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The Great Awakening: A self-fulfilling prophecy of a growing group of citizens exposing and removing corruption from all institutions, with long-term prosperity
9 May
1/ Here is a theory bubbling into my pea brain re Q drop 4171:

The white hats knew about the COVID-19 bioweapon being developed in US and China. They knew when the black hats were going to deploy it for maximum impact (elections/justice)
2/ To minimize impact, the white hats released a deadly form in Wuhan, and released a less deadly form in other places, earlier than the intended black hat release date
3/ The early release would allow the cycling of the pandemic and the economic impact to be absorbed in time for good election results
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14 Nov 19
1/ Research on Q post 3585

First, Q blends two apparently disparate subjects together, routing to 8kun via DoD server, and Project Looking Glass. You have to dig through that post to dig for the nuggets of truth.
2/ I listened to the TRUReporting vid with Redpill78, thinking "that guy's been debunked", and just listened for entertainment value.

3/ I discounted the Project Camelot vid previously, due to the marginalization of the insider's reputation after that vid was recorded. You must sift through the disinfo, such as the space vehicles, seal team 9, and maybe pedo arrest marginalization, to grab the nugget of truth.
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6 Oct 19
I have a new theory about #TheGreatAwakening strategy 

For now, I'm calling the concept 'The Movie'

'The Movie' is not yet resonating with my peers, as it works on another level of reasoning, and requires further red-pilling of the already red-pilled
If the theory is correct, it adds an additional dimension to our thought processes, and correlates well with what #QAnon told us was going to be habbening
For something this deep, timing is everything, but the main idea is for us to recognize that it is happening, to add to our enjoyment as we watch the process unfold
A summary of the basic concept was tweeted by @AndreVanDelft

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13 May 19
An analysis of the gold-backed currency argument:

1) The money supply needs to be flexible enough to accommodate economic growth, and gold backed currency can stifle growth due to its inability to expand the supply.
2) If your competition doesn't also use a growth stifled (asset backed) currency, then they can destabilize your currency anyway by under-pricing your currency for capitalizing new projects,
3) A reserve currency used by countries around the world has several distinct advantages, as it is the go-to currency for international business transactions, for parking excess liquidity, especially when instability can or does occur more frequently in other currencies.
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