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27 Aug
I don't understand what Fox News is doing anymore. I read this book called "Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" by Al Franken, back when I was in high school. It was a gift from my dad -- and it helped me understand how propaganda was manufactured.
(If you're looking for a good book, even though it's about 15 years old, it's still relevant today.… )

Searing quote: "People in charge, from the governor of Wisconsin on down, refused to enforce the law. How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would?"

Maintain order? Had to?

Rittenhouse was arrested for murder.
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15 Aug
The American Guide For What Happens If Trump And The GOP Turn America Into A Fascist Government

Step 1: Recognize, first and foremost, that a ballot box is now simply a decorative item. The change you need to make will happen only with force.
Step 2: Establish secure communications. In books like Defeating ISIS (by @MalcolmNance), we learned that the American military is designed to fight a conventional military force.

When forced to fight small, organized, and hard-to-target groups, our military is less effective.
Step 3: Expect that any public demonstrations against our new fascist government will be summarily dispatched by a militarized police force, whether it's a combination of DHS/CBP, the National Guard, or even the Army/Marines.

Free speech will stop being free. Don't bother.
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5 Aug
I just did some rough math. Ammonium nitrate has something like 55% of the explosive potential of TNT.

If that's accurate, the 2,750 tons of fertilizer in Beirut would be equivalent to a 1.5 kiloton warhead.

For perspective, Hiroshima was 15 kilotons.
Actually, since I know a bit about this... it's not 1/10th of a nuke. A modern nuke, like a Trident, is 6 MEGAtons.

1 megaton = 1,000 kilotons.

Modern nuclear weapons are absolutely beyond human imagination.

Beirut is 1/6000th of a modern nuclear weapon.
Nuclear weapons are also capable of generating a gamma ray burst, and heat that is only comparable to the surface of the Sun.

A nuclear weapon is like bringing the surface of the Sun to planet Earth. Even concrete is instantly incinerated.
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1 Aug
The United States is a deeply broken country, and it took COVID-19 to be the fulcrum in all our fissures. A pandemic took the form of mechanical erosion; the water was already in the cracks, but it was a freeze that caused those cracks to burst.

This isn't an easy admission.
From a young age, Americans are programmed in this blind reverence of "the flag" and spoon-fed a constant diet of American exceptionalism.

Yet, for all the propaganda, we have failed to deliver upon the promise of our greatness. In fact, we fell so far short, it's pathetic.
It wasn't just the Trump administration that failed us during a pandemic outbreak. They were (to use a rote cliche) simply the straw that broke the camel's back.

Our for-profit healthcare system was never going to handle a pandemic with any degree of efficiency.
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20 Jul
Alarm bells are ringing: Never let an arbitrary, almost impossible to define reason, be the mechanism for detainment and collecting information on private citizens.

This is LITERALLY ripped straight from the Nazi Germany playbook.…
Okay, first: Why this is dangerous. Have you made any comments on social media about how "toppling statues is good" for any reason? Have you merely mentioned that Confederate statues should come down?

That's probable cause to tap your phones and monitor your communications now.
You might be saying, "You're being obtuse." No. I'm not. When ANY directive leaves way too much of a gray area, it is designed to be abused. We need REALLY tight language about domestic surveillance.

This was originally reported by @lawfareblog :…
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9 Jul
Hypothetically, I wanted to walk everyone through what putting every child back in school this fall would actually look like.

This is going to either be funny or scary. I'm not sure which.

(Actually, it's the second one, but I'm going to write jokes anyway...)
Long before COVID-19 was a thing, a professor at the University of Georgia set out to understand classroom sizes, and how giving kids enough space would better help them learn.

His conclusion: Kids are packed in like sardines, basically.…
If I were going to design the perfect transmission mechanism for COVID-19, I would describe a room full of children. From what we have seen: Kids are the least impacted, show the fewest symptoms, and they're also excellent at touching every surface possible.
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8 Jul
I want to just talk about this asshole, because he's finally gone.

Stefan Molyneaux is the most dangerous kind of person in the world, because his brand of nationalism, xenophobia, and racism -- it exclusively caters to people who think he's actually making them smarter.
When people talk about Stefan Molyneux, they need to understand how he positions ideas.

The crux of his nationalism (née "racism") was to frame "political correctness" as... *massive eyeroll*

"Cultural Marxism" -- which is a really strange thing to even say.
First, let's rewind the tape a bit. Karl Marx was a philosopher and theorist, who critiqued capitalism and its conflict with the middle class -- during the rise of the Industrial Revolution.

