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Young Women's Movement of @ENoMW. Abolitionist of any form of sexploitation, secular, women-only. Feminism without borders.
22 Feb
We have officially finished our series of workshops in Brussels, in partnership with @PRESAGEgenre, @ENoMW and @Women4Word! We are SO happy and grateful for being able to hold these connecting, female and migrant women only events in a secured and loving space (1)
We held an online workshop and two physical workshops, all in the framework of political participation of young migrant women as per #CEDAW. This is a pilot project based on action-research, that will result in a toolkit on the political participation of young migrant women (2)
In total we had four young migrant women participating from Belgium, Morocco, Brazil) and Portugal. All of them developed their personal & public skills during the project and we couldn't be prouder of the work we have accomplished all together! (3)
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