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2 Sep
Peter Kiewet: Warren Buffett's mentor

Kiewett (Darmouth grad) also funded much of the Dartmouth computer lab for John Kemeny, via Kiewet Construction

Dartmouth/Kemeny create BASIC

Bill Gates / Paul Allen claim to invent BASIC for PCs - Make billions

Buffett now mentors Gates
[2] Kiewet literally was providing the funding to standardize BASIC starting in January 1975

That is exactly when Bill Gates and Paul Allen took --> DARTMOUTH BASIC <-- language syntax to make an interpreter for the intel 8080 personal computer from MCI called the Altari 8800
[3] The Kiewet family provided top funding for Durham Research Center for University of Nebraska Medical Center: The facility that was key to Ebola outbreak research, and studying #COVID19 patients form China

Much discussion on my Housatonic Live; show - Sina #Bavari in this mix
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27 Aug

The General Electric 235 computer, the computer that the guy (Bud Pembroke) who hired Bill Gates and Paul Allen to their "big break" jobs... was designed by the father of Stephen Speilberg

Spielberg General Electric computers - "Looking ahead" .. military applications

Jaws ... soft disclosure .. USS Indianapolis .. Paul Allen... the AEC .. the bomb ... Microsoft ... Military ... Gates .. ATOMICSOFT

[3] I am just so ... surprised ... that a model ROCKET company built the first personal computer kit that Gates and Allen put "their" BASIC on in Feb 1975
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13 Aug
RFID chip
Barcode scanners

Intermec Corp: created in Seattle in the 1960s

Bill Gates Sr (William Henry Gates II, or #WHG2 ) was a board member of Intermec in the 1960s, provided legal counsel, and took them public in the 1970s

Whose idea is it to #TagAndTrace us all , again? Image
[2] #WHG2 used his angel investments to teach his boy how to code

"Gates later worked with some employees at Intermec to develop the tape reader that he and Allen used at Traf-O-Data, their pre-Microsoft venture created to analyze traffic-counting data."
[3] Likely, Bill Gates Sr., a neighbor of and boy-scout-member to future Seattle mayor Braman... and bridge-partner and friend-since-college of future Washington state gov and senator Dan Evans, also hooked young G up with his TRW Bonneville grid project
Note: Hubbard in the hood Image
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14 Jul
#LetsDoThis #MaryTrumpBook

15 seconds in and I am already bored

Listening because I have to

“Conversations recalled by essence, not actual quotes” ... sigh

And much is sourced from #NYTimes Image
[2] “Hillary Clinton was the most qualified person who ever ran for President in the history of the nation”....

“Didn’t expect Vladimir Putin would swing the election for Donald Trump” ...

Who wrote this, Mary? Or the DNC ?
[3] Groundhog Day talking points. Make it stop.
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27 Jun
[Q1] If we enact #Reparations for slavery , should all people who were not slave owners also have to pay in? Or should they get a pass, and only individuals related to slave owners have to pay ?
[Q2] if we enact #Reparations , should individuals whose family moved to the USA after the Civil War have to pay, even if they were not slave owners?
[Q3] if a person is of mixed race, should the amount they receive be based on what percentage of their ancestry was a slave within the USA? Or does one great grandparent living in slavery qualify for the full amount ?
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5 Jun
[1] John Louis #Mikovits Sr - Paternal grandfather of Dr Judy
[2] Only newspaper clipping we can find of the funeral in 1983

He was a native of Austria
[3] 1941 clipping from Jefferson City, Missouri

3a: John L Mikovits Sr. was ambitious w/music

3b: His two sons were musically gifted. John Mikovits Jr. was a pianist. Baldwin Mikovits was considered a top young violinist in the world

3c. Mikovits Sr. was on "defense production
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24 May
I forgot that deputy to Sen majority leader Tom Daschle (when he received the Anthrax letters) in 2001 was Harry Reid of Nevada ...
[2] December 19, 2012 - The #Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act of 2012 ( PAHPRA / H.R. 6672) . See astho.org/Public-Policy/… .
[3] Dr Frank #Ruscetti (life-long mentor /neighbor of #Mikovits) was UPMC - as was Mrs Ruscetti - And Harry Reid's selection Tara O'Toole wanted to make it the new center for Vaccines - And O’Toole was part of buildup of new Kansas animal infectious disease research center Kansas
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15 May
Just notices that #drjudyrules also connected with wife (Sandra) of her long-time mentor Frank Ruscetti, and she has worked extensively with Dr #mikovits - on XMRV. On retroviruses. And is still connected with the National Cancer Institutes and was with Leidos Biomedical. Image
[2] And Interleukin-3 Image
[3] Unexpected - Looks like the Ruscetti's son is now at Sloan Kettering Memorial in New York City.

Isnt that where the mysterious Dr. Stephen Fauci (father of Dr. Tony Fauci) worked for years ? Image
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9 May
[1] Dr #JudyMikovits older videos ..
[2] #DrJudyMikovits older videos ...
[3] #DrJudyMikovits older videos ...
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1 May
Something about Fauci’s graduation from Cornell medical in 1966 was signaling a bad vibe to me

30 minutes later I find how connected the college was in the 1960s to Mk Ultra, Rockefeller, Kellogg, and all under Dean Detrick

Yupp - I was right. Grabbing a shovel and digging now
LOL the Shah from Iran chose Cornell for treatment in 1979m
[3] and Fauci’s father worked at Sloan-Kettering Memorial. Sigh. Probably all friends with Kissinger.
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24 Apr
Who wants to bet that Dr Sina Bavari set up Dr Bruce Ivins to take the fall for 2001 Anthrax attacks?

