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No. Embrace the power of saying “no”.
12 Oct
People on the right are mad about this. I have a different take entirely: corporations who do the bidding of the federal govt or use the govt as a shield can pound sand. It’s a no brainer to me that individual rights should trump corporations. Not sure why this is controversial.
I don’t see corporate America being compatible w/conservatism.

Mom and Pops and the notions of entrepreneurship? Absolutely. That’s the best of America.

Tax breaks in exchange for cramming constant DEI seminars:vax mandates onto employees? Much conservatism! Many principles!
The Chamber of Commerce has held such a stranglehold on GOPs policies for so many decades ppl just go on autopilot in defending them.

The best thing to shake me this premise? Working for several. It’s was less than pleasant.

It’s We The People; not We The Corporations.
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11 Oct
I love her. Ma’am, if you have a cash app, I’d love to buy your lunch during your unforeseen stay.
Same goes for anyone put out by employers budding their nose into the business did their employees who are stuck but continue to support those employees.

These are the Americans I love.
We need to frame this different when they all start to walk.

Instead of it being “employees didn’t show up for work”, the more honest take would be to to state they’re coming up against a vaccine mandate, blame the employers/govt. They’re the root of the problem here.
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10 Oct
You guys told me to keep going on Yellowstone. Yeah, sorry no. Stopped early mid-season 2.
Agree to disagree there. For me, it was Melrose Place on an ranch. Idiotic. There was drama every 7 minutes in the show. Plus, all the characters are loathsome. I
Not even Josh Lucas as a young John Dutton can make it watchable.

I found myself actually rooting for someone to murder Beth she’s so loathsome. I’ve never hated a television show character more. Not very healthy, hate-watching. So I just stopped.
Was is redeemable about people@who brand their employees like cattle? I could never get past that and waited for the show to address it and it was like “oh it’s just a loyalty thing”. I’m sorry, what? These are humans, they’re not property.
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10 Oct
Fall is one of God’s best flexes. A thread 🍁 🍃 🎃
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10 Oct
I watched an adorable TilTok from Candace Cameron Bure. The video was her being cute and dancing and the comments? Hate-filled and loathsome from the vocal pro-vax crowd.

Imagine being the person who seems someone happy and dancing and leaving hate-filled nonsense.
The US is seriously unwell and Covid exposed many for being truly awful.

I have written off former friends and it makes me so sad, but I’m better off. They cheer when unvaccinated ppl get Covid and lose their shit when they recover.

I’ve never seen anything like it. Revolting
7,000 comments and these are the top ones. It so it goes on and on, I had to stop reading.

They found one person, one!, who doesn’t get on board and march in line with their One True Belief and this is the end result. Bonkers.

People have lost their fucking minds, entirely. ImageImageImageImage
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