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3 Aug
Do Anons understand what is about to be unleashed?
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27 Jul
Why did Jeffrey Epstein visit Obama's Whitehouse on 3 occasions?

1.24, 2.10, & 5.27. Just in 2011.…
I hate to break it to any Liberals or confused defectors.
The whole Epstein/Maxwell shituation doesn't blow back on POTUS as you're hoping.
Trump knows.

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20 Jul
Thread Inbound.
Everyone seems to be dismissing the fact that Flynn did change his banner the night of the of July 10th @ 8:59 PM.
I remember it happening.
I found some interesting connections by looking back. I'm sure there's more so lets DIG & locate other links that Map.
We know no outside comms.
We also know when Q is silent to watch twitter.
Especially the Boss.
And Q went dark between Jul 2 & Jul 17.
A 15 day gap. Remember that #.
So I thought let's look back at Potus Twitter & have a looksie.
I decided best to start when Flynn changed banner.
And on July 10th
This Potus tweet & RT grabbed my attention.
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3 May
Do you know who this happy camper is?
Hint 1963
Very Good Anons!
When Dads dress boys up as girl's it's no surprise they end up marrying other boys.
Not denying Nature in the Nature vs. Nurture depate, but don't deny Nurture isn't real.
Also, doesn't help if your Dad is a Moloch worshipping Lucipherian P.O.S. that started P.P.
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15 Mar
There's plenty of Ramen left, and only 17 cents😉
There's still time to grab more popcorn.
If you follow all the bread crumbs
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26 Feb
Latest Drop
Notice the ride?
Pompeo drop on New Years.
Thread Inbound
Sparked by Q's last drop 3890
The V22 Osprey
Topic: Tick Tock & It's Gonna Be Biblical.

What do you see in the image from Pompeo's New Years Eve Tweet?
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9 Jan
1. Despite Hollywood and MSM weaponized against him, @realDonaldTrump will be remembered as one of the Great Presidents of All Time. That being said. I'm going to settle the #MAGA or #KAG debate simply. We're not done making America Great again, YET. It's 17 times million better
2. & we have a long way to go before we're truly Great Again. Human Trafficking and Pedophilia networks have taken a huge hit, yet they still exist and those at the top are free. Swamp is being drained. Yet, Treasonous, Traitorous, Corrupt, and Sick politicians, ceos, elites,
3. lobbyists, CIA, FBI and DOJ still walk Free and still conspiring against us. The Markets and Jobs are drastically better, but we're all still Slaves to this Debt system of the FED only benefiting the Sick Elite Evil Families that have been pulling the strings since the dawn of
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29 Oct 19
Oh, looky there. The @CIA trained their dog to lean left... Not shocked...
And is the Police Badge in his mouth or around his neck?
Tweeted shortly after @realDonaldTrump revealed our hero K-9 named "redacted" Tongue leaning right...
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17 Oct 19
One of my favorites to keep nearby. 2016 version. @CanterburyClass Please notify me when the updated version is ready. We'll need to remove the last 5 chapters, especially @HillaryClinton Nom speech.
Someone help me out. I can't find a #twatter presence on any 3 of these #publishing companies. Seems odd?
I'm also curious as to how many these companies made donations to the @ClintonFdn ?🤔
One everyone should re read!
#SilenceDogood8 Just so happens to be on page 17 😉…
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17 Sep 19
Why is this 3 day old #Ellen clip getting promoted by @KnowHPV ??? Why haven't they even tweeted in about a year, but promoting Ellen? Why does her set look like Epstein's Island? #symbolismwillbetheirdownfall #downfall interesting 🍞
Sheep No More
MSM Role?
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17 Aug 19
Why does DL get to peddle this racist garbage... I hear rumors about a reverse #crustysanchez
@ChrisCuomo Do you know what it smells like? Maybe y'all can bunk up at #GITMO
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