He was not unique in feeling conflicted about machines outpacing the workload of people.
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5 Jul
Here's reality: The "radical left" is so small, they barely exist. There are a few shitheads tearing down statues, sure -- but most of us are at home, trying not to catch COVID-19.

The majority the left simply wants a functioning government that resembles other OECD nations.
I know this may sound unbelievable, but I've been to other countries. One was this exotic place called Canada, where they were impossibly polite, almost gun-free, and universally covered by affordable healthcare.

They looked and talked almost exactly like us. It was crazy.
Do I think it's a bad idea to have Confederate statues up? Absolutely. Take them down.

But also, once that's done, most of us on the left just want to get back to the business of making our day to day lives better.
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4 Jul
How in the hell did defending Mount Rushmore become a conservative issue? I mean, fuck Trump with a dildo wrapped in barbed wire -- but I'm still proud of our nation.

It's important to view history from the lens of its time. Many of you aren't allowing for that, and it's sad.
What's your big solution here? Are you going to ask France to refund the Louisiana Purchase, at a standard agreed inflation rate? Then they can be responsible for redistribution of the land to various tribes who don't have any existing boundary maps?

So, France giving it back?
Oh, what about California and Texas? Maybe we should give that back to Mexico, who can then they can return that land to Spain, who will then redistribute the land to the various Mayan and Incan tribes remaining?
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4 Jul
If you're going on and on about "respecting native land" -- please read 1491 by Charles C. Mann.

The way I keep seeing native cultures portrayed here on Twitter is consistent with the "natural, mystical Native" where they have all these sacred lands, etc.

Guess what? We do too.
The Native American tribes were not so different than European populations, with notable differences because they didn't have steel, beasts of burden, and some other domesticated crops.

With that said, they hunted many animals to extinction, burned ecosystems, etc.
Native populations weren't these mystical "land respecters" that we often see them portrayed as in movies.

They had different cultures, and many of them were highly developed societies. Moreover, the vast majority of Pre-Columbian populations lived south of what is now the US.
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29 Jun
Let's talk about what happened in St. Louis tonight. Many people on the right are saying these people had the right to brandish and point an AR-15 because it was "private property" -- and as someone who lives in a community like that, that's incorrect.

It's not private property.
Portland Place and Westmoreland Place in St. Louis are historic neighborhoods, closed to vehicle through traffic... but open to pedestrian traffic.

I know this, because they're under the National Register of Historic Places.…
Basically, some historic neighborhoods have gates that are designed to prevent cars from cruising through.

However, the sidewalks and roads are, "public thoroughfares accessible via pedestrian gate" -- which is literally the opposite of private property.
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27 Jun
Anyone who has ever paid attention to Donald Trump knew that this would happen.

Everything he did in his life before this became a metaphor in action, literally just hitting the repeat button on every failure.

This is what he does: He fails at fucking everything.
Donald Trump inherited money. He didn't do anything to get it. Then, he somehow managed to go bankrupt six fucking times.

The guy is so inept, he drove a casino into bankruptcy. You know that phrase, "The house always wins" ?? -- His house, somehow, fucking lost.
He failed at Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Airlines, Trump Magazine, Trump The Game, Trump University... and even the Trump Foundation was found to be a fraudulent charity.

Everything he has ever done failed. Period. There has never been one success story.
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15 Jun
Hi. I'm a white guy. I'm straight. I'm married. I have a kid.

Things I'm definitely not: Black, oppressed or actively disenfranchised.

With that said, here are some ideas I believe white people can work on that will help improve the lives of black people across America. (1/?)
Step 1: Admit that the history of America is built upon white wealth, especially white wealth that has been held for more than a few generations.

Just live with this knowledge: White people have been able to establish generational wealth. Black people have not. Full stop.
Step 2(a): Be okay with unequal distribution of taxes for a little while. Our nation was built upon the backs of slaves, and their descendants did not receive fair compensation for the slave labor of their ancestors.

I'm going to allow myself a little analogy here...
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10 Jun
Did I ever share my "Accidental Racist" story? I was working for Sony when Brad Paisley released a song called "Accidental Racist" and if you're thinking, "Holy shit are you serious?"

