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4 Jun 20
I traveled by road from Rwp-Karachi and back this Eid in one go, some pointers if anyone wanna travel!
Total distance: 1400km
Total estimated time: 16hr(no break)
Fuel: 9-10k (Honda city)
Toll tax: 1600-1700
Thread 🧡
Motorway: Rawalpindi-Sukkhur and then there is almost 300km from sukhur till Hyderabad which doesn’t have motorway yet as it is under constructio. Then Hyderabad-Karachi motorway.
Believe me those 300km are more hectic then 1100km on motorway
Rest area: reasonable rest areas are available throughout the motorway but the best ones are till Faisalabad. Rest of the rest areas are not fully developed and hopefully soon they will be really good. U can have tea/coffee/drinks use rest rooms and offer prayers
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21 May 20
The Colonel’s Wife
On 20 May 20, an incident that took place at Hazara Motorway took the internet by storm and everyone got the chance to criticise Army.
Someone called the Army officers Pharoahs and someone termed as untouchable elites.
Someone was very disappointed at the country and decided to leave.
I think we as a nation have amnesias or short term memory loss
A crime or misdemeanour by someone should be taken as such and not to be blamed on complete institution.
Not defending the conduct of the lady. Two wrongs can never make a right. But please do remember fol incidents as well:-
1. Lawyers vs Doctors case PIC Lahore. Lawyers dancing on burning police vehicles.
2. Lawyers vs Police.
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5 May 20
Story of Maj Abid Shaheed:
May 18, 2009 1430 HRS
"Khalid I have to repay so much to my mother land. Make sure that you do it well."
"What are you saying? What happened?" "Listen to me very carefully.Take good care of Maan ji and my children after me
#PakArmy #RememberUrHeroes
It’s your responsibility.
"What happened brother. Tell me."
"I am hit."
"Oh come on, a bullet or two can’t harm you. Sending you backup don't worry it will be with you in a few minutes."
"Roger Out"
This was the wireless communication between two brothers, fighting at the same front securing the flanks of their respective battalions. Major Khalid Majeed of19 Punjab was assigned the task to secure from Shalapalu to Jura
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27 Apr 20
At around 2009-2010, When Asif Ali Zardari was President of Pakistan, he had told the Americans the Mumbai attack was an opportunity for him to "seize control" over the ISI. Yes, our head of state was discussing #thread
#Pakistan #Afghanistan #CIA #USA
his internal squabbles with his own state institutions with agents of a foreign government that was subverting the country with terrorists based in Afghanistan. Just two years later, he would go on to pull Memogate with them right after the Raymond Davis incident.
This is why calls for democracy and civilian supremacy ring so hollow with most Pakistanis.

While Generals Kayani and Pasha pressed Hamid Karzai to put an end to the RAW-NDS nexus in Afghanistan,
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