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Love to read, be with my cat. Grew up in different denominations, some evangelical. Told not to question but too inquisitive. God gave me a brain. #BidenHarris
4 May
@SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @RepLizCheney @SenatorRomney "I owe all my Trump-supporting friends a BIG apology. Its no doubt that I’ve been critical of the Trump presidency these last four years, and am still exhausted from the experience. But to be fair, President Trump wasn’t
that bad, other than when he incited an insurrection against the government, mismanaged a pandemic that killed nearly half a million Americans, separated children from their families, lost those children in the bureaucracy, tear-gassed peaceful protesters on Lafayette Square so
he could hold a photo op holding a Bible in front of a church, tried to block all Muslims from entering the country, got impeached, got impeached again, had the worst jobs record of any president in modern history, pressured Ukraine to dig dirt on Joe Biden, fired the FBI
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