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21 Oct
1. The Weathermen Part I
Please watch and share, if you have not. I will post all three BC links here. I'm aware that Twitter will call all my links malicious.
Par for the course.
Part II: Of Media Money and Men

Jussie Smollet, Kamala Harris, Obama's Columbia mystery and more.
Part III: ALL4Floyd

George Floyd, BLM, Minnesota infiltration and why it all matters.
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20 Oct
BREAKING: Jeffrey Toobin has been removed from consideration as moderator for any future Biden/Trump online debates.
Election officials state that there was an unfortunate mix up on Toobin's qualification sheet where it stated that he was a 'Master Debater'.
When asked about the difficulties in replacing Toobin on such short notice, officials responded "It shouldn't be that hard."
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17 Oct
"Initial reports indicate that three people have been injured in an explosion in a commercial area on South Main Street."
Vape store eh?

I vaguely remember reporting on another curious vape store that went up a while back.

Didn't POTUS put a ban on some vape products? (Rhetorical)
“That very unusual fire behavior presents a new threat to our firefighters and to the public, to the people who work in those businesses and facilities,"
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17 Oct
A PSA on how to find me, brought to you by the perpetually pursuity one.
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16 Oct
Morning, Patriots!
1. Here are some alt links you can try for your content creators. I am NOT going to be jumping from platform to platform and alt site to site, only to keep getting banned. I AM going to concentrate on a few long form projects like I originally stated.
2. For those who are not Twitter savvy, THIS pinned tweet has my alt channel links. Click it and it will reveal the rest. Likely the next vid will be on Bitchute and it's linked to this thread.
Right now I have some serious personal issues to deal with that i care not to discuss.
3. For now, you can still email me
@inpot76@gmail.com. This suggests to me that YT was not ready to FULLY remove my acct. Don't know if this is true with the others. PLEASE do not DM me. I will ignore it.
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7 Oct
😔🤙 Image
Eddie's first day
Eddie's father, the shredder.
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25 Sep
I Becciu I know someone who might have seen this coming.
Pt. 2
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7 Sep
He just wasn't married to the idea of destruction.
It appears that now he's going to have to altar his political affiliation.
He's not ashamed to admit that he was mislead.

Bride goeth before a fall.
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31 Aug
You're afraid to not carry a shield!
What? You scared to live in your bubble?
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19 Aug
There was just a fire at a plastic factory in Greece.
Now this.

This is strictly coincidental, of course.
From folks who bothered to turn their camera and actually see the fire.
The fire from Greece.
What's with these 'plastic' factories?
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12 Aug
Morning Patriots!

In light of the announcement of Kamala Harris being selected as running mate, it's about time this video make the rounds in a big way.
More about the real Kamala, and why it matters.
As for you @YouTube , I believe we may need to see each other in court.

You won't like what I have to provide.

Do the right thing.
Pt. 1 of the series.

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20 Jul
Quick Thread:
1. So today, I was struck hard by the internet overlords.
It could be that I just have a logistical nightmare on my hands, but it feels like a lot more.

If so, it may take some days to sort out.
If not, I may have lost my Youtube account.
2. It started yesterday on both of my computers.
Pages not loading.
IP addresses being incorrect.

I can no longer open anything apart from my Twitter.
I can't open links.
I can't attach.
I can't open webpages.
3. Like usual, I went from the simplest of solutions and proceeded from there.

VPN's, networks, resetting things, etc.
Nothing worked.
I got less ability as I went on.
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5 Jul
This is the umpteenth time I've seen the reference to 'dark' in headlines today.
If you see one, please post it below to compile.👇
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24 Jun
1. Quick IPOT Update:
-I will be back soon with regular (not daily) updates
-Will be spending more time on deeper projects (VERY excited about this) and have one that I'll announce shortly.
2. Spending this week learning some new software.
Kind of a tedious process but it should result in better looking videos. I want these projects to improve with time, and in order to do that I have to improve.

Now if I can just keep it from crashing.😋
3. The Weathermen series is completed, but have some more coming up. Please understand that these are labor and time intensive, and I know many people miss the updates, but I'm really hoping to offer you something you don't have a lot of.
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6 Jun
I just want you to know that I think it's just a coincidence that Obama (and many others) wanted to channel energy into 'concrete' action.

And then got his wish.

All kinds of concrete action goin round these days.
Hooray for concrete action!
Hip - Hip Hooray!
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5 Jun
This is an @IPOT1776 Thread.
The threadiest.
This thread has more threadery than other threads. It's a really great thread. We're becoming the 'King of Threads'. Some are even calling this 'The Perfect Thread'.
Saddle up, Bucko.
Q 4418 (deleted last tweet said 4412..My lappy likes to predict text for me.)
That sounds big.
Q 4414
I assume EAM to refer to 'Emergency Action Message'
RED 1-6.
Looks like steps to protect our top folks.
10th Mtn. I believe is in NY, happy to concede to someone smarter than me.
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4 Jun
Tips to possibly understanding this tweet better.
1. Read Tweet.
2. Understand that 'vessel' is an important term.
3. Read thread in the next tweet.
4. Carry on Smartly.
Mystic Mack, take ya back. To last year.
Yeah Yeah.
Now this tweet from earlier seems to make a bit more sense. I stewed over it for a while.
If I understand correctly, Mattis didn't like the term Mad Dog, and changed it to Chaos.
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3 Jun
Q 4392
Mistakes to some are roadmaps to others.

Well then, I must be Eazy-Freakin' Rider.
Q 4393
What happens if Soros funded operations get violent and engage in domestic terrorism?

Soros is not a U.S. Citizen.
That would be international terrorism (AG Barr said domestic, POTUS called Antifa 'terrorists')
Hence the MI. (Military intel)

"Dominate the streets"
Q 4394
"The Best is Yet to Come."
@thevagrantpepe points out that Q knew 2 years ago, as per post 4389.

So perhaps they know it'll get better.
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2 Jun
This group evolved into what in the 80's became known as the 'Electric Boogaloo' Movement.
One of them, Chevy McGee, tells me he didn't break any laws.
I'm sure there will be more Breakin' News.
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1 Jun
1. Ok. I gotta comment on this weirdness, and it may take me a couple of tweets.
2. The man talking is NBA veteran JR Smith.

pic 1. JR gets a few kicks in. Not super hard, so either he was pulling em to be kind (which is good) or it was staged.

pic 2. Jr gets that right in as the guy is running. Oddly long extension, but it could be the blurry pic.
3. I will assume for now that this is the actual story.

If so, IMO JR has the right to administer said beat-down on idol looter/rioter. We know what the kid was likely up to.

Especially considering the fact that he was not at all excessive and let the kid run away.

Good move.
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