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☀️🚩🐚🛕🌺🌹 🥛🍯🍌🥭🥥🔥 На дворе трава на траве дрова Прекратите выхолащивать будущее поколение Поддерживать боевые традиции
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9 Nov
The endgoal is to fragment identities in order to challenge "modernist-era constructs" such as metanarratives, rationality, etc. while politicizing social problems by situating them in historical & cultural contexts i.e critical theory, where societal problems are caused by 1/n
Power structures and cultural assumptions rather than individual & psychological factors. However, just like in the Orwellian Animal Farm, a class of neoliberal faux commies who love to project themselves as the ones 'seeking justice', will aim to become the ruling class 2/n
This is just to give their neoimperial project a respectable "Oppressed Resisting" look. The CRT will be used as a tool for historical revisionism. This give Ps & Xs free reign to go after anyone who in their pov benefit from the system & Hs fit nowhere in intersectionality 3/n
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