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Hey y’all I’m Emmy. Let’s talk about some stuff. reading, music, cooking, bald & proud, feels & heals, stem prof 🏳️‍🌈 she/her. personal acct. a lil Sassy. PhD
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31 Dec 20
If biological sex were truly binary, hormonal transition wouldn’t work because my body would be “male” and would therefore be completely insensitive to higher-order estrogenic effects on the cellular level that result in feminization.
There are no “male” bodies or “female” bodies, there are just bodies with characteristics arising from genetic and hormonal influences. Humans are a mosaic, a bimodal distribution of outcomes resulting from the dance between genetics, hormones, and cumulative epigenetic feedback.
The reason hormonal transition works is precisely because bodies generally can respond to either sex hormone as dominant. Our cells contain receptors that are activated by either binding estrogen or testosterone, responding to produce what we call “secondary sex characteristics.”
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30 Dec 20
CW: self-harm

People can deny trans kids and live in fantasy land all they want, but I’m a real human with scars left by puberty that today prevent me from GCS. The trauma of conversion abuse + dysphoria led me to self-harm, which 28 yrs later prevents me from affirming surgery.
CW: self-harm/scars

This is why I’ll be in therapy until I die.

What’s that phrase they used? Dystrophic calcification? Yeah, that’s what scar tissue does under the skin as it ages over the years.
The irony of “no one listened to me in my most desperate desperation, so I was driven to self-harm, which required emergency surgery, which left me with scars that render gcs basically impossible once I finally woke up to who I am over 25 years later” is fucking TOUGH to swallow.
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29 Dec 20
Without HRT I wouldn’t have transitioned because my dysphoria is strongly tied to endocrinology. Pre hrt dysphoria was crippling. No way I could’ve presented as a woman in that state, in that body. But HRT took it away! It may not be for everyone, but it’s lifesaving for some.
Without hormonal transition I wouldn’t have been able to socially transition, and without transition, I wouldn’t have made it much farther. Not everyone needs HRT/med transition, but let’s be careful about framing med transition discussions because some people absolutely 100% do!
I often say dysphoria isn’t needed to be trans and/or transition. I’m very open to the concept that transness is individual and unique and that no one else’s needs to be like mine.

But I wholly expect that in return.

“Well what if there were no HRT Emmy?”

I’d be dead.
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29 Dec 20
define biological sex in humans

science: here’s an array of intersections of various systems of the body and how they form the mosaic of the bimodal distribution of biological sex outcomes

transphobes: as long as you begin with “trans women are men,” i don’t care about the rest
Ever notice how transphobes only grab onto the components of biological sex that are immutable to define “women” and “men?”

Yeah, that’s called selection bias in the real world.
SEX hormones are part of biological sex and scientists recognize the brain as the largest sex organ, which really just emphasizes how much transphobia literally has to engage in science denial to even exist.
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29 Dec 20
don’t assign sex to body parts

don’t assign sexual acts to sexualities
penis = male ❌

vagina = female ❌

two penises = gay ❌

anal = gay ❌

PiV = straight ❌
unless you want to make everything trans and gay, then i’m ok with it 😆
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21 Nov 20
hi, I’m Emmy. drop a selfie and introduce yourself. it’s been a little while.
Oh, I’m a bald woman by the way. In case you didn’t notice. 💁🏼‍♀️
i’m gonna make a good gf
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21 Nov 20
transphobes: calm like a mentos bomb
I don’t know why I do this.

Oh wait, yes I do. Because I laughed my ass off when I was finished creating it. 😂
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20 Nov 20
If you’re a straight guy, and you like a trans girl, and she likes you back, why would you deny yourself romance for other people’s judgements? Trans women are women, which is why straight men find us attractive, and when a straight man likes a woman, he’s straight baby.
“My friends can’t find out” is what puts so many trans women in harm’s way.

Find out what? That you like a woman? Oh, they’ll think you’re gay, right. Even if that were true why would you want to be friends with people who wouldn’t accept you if you were gay? Shitty friends imo.
Lots of straight men are attracted to trans women. It’s not that they don’t want to be with us, it’s that they don’t want anyone else to know because social stigmas around intersections of transphobia, trans misogyny, and homophobia are so normalized in straight dude culture.
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20 Nov 20
Trans people don’t need “safe spaces,” we need spaces that are as safe for us as they are for any cis person.
Conservatives want to make the entire US a safe space from the very people they claim want to make the entire US a safe space. They're so fragile they need to weaponize religion to exclude trans people from their conscious existence. How sad to be so delicate. Safe spaces indeed.
Every trans person who goes out into the world as themselves is braver than any person who has ever said we need a fucking safe space. We don’t. We just need the spaces you’re safe in to be safe for us too.
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20 Nov 20
Transness isn’t failed cisness. Trans people aren’t cis deviants. Trans people are trans because of transness. Cisness is not supreme or holy, it’s simply the most commonly observed mode.
Trans people are just regular people who are different than cis people and deserve the same rights, treatment, and respect as anyone. Trans people deserve dignity. Trans people just want to live our lives without fear of harassment, harm, discrimination, and oppression.
Nature is variation. Those who think otherwise do so because they believe an imaginary being “put us here” or some other weird thing. No. Humans are just another manifestation of this amazing planet, and without nature’s messiness and variation, humans would’ve never risen.
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20 Nov 20
The devil made me trans.
but I never could figure out if Him in Power Puff Girls was transphobic or just trans tbh
“My existence is a sin” could be resume material for the right job.
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19 Nov 20
starting the day with a tran sky Image
Say good morning, if you like.
Rayleigh Scattering For Trans Rights!!
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13 Oct 20
“You can’t change sexxxxx!!!” screams the 4,274th transphobe.