Indeed I am. Check out these lyrics.
Imagine the look of horror on my face when I'm sitting there in a meeting, and I'm told that I need to create a digital release strategy for a song called "Accidental Racist."

It was like living inside an Onion article.

Oh yeah, and LL Cool J was featured on it.
The way they had it pitched, it was supposed to be like Nelly and Tim McGraw.

Instead of a slow love song, it was more like, "Sorry about how you felt when I burned a cross in your yard."
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6 Jun
I want to talk about Facebook for a moment, from the perspective of someone who was working at a social media company when it hit bottom. (MySpace.)

Facebook is at the bottom, and their staffers are beginning to publicly resign.
I have seen several people tweet about it, and he's a story about a guy who quit over ethical concerns.

Basically... Facebook's own people are having trouble maintaining their moral standard, while also doing their jobs. That's a bad sign.

Imagine for a moment, you saw Ford, Chrysler, or Toyota employees getting on Twitter, or writing op-eds, saying, "I can't work at Toyota, knowing that our cars are randomly turning themselves on throwing themselves into reverse."

You'd probably be concerned, right?
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20 May
Remember when everyone made that joke about it being "Infrastructure Week"... like every week something goes wrong?

What happened last night in Midland, with the failure of three dams -- that's our canary in the coal mine. We can't keep kicking this down the road.
Unlike most other problems currently plaguing the United States, infrastructure is something bigger than Trump. Heck, it's bigger than the past... six or seven Presidents.

Why? Because infrastructure is boring. It's not like schools, the military, or senior healthcare.
According to the Society of Civil Engineers, the United States gets a D+ grade. The only thing really keeping our score that high is port upgrades.

Roads, bridges, wastewater treatment, etc? We uhm... we aren't doing great.

(Learn more here: )
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14 May
Here's something the media has done a poor job of communicating to the public. (And consequently, in their void, Trump's administration has been able to fill a hole with nonsense.)

"Why are we doing social distancing?"

That's the question. The answer just makes you dive deeper.
Anyone can tell you that we're social distancing to "stop the spread" and "flatten the curve" -- and these two points are both correct.

But what was the point of flattening the curve? Why did we go to such great lengths to halt our entire country?
Allow me to offer you a narrative you're not hearing: The goal was to flatten the curve, so we could re-open our economy with a different set of rules, testing, and virus tracing in place.

It wasn't a choice between the economy or halting the virus. We could have done both.
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8 Apr
Good News/Bad News: The House Oversight Report is out on where the final federal reserves of PPE were allocated.

Good news? Allotments were equal.

Bad news? Allotments were equal.

It's... just really poorly managed. It's like these people don't understand population, at all.
California and Colorado both received 287,000 surgical masks under the "final push" -- but that's a weird way to allocate resources.

Colorado has 5.7M people.
California has 39M people.

Here's the link to the report, by the way:…
Connecticut is a really cool place. Don't get me wrong.

I just don't see why a state with 3.5 million people needs 120,900 respirators, if California, a state with 39 million people... also is receiving the same amount.

This is just... mind boggling.
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8 Apr
Someone had to carry the message. The progressive movement in America took off from the blocks with people like Senator Paul Wellstone. (Rest in peace.)

Senator Bernie Sanders was the right person, at the right time. He carried the message when the light was fading.
The progressive movement, because of Senator Sanders, is more alive than it has ever been. Even during the depth of a pandemic, ideas he had the courage to champion now seem like common sense; protection for workers, guaranteed pay, affordable housing etc.
You may recall, I'm not the biggest fan of Senator Sanders -- as a candidate, I think he made some blunders that were... unfortunate, to say the least.

But that doesn't mean I think his work was in vain. Look around you, young Democrats. Look at the riches we have in our peers.
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7 Apr
If you have 30 hours, here's a podcast (actually a Yale lecture series) for you:…

It covers the Civil War and Reconstruction -- and "Reconstruction" is what this Wisconsin debacle is echoing. The goal was make voting life or death for black people.
The United States does not have a proud history of voting integrity. That's a myth we are told in schools, because it makes us feel warm and fuzzy about an otherwise bleak record on representation.

After the Civil War, the goals of rich white men shifted.
Senator Hiram Revels was one of the first black Senators elected during Reconstruction -- and on numerous occasions, he reflected that his counterparts in the Senate made it their stated goal to prevent black people from voting.

He knew it. He said it. It wasn't a secret.
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