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18 Nov
Common Sense
If Joe Biden had literally hundreds of millions if not billions tossed into his campaign by Act Blue and others where did it go other than his pocket ?
His travel couldn't of exceeded $5 million. He never left the basement.
Were we seeing circular slush funding to avoid paying taxes ?
Where is the IRS on this ?
Where is the FEC ?
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17 Nov
This is not normal.
4 nights of this so far. This is the worst. I'm in the middle of a couple flight paths and can hear the increase over head.
Every 15 to 20 seconds right now .🤔
It's friggin ridiculous now . 🙄
Constant noice .
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16 Nov
Oops. NBC you forgot you're own reporting from January 2020. 😎… Image
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16 Nov
Pretty bad when a Lab totally funded by the US tax payers and handles our Nuclear Arsenal have idiots controlling the lab who can't spot a Con and are racist.… Image
🤔 Image
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16 Nov
Willard Milhous Romney.
Damn those Simpsons .🤣 Image
🤔 ImageImageImageImage
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14 Nov
Just a coincidence ? Plenty of dots and connections ? 🤔…
You read it you will understand where I'm going with this .
Western District of PA ? 🤔
She is very talented from what I can see.
Wonder if she was involved in the seizure recently of over a billion in Bitcoin . 🤔
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12 Nov
Chosen ? Sure 🤣
Ron Klain for Bidens Chief of Staff.
Same players . Same game .
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16 Oct
Theory: Were watching a movie and all the actors have been caught already. Including the Biden Crime Family.
You ask why would they wait to release the information ?
Well they chose Biden a loosing candidate or did they have a choice at all ?
Why would they do this ?
If I'm correct it's to destroy all faith in the MSM and expose the traitors from the intelligence agencies hiding in it. Basically this is part of the breaking the C_A into 1,000 PC's .
Sit back and enjoy the show.
Seriously if you look back over the last 5 years . It's easy to see how many have been exposed .
Other than the typical players like Madcow , Steter ,Coumo Bros more have fallen lately than ever.
Anderson Cooper's face the other night looked like he knew he was finished .
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16 Oct
Twitter = Censorship
Google = Censorship
Instagram = Censorship
Facebook = Censorship

YouTubes CEO Susan Wojcicki just Suks !!! 👇
Wonder what her financial disclosure looks like. 🤔
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16 Oct
Declassify Mogadishu.
Were they setup as well ? 🤔
With people like Yavonvitch in Mogadishu you all should be digging . 🤔…
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16 Oct
Stay in you're homes but no immediate threat ? WTH is going on in Whiteland IN ?…
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