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Dad said don't ever talk about RELIGION or POLITICS or you'll never have any friends! Ha! I DECREE and DECLARE, YOU'RE GOING to VOTE for ME! Praise God! 🙏🇺🇸
26 Apr 20
An ENGINEER with the INTEL CORP? Coverups? 👀👇
UPDATE: Victims of Elko County plane crash identified… via @twinfallstn
Patents transfered to INTEL owned by the decedent.
Maybe someone with some tech background who knows what they are looking at can see if there is anything to this:…
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24 Apr 20
Eyes OPEN. Ears OPEN. Hearts OPEN, kids. I believe #WE as #Christians, as #PATRIOTS, as BROTHERS and SISTERS have MISSED the MARK by a great deal and I can't help but posit the question, would our Father be PROUD? For the "Christians" that stopped reading (or thought
about stopping) this is the SPIRIT of GOD telling you, you need #DELIVERANCE from the SPIRIT of #RELIGION. It is ACTUALLY okay to NOT be OKAY. As a great man of God once told me, Having troubles, problems, tribulations, trials, betrayals, and PERSECUTIONS? That's ALL #BIBLICAL.
But for a CHRISTIAN to be DEFEATED? THAT is UNSCRIPTURAL! And folks, that's the God's honest #Truth. So why do #WE who have CHOSEN to WASH our ROBES in the BLOOD of the LAMB who WAS SLAIN, not have the VICTORY? Why then do WE #SPIRITUAL #MARTYRS not WALK EVERYDAY in the VICTORY
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