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i'll swallow everything you say | multi-shipper in chainsaw man hell | nsfw, dead 🕊| antis & mdni 🔪
Aug 9 8 tweets 2 min read
#gofushi #五伏 | jealousy, voyeurism, bondage, underage

"do you fuck itadori like that?" gojo looms over megumi's delicate frame, although maybe he's anything but dainty these days. he's filling out nicely and gojo would be a liar if he said he didn't notice. the firm lines carving themselves out on his torso, the muscles of his bicep. gojo licks his lips and thinks about how megumi is slowly becoming a man. funnily, it almost makes him like him less.

still enough though to tie him up with the black blindfold usually around his eyes
Aug 3 22 tweets 5 min read
asa & yoru (アサとヨル) | selfcest, masturbation, virgin kink

#asayoru #yoruasa #csm #チェンソーマン

“do you ever touch yourself, asa?”

“i’m trying to sleep!” asa’s eyes flit open as she looks at the figmented devil laying down across from her in the empty bed. it looks like her, but not really—not the dead glint in the gaze or the scar on her face. the bloodlust is unrecognizable.

yoru is bored, lips pressed into a thin line. she flicks asa’s forehead and trails her eyes up and down the girl’s body, which she supposes is also hers.