*Both at Fort Detrick USAMRIID
*Both working w/anthrax in 2001
*One goes on to be associated w/ Coronavirus vaccine
*The other commits suicide before arrest by RS Mueller III
[2] Of course the other possibility is that they came from storage from Plum Island - which had samples going back go WW2 in now declassified documents
[3] The Princeton New Jersey mailbox that was used to send the 2001 Anthrax letters was far away from where Dr. Ivins was,

But it was pretty close to where Robert Swan Mueller II's company TMA (Tugwell Mueller Associates) had their agent

And RS Mueller III prosecuted the case
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6 Apr
Remarkable that many of the leads on the #coronavirus task force and newspaper editorials - including Gates, Bavari, Deszak, and Fauci - predicted a deadly coronavirus pandemic in October of 2019

I am sorry, I shouldn't say this - It upsets the #ChinaLiedPeopleDied narrative
Did #Q tell you any of this?

No - Q is brought to you by the same germ lovers that profit from geopolitical conflict

Instead, Q is talking about caves with millions of children who have been missing
Not only did Gates + friends predict the #coronavirus #pandemic ...

1) They predicted it would be related to SARS
2) They predicted HIV medicine would help
3) They predicted the contagion period
4) They predicted it would come from bats in China

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28 Mar
How convenient -

A generic SARS vaccine development at Fort Detrick published in February of 2019

Just in time to prop open that door and shut down inventory tracking by the CDC

[3] Detrck's SARS vaccine paper provided by controversial Detrick Science Director Sina Bavari

Bavari works frequently with CDC immunization-director Nancy Messonnier (Rosenstein's sister)

Looks like Bavari has a history of blocking research papers to protect DTRA funding
[4] Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) provides hundreds of millions to fund US biowarfare labs in Ukraine and nation of Georgia

Bavari wants to protect the money?

Dr. Mark Messonnier, CDC economist, and yes Nancy Rosenstein Messonnier's hubby, can be found in those papers
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27 Feb
Looks like Bush 41 may have silently pardoned Werner #Bruchhausen from US Federal Prison 10 years before his scheduled release

CIA Must have needed more computer parts shipped to Iran and Ukraine for nuclear power plants and building weapons

-> NOTHING in the newspapers <-
[2] Thks @NitzPnitz + @DecoderOfTruth - Yes, the decision for the 15-yr "wire fraud" conviction was overturned by 9th circuit in October of 1992

By 1992-1993, the "most damaging person to the US" was free, and had a nice apartment in La Jolla California
@NitzPnitz @DecoderOfTruth [3] And by 1995 - Bruchhausen was with a newly defined corporation in Luxembourg that existed for the purposes of "trading"


Same name, BTW, of the London company that was co-located with George Papadopoulos' tenure at #EnergyStream in 2015

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20 Feb
[1] Adam Schiff's grandfather's passing - 1968

Thus Adam Schiff's uncle is Dr. Maurice Schiff of LaJolla
[2] Voice Doctor for the opera stars

Time with US Navy - And a stint in Italy for NATO
[3] Adam Schiff's uncle was a Navy captain, and surgeon, and apparently connected to Admiral Nimitz.
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19 Feb
[1] This is a list of the shell companies that Werner Bruchhausen set up in California in the late 1970s to export computer , chip manufacturing, and missile guidance tech to Ukraine/Russia ...

(this is from a 1982 US Senate hearing)
[2] One of the names is Rainer Hildebrandt (1914 -January 9, 2004), a German anti-communist resistance fighter, historian and founder of the legendary Checkpoint Charlie Museum.

In 1995, he married Alexandra Hildebrandt. She remains a director of the museum following his death.
[3] Alexandra Hildebrandt (born Alexandra Weissmann on 27 February 1959 in Kiev) is a German artist, author, political activist and human rights activist.

From 2010 - 2013, she worked hard to secure the release of oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
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18 Feb
[1] What is the International Law Association ? The #ILA was founded in 1873 .

Curious minds want to know -

Any relation to the "Center of International Law Practice"?
[2] The "London Centre of International Law and Practice Limited (LCILP)" is associated with Jospeh Mifsud - And Simona Mangiante and George Papadopoulos , and the whole Trump-Russia collusion scandal
[3] Maybe the "International Law Association" has a relation to the "Center of International Law Practice", because the names are so similar, and because each one appears to invite the other to their events.

Note URL - "UkrainianLondon.co.uk" LOL

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15 Feb
[1] I know this is a stretch ...

But this tiny shell company was created and then dissolved during the time that the Trump Presidential campaign was active ...

So what ?
[2] The only reason this tiny little corporation came to my attention was it's director -

Werner Bruchhausen

A name that is almost globally unique ...
[3] Werner Bruchhausen was wanted in the USA nearly 40 years ago for smuggling US technology to "Communist" nations

He was eventually arrested, and given a long sentence by the US government. His arrest was by the Central District of California, but his incarceration was FLorida
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8 Feb
Open question - We need to answer -

How did Adam Schiff get to be such a scary and dominating force in the US Government?

He grew up in Framingham MA - Hardly in the elite

He isn’t that old - and not even in Congress for 10 years

Where is the power from?

[2] Sweet - Adam Schiff's wife is in the Emil J Brach family - #BigCandy
[3] Emil J Brach had several children, including Ann Brach Kroth, who was Marion (Kroth) Sanderson's mother.

Now we need to scan the tree for the rest of the industrialists

It ends here
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