I know. I tried. For decades. It took a long time for me to accept that I’m a female, atypical as I may be, but life’s been amazing since I have. ☺️
Transphobes insist my natal body was fine and my brain is fucked, but my brain is great! My body simply grew in an atypical way for a female due to incongruent biomolecular signaling in utero.

That transphobes insist genitals define identity is the REAL scandal.
At the end of the day, humans are a unique species within the context of this physical medium we exist within, simply because we have consciousness and obviously a neurotype when it comes to biological sex.


You can only know some people’s biological sex by asking them.
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31 Aug 20
Not understanding gender dysphoria before transition was like sitting with everyone having a glass of water but mine was salt water and I didn’t know it and couldn’t understand how everyone was drinking theirs so I choked mine down quietly until I nearly died from dehydration.
The reason I appreciate people talking about how dysphoria manifested for them is because it’s so subtle and integrated within our lives that without awareness denial comes easy. Reading about other people’s dysphoria helped me realize my water wasn’t supposed to taste like shit.
I think this is why cis folks have such a hard time understanding dysphoria and being trans too.

“Whaddya mean your water tastes weird? Water’s not really supposed to taste good. Yours looks just like mine, so I don’t see the problem! Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”
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21 Aug 20
Retire genital reveal parties.
More people have been harmed by genital reveal parties than by those “scary trans women,” not to mention the harm it levels if said child is trans.

Make no mistake- these aren’t “gender reveal parties.” You’re just talking about genitals, and that’s fucking creepy.
You can’t know the gender of a child by looking at its genitals.


You can assume. You may be right, even. But you may be wrong, and if you’re celebrating such a thing before a child is born, I’m skeptical you’ll be open to the idea of them NOT being that gender forever.
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20 Aug 20
I started becoming mentally healthy the day I accepted I was trans and crushed my walls of denial. I wasn’t mentally healthy a day before that.

Transphobes say trans people are mentally ill. Even if that were true, transitioning made me more mentally healthy than I’ve ever been.
Transition is the recommended approach because it consistently improves outcomes and generally brings higher quality of life. Whether one calls it a mental illness doesn’t change the reality that trans people exist and need transition to live in peace. We should be afforded that.
Trans people are constantly and subtly gaslit to believe we’re mentally ill i we accept we’re trans and transition, but my actual mental illnesses came from living a lie all those decades.
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20 Aug 20
To me the most disturbing bullies are the ones who say “look what you made me do" after doing something horrendous to you, someone else, or an animal.

GCs/terfs are that kind of bully.

We "make them do" everything they do because ::checks notes:: trans people keep being born.
It’s triggering for me because I was told "look what you made me do" every time I was lying on the floor after being physically abused for being in women's clothes as a child. Those words haunt the fuck out of me. I had a GC basically tell me this this morning. Very fine people.
Love being blamed for my own abuse I get from simply existing as the beautiful manifestation of human nature that is me, Emmy, a trans woman.

These people are the worst.
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19 Aug 20
I didn't change who I was when I transitioned, I became who I've always been.
I tried for over 2 decades to "change who I was.” If that worked, I would've found a way. My abuse would've found a way. Conversion doesn't work. Transition does. We don't need to change our mind, we need to change our body, which means lots of people need to change their hearts.
I didn't transition into ‘woman’ stereotypes, I transitioned out of ‘man’ stereotypes.

I transitioned to be me, not someone else.

If folks could just center that in how they see me 100% of the time, it's hard to go wrong tbh.
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19 Aug 20
Hi folks, I'm a biological woman, which means I poop and will absolutely go if I need to go, even if you're around.
Apparently some women think women aren't supposed to poop so they hide their pooping, yet they're the first ones to claim they're "biological women." Honey, I've got news for you…biological organisms poop. Every one of them.
Oh, you missed this discourse? Katy M. has receipts. This is from her tweet about it yesterday. GC women are interesting folks. Just sayin’. Image
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19 Aug 20
what they said when I came out: “I'll still love you, I just don't ever want to see you like that.”

what they meant: “I never want to see you again, but I don't want to feel guilty about it.”
“I'm gonna make it your fault and your problem that you disgust me to the point that I can't stand to look at you.”

And they still haven’t laid eyes on me a single day since. :/
I don't tweet about it much anymore, but it was hard dealing with a 2nd round of rejection after spending 25 years in denial because of rejection the first time I tried to come out as a kid. It was a gut-punch for people who've known me my whole life to act like I’m a stranger.
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17 Aug 20
Can transphobic ableists stop with "confused autistic kids being transed?” So gross! I came out to my 2 autistic children over 2 yrs ago. They're still adamantly cis.

Autistic ppl aren't confused.
Trans ppl aren't confused.
Some autistic ppl are trans.

Transphobes tho? confused
There's a deeper problem at the intersections transphobia and ableism. Ableism feeds the notion that trans people can't possibly know ourselves or what we need. It removes agency and autonomy, so that we *must* listen to the Bl*nchards of the world to know what's best for us.
Same goes for autism. After being intimately involved in my children’s healthcare at a speciality clinic, I'd say there's a whole lot of ableism in how allistics approach autistics.

I can only imagine the synergistic struggle trans autistic ppl endure w/ableism and transphobia.
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