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4 May
It ~is about racism... & ableism & threats & all kinds of abusive behaviour that has been enabled by people who overlooked it as part of "anti-fascism" activity.

All it did was give the right justification for saying the left are hypocrites. RH & supporters are hypocrites.
This isn't just about Judy. She may have set the first domino in motion by making a stand on Jamie Kay - who was an ex Tory trying to subvert the socialist movement ffs - but everyone since has joined in on the bigoted side of the argument & added their own flavour of prejudice.
I didn't stand with Judy because she's a cult leader whose singular perspective must be adhered to. I did it because it was the right thing to do. I did it out of moral imperative for somebody I didn't know.

Everyone whom I respect has acknowledged it was the right thing to do.
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3 May
Nobody collaborated with the far right. #PersistingHate have exposed themselves willingly as racist & bigoted hateful trolls whose "anti-fascism" activity is slinging hate on social media.

You need to take #BlackLivesMatter out your handle. You've siding with anti-Black racism.
Look at this. This is who you make bedfellows with. Who tf makes fun on people suffering with conditions like alopecia with crass names like "baldilocks"? Not to mention the mental health bigotry. Image
Here's some more for you @FahAunty, a tiny sample or the anti-Black racism your "side" has put on display.

I say again, take #BlackLivesMatter tf out your handle & profile. ImageImage
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1 May
Good riddance racist Roanna!

You did this to yourself. You ruined your own reputation because you lacked the humility to listen, the maturity to look at yourself, and the courage to challenge your close friends to be better.

You almost make Jamie Kay look good by comparison. Image
This pity party is rife with lies & gaslighting. No acknowledgement of RH's involvement in an existing racism dispute, or pouring gasoline on the fire, nor apologies for her encouraging it every step of the way.

"The truth is complex" - truth??? Get a fucking dictionary. ImageImage
Claiming you're an anti hate activist 😒

#PersistingHate thrive on hate. They just happened to direct it at right wing racists so everybody let it go under the guise of being "anti fash"; as far as I can tell, all you did was radicalize people more & give the left a bad name.
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1 May
I see #PersistingHate are saying Judy is a grifter & pretending this entire saga is just "cartoon bananas".

I have to hand it to Judy. Her masterplan of calling out Jamie Kay, anticipating a vicious RW dox & racist abuse, kercle's casual racism, then JW to draw in RH was genius.
When baseless accusations are thrown, never rule out projection.

That includes the people calling us paid operatives. Be really suspect of that.
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22 Apr
#KJ and football (a thread).

Time flies.

My youngest son scored 7 goals in a 9-2 training match tonight. He ran the other team down & left them, in his own words, "bewildered."

It wasn't always this way though.

Part of the warm up 👇
When I first took KJ to football, aged 5, he seemed so far behind. He struggled. It took him 18 months to score his first goal in his Thursday night sessions.

Normally this didn't bother him, often playing at Hulk instead of football, a mix of amusement & consternation for me.
It was May 2019, as usual he was on the periphery of a game. Frustrated, he ran off the pitch in tears straight to me, "Nobody passes to me daddy."

I crouched down to his level, hugged him, wiped his tears away, and said his team mates needed to see him try a little harder.
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21 Apr
On Monday a fascist sock high fived #ResistingHate-aligned "anti-fash" friends then went on a doxxing spree, including what they thought was a location & photo of @GatissJudy's home.

RH either got played or worked with fash.

We don't know* but RH friends continue their threats.
I put evidence on the TL but RH were too busy allying with people who had no conscience nor care for truth.

RH is selectively anti-fash. No interest in fash who target Judy. Kinda like how RH is selectively anti-racist but aggressively targets a Black woman calling out racism.
* not one person has reached out other than on the TL to gaslight & deny accountability.
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21 Apr
#ResistingHate have acknowledged they took up arms, even inadvertently teaming up with fash, against people on the left without even researching racism behind the dispute.

They've excused abhorrent ableist, anti-Black attitudes by friends so close to RH they may as well be RH.
Instead of engaging in good faith dialogue & admonishing their friends behaviour, they resorted to denials, smears, racism, lies & engaging desperate bigots like Jamie Kay.

Then, siding with RH, a 2nd attack on Monday by the fascist behind the 1st attack on Judy & her family.
They are amateurs who think their persistence & aggression make up for inability to see past their own noses.

Their silence on being caught off guard & fighting side by side with a fascist against the left, because they were so hell-bent on avoiding accountability, is deafening.
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20 Apr
Hilarious how @JamieKay26 cycles through alts trying to paint himself as a victim.

Jamie, you weren't the police of racism or socialism before, & you aren't now. Sit your ass down & write an apology on your main. ImageImageImageImage
"Testing a beta system as part of Birdwatch" wtf 🙄

Jfc who has the time for all these alts 😳 1 account is too much for me. Spend some time with your family, dude.
Disclaimer because of the bad faith trolls: I'm not the racist ex Tory baselessly smearing Black/brown socialists as racist ex Tories.
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2 Apr
TW - racism, antisemitism, suicide

Jamie Kay. A thread.

@JamieKay26 couldn't shut up for 1 day after ~faking suicidal thoughts. Let's examine that, then add to his litany of fucked up behaviour - including 2020 antisemitism & Laurence Fox adulation.
Suicide is a serious matter. My heart goes out to anybody struggling right now, those who have struggled in the past, those who have lost loved ones.

I love you all, from the bottom of my heart. Please call, reach out to somebody. My DMs are open.

I do not accuse Jamie lightly.
Obnoxious asshole MacArthur decided holding Jamie to account for past racism, gaslighting about it (making it current racism), doxxing a single mother to her employer (she got sacked & quit Twitter), engaging far right racists who doxxed a Black woman's kids, etc(!) warranted:
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1 Apr
A story in 4 parts, starring @JamieKay26 & right wing racist abuse of @GatissJudy.

Part 1: the ring leader
Part 2: courting her
Part 3: the attack
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