"–Massive Article (Warning To Floridians)

#Trump2020 #CoronaUpdate #Covid_19 #COVID19
#Agenda2030 #GatesVirus

2/Pay attention that the pandemics are no jokes. Just like world wars and people behind them who have funded both sides of wars, pandemics are wars too. The war between a virus and a vaccine and is funded by the same people.
3/Who funds who? And who benefits from who? The agent provocateur (virus) is funded to agitate the target (vaccine seekers) but it is the target who fulfills the financial benefit.
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6 May
If the media don't tell, doesn't mean coordinated actions of the UN to subdue America, brainwash the Police, install UN puppets as governors, shutting down the economy, subvert the Constitution as a toilet paper & prevent U from protesting by locking U at home is not happening🚩
2/ Remove the bananas from Ur ears & the veil off Ur eyes, & see that in fact, it is happening but Ur only defense is: This America! It will never happen!
Well, This WAS America & it happened bc U were 2 proud to believe what U C therefore, preferred 2 interpret it as U like🆘🚩
3/ The UN was so successful in this ideological subversion aka psy-warfare that despite all the info suggesting governors, judges & lawmakers R abusing the Constitution & subverting America to a totalitarian regime run by the oligarchs, Ur perception is so altered that U can't C.
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23 Apr
1/According to the Brigham Young University survey, loneliness is a bigger cause of early death than obesity. Being aware of obesity death numbers which are mind-blowing,
2/what happens when people with smaller homes especially in Europe can only travel from bed to sofa and sofa to bed and loneliness and obesity both together act as the worst poison that they have to take every hour and day and week and months and who knows for how long?
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22 Apr
1/ Mailed to me by Michael Macnicha💥🚩
This article contains numerous cross-reference links so anyone can verify the statements contained therein:

#COVIDー19 #CoronavirusLiar #Plandemic2020 #coronavirus #BillGates #Agenda2030 #Globalist #propagandalive

2/The COVID-19 appears 2B some sort of drill that got out of hand. Event 201 was a group of health experts that gathered in NY City in Oct 2019 to simulate a pandemic infectious disease outbreak. Just coincidence, right? Was it pre-planned? Gates himself predicted it in Nov 2019
3/In 2018 virologist Anthony Fauci then warned threatened in that Disease X was soon to come during Donald Trump’s Presidency. Others also predicted such a viral outbreak. So why was preparation so inadequate?
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9 Apr
"Horrible: Agenda 2030 Goal 1; Wage-Slavery, Social Settlement, Building the 3rd World By Keeping The West In Hunger"🚩😡

#Trump2020 #propaganda #CoronaUpdate #COVID19 #Corona #CoronaLockdown #Coronavirustruth #KAG #coronapocolypse
#DefundUN #Agenda2030

2/From the book: "AGENDA 2030; AN Imminent Danger To Humanity, They Are Coming For Your Food & Meat" All Right Reserved.

"Pay attention to the big trick here. People will not live with less than $1.25, so the limit will be $1.25 but they may live on less than $2.25 forever,
3/and that can be a sustainable achievement as more than this salary may not be sustainable. As noticed, we are told how much is the minimum wage but the maximum wage is kept in secret and it will never be definitive because the base is sustainability.
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28 Feb
"Eric Holder’s 1995 Anti-Second Amendment Brainwashing Plan Already Imprinted on Mob’s Mentality"--Old article from Oct 2018.
1/The Obama administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives sent about 2,000 guns to Mexican drug cartels. The operation was designed by Eric Holder's DOJ & done via “straw purchasers” who bought guns in the United States and trafficking them somewhere else.
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23 Feb
"Breaking: Chinese War Against The United States"

1/There is a horrific story here but the Mockingbird Media has clearly decided to ignore it
News around China decodes a Chinese silent but colossal war against America on 5 different platforms, if not more
1-There are reports about a Chinese pedophile ring, tied to some names in America.
2- There are verified rumors about Coronavirus build in a laboratory in China.
3- Evidence of Chinese censorship & propaganda in American media including major news channels & newspapers.
4-Evidence of some American universities run by Chinse government.
5-Probable cooperation between the Chinese government & high-profile American elites & billionaires.
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21 Feb
This is on all Q worshippers who have put Q above Trump, above MAGA & above the attacks of the deep state on Trump's base & took the "do-nothing" pill

‘Doctors for Assange’ worry he may die in UK prison having ‘effectively been tortured to death’ #Assange
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17 Feb
He aggressively demands his Constitution in 2020. Remember the Soros document the Last Election and the Constitution 2020?

2- “Facebook will work together to reelect Trump, and Trump will work to protect Facebook so that this situation cannot be changed, and it makes me very concerned about the outcome for 2020,” said Soros."
3- Another $ 1 billion just days ago.

"On Jan 24, 2020, Soros pledged $1 billion to fund a new university network to tackle the spread of nationalism in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where the financier and philanthropist also condemned President Donald Trump